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  1. so far of how things are looking in game, just imported was the air lift supports, catwalks and tunnel, though there are still some bits to be added...
  2. another update of how air is coming along.... its had a whole track rework, the shop has been redone, pathways are in the process of being made still, no supports yet, and i have been working on the lift hill pit as can be seen here... fencing is up, ground work filled in behind, rock bound tree holders are in and the lift hill supports are now complete...
  3. air shop has got a lot of work done to it, and now a ctr has been created...
  4. and been going over the photo shop today, coming together quite well i think still need the onride photos though, i want people to send them so i can use them, through out the 20yrs of nemesis just to give it that little bit of history.
  5. started working on the back area to ripsaw past couple days doing the fence, rockwork and the games...
  6. the work on Project Nem20 coming to a close after another hard day at work
  7. back into rct now, working on getting it better packaged for placement, this is not a set for the simpleton, it takes quite a bit of time getting everything placed down if it is to be used in any other park... but for now ill leave this... started to get all the extra details down too and see how peeps interact with what has been done so far... plus this
  8. sooooo first impressions of theme park studio.... yeah not good is it... so far this was the only way i could get the model into it ( i know its only a very early edition and all that but still ) the whole park just doesnt do anything, and too higher poly would just crash or glitch up like the rocks (and they arnt even that high...) soooooo yeh the TPS release will NOT! be happening untill the game is actually finished to a working standard...
  9. imagineer ben, one of the closest workers on this project, a lot of feedback, ideas, little bits and pieces here and there, plus the entierty of sub terra is his controbution to it... here is the first picture to be released of his work so far, which i have to say is coming together quite nicly for not a lot of time so far spent on it... just the underground chamber right now but can see the rides track in the background which will also be turned into a working flat ride
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