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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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I might not have been clear enough, the rumors speak of a Darkride for 2017.

I was asking about Heide Park. I had heard of the Alton/Chessington/Gardaland rumors before but Heide Park getting a major investment in 2017 is news to me.

Same for me. But my reaction came more because of Paradox asking about a coaster, So I thought to clear that the rumor doesn't speak about a coaster but more about a Darkride.

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^Thanks for the information. It does add to my shock that Gardaland goes with a Fabbri spinner, I admit this will be my first Fabbri spinner, but I looked it up and have to say this is no ride for a big Merlin park by the looks of it, and since it rumored to be a infill ride I doubt this will have enough theming to make me think otherwise.

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^Well, that makes everything clear. The new area will look great! I can't wait to finally visit this park in June.

no! small coaster from the ridiculous hour capacity and an absolutely stupid themed area. thanks merlin

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I confirm everything


Gardaland is setting up a (quite little) Kung-Fu Panda themed Area by giving a theme refresh to Kaffettassen, adding a sushi restaurant and that Spinning coaster from Fabbri.



Ok... this is... weird...


Top Spin might be as well be gazing there from Miragica and saying "What the f**k have they DONE to my place?"

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The area itself is rather cute, no idea on why a park like Gardaland would go for a Fabbri spinner over a Maurer or a Mack if only for capacity reasons. Oh! Silly me.. Money innit?!


I've only been on one Fabbri Spinner at Botton's Pleasure Beach and I really wasn't a fan of it, but I think it was one of the first built so hopefully they've improved since then. Kind of like the reverchon one's you see but felt a little rougher.

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I'm probably the first American in the coaster scene to get over to Gardaland and hit up the new, uhh, "Panda Land" - overall the decor it certainly nice. That they did a good job of. The problem is the coaster is ridiculously low on capacity. The loading procedures there with only allowing as many people into the station as fit on the car via the turnstiles is technologically very impressive, but also makes quick loading tough. Even with a 2 hour line (when nothing else exceeded 30 minutes!) the ride couldn't be loaded fast enough to have all 6 cars on. Also: "Dynamic" openings are a trend in the industry now as a cost saver and I get that, but really, you don't open the new area of the park (and roughly 1/3 of the rides in the vicinity, including Raptor/Magic Mountain/Colorado Boat/Sequoia/both dark rides) until an hour after opening? Serious?

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Just a short review from my visit to Gardaland today.


Was a very busy day so we bought express and had a great time. Got in the following rides:


Raptor: 10x

Oblivion: 10x

Sequia Adventure: 1x

Magic Mountain: 1x

Mammut: 1x

Blue Tornado: 1x

Kung Fu Panda Spinner: 1x

All water rides 4x


We were there it the opening. Nice ceremony, including the national anthem of Italy… and many cheers (and confetti, yay !).


Overall, a nice park. I found their express policy pretty nasty for regular visitors, as express people get free choice of row and seats as well. Many disappointed faces , on the other hand, we payed for it and that makes it fair again… But the OPs where really strict about these things. We wanted to let some kids who were nearly crying go before us with their family and they wouldn´t let us wait one more train. I can´t imagine what that will look like when it gets REALLY crowded there later in the season.


Regarding the rides:



Raptor wasn’t running on opening and I was in fear of missing my first wing coaster. I prayed to the coaster gods, and tried to dissolve my fears by reminding myself that this is a B&M. Of course it started running at 11.

Liked it very, very much especially in the front. Not very forceful but still a very fun ride. Right side is better than the left side. First drop and one airtime hill is great in the back, but the vest restraints prevent good airtime.

I also found that they get uncomfortable at the end of the ride (I´m 1,9 Meters tall). The last inline roll is awesome, especially on the right. Many great near misses with theming, but also supports.



Not as good as Sheikra but still great. Awesome airtime in the last row, that airtime hill after the Immelmann was great fun. My favourite in the park. Recommendation would be right outer seat, last row, for airtime and more twistyness in the inversions. The zero-g roll is really nice and slow and gives some great hang time.



I was disappointed by that one. I had thought this was a Colorado Adventure-style ride, but I was wrong regarding the model, it´s the one that´s also the Temple of the Night Hawk. Very meh.


Blue Tornado:

This death machine needs to be torn down and burned. Seriously hurting me, and I rode it in the front. Nope, just nope.


Magic Mountain:

Meh. I know it´s a classic but it´s rough and just meh.


Sequoia Adventure:

I didn´t get this coaster. You go straight, slow, you go upside down, slow… meh….


The Kung Fu Panda Thing:

It´s more like a fun-fair coaster. A spinning mouse. Nothing spectacular. Had one of the longest waits all day because families.


The water rides:


River Rapids:

One of the better river rapids, but still not as good as for example River Quest as there aren’t any drops.


Fuga de atlantide:

This one needs a good cleaning and some touch ups, but apart from that a very fun ride.


Log Flume Ride:

This one hurt as well. There is better things to do with your time in your park.


They wouldn´t let me ride the drop tower (which is bullshit, as people taller than me were allowed on). My girlfriend said it was meh.


I think this park needs another high class coaster soon. Seeing the development at Alton, I would love to see a woodie here. Intamin Prefab would be my choice. I know it won´t happen but one can dream. A straightforward GCI ala Wodan could work wonders in Blue Tornados spot. Hell, just throw in another B&M (something in the mega-coaster size, like 40-60 Meters, no Inversions) to get rid of capacity problems.


Can´t really comment on food, we just had some fries with sauce which were… well, Fries with Sauce.


Oh and parking is only 5 Euros which is fair compared to other parks (especially in the US).


Overall, for 31 Euros entry, plus 45 for express (bought in advance), well worth the visit! We had a blast.

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Kung Fu Panda has a long wait because of A) families B) new C) horrid capacity. Maybe in a decade it won't be so bad....


Your thoughts on the rides basically echo mine. I ended up with just one on Raptor and found it fun in the back row right side. Airtime on the first drop I didn't expect and a ton of foot choppers. I think I like XFlight more at Great America, but Raptor has so much more in terms of theming that it actually brings it up a few notches. Very solid ride. The water rides look so good and then...no. Not quite as great as you'd hope.

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