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Gardaland Discussion Thread

P. 55: Jumanji - The Adventure attraction to debut in 2022!

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^possible reasons


IP and licensing laws could vary between the UK and Italy

Leolandia may not have exclusivity with their IP/licensing deal

Leolandia's theming may not be approved by the owners of the Peppa Pig IP

Leolandia limited use of Peppa Pig in artisitc form may not violate IP laws


Just some speculation, from someone who has only taken one law class.

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^What is actually in the area is kind of irrelevant to my point. It's a matter of IP. My question would be, if Merlin couldn't invest (or better, *didn't want to*) in a Peppa Pig area in the UK because there was a park doing it already, which is Paulton's Park, why would they invest in a Peppa area in Italy, when there's Leolandia which is essentially our own version of Paulton's Park?


PS: The new coaster is anything but certain.

it is precisely the content that makes the difference, and gardaland focuses on that.

the coaster is more than reliable, trust me

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Big refurbishment for legendary attraction in Gardaland



The Italian theme park Gardaland will refurbish one of its most iconic attractions. This winter the mysterious pirates darkride I Corsari will get a thorough renovation. The decors will be equipped with digital projection techniques and other special effects.


That has recently been announced by Gardaland. Guests make a stormy journey at sea while being chased by a ghost ship. "They are witnesses of duels, abandoned villages, decayed ships and underground worlds populated by supernatural beings".


The attraction will be called 'I Corsari: La Vendetta del Fantasma'. A new soundtrack is also provided. Voice actor Pietro Ubaldi, known for the voice of Captain Barbossa in the Italian dubbing of Pirates of the Caribbean, will be providing the voice of the spirit.


Gardaland will reopen on Friday 29th March. This year, the theme park also opens a themed area with attractions around the Peppa Pig children's series. Furthermore, the Time Voyagers attraction is renamed 'San Andreas 4-D Experience', based on the disaster film San Andreas from 2015.


Source and source

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The fact that an actual Pirates of the Carribean voice actor is going to act for a Pirates of the Carribean ripoff is slightly amusing to me.

Must have had a bad pay-day from Disney.

Glad to see it's not VR, I saw the picture and was like: "oh no another VR ride in a park that already has one." But this is more exiting for me.

I want to return to this park badly but till now I always had to cancel last minute. Maybe 2019.

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The fact that an actual Pirates of the Carribean voice actor is going to act for a Pirates of the Carribean ripoff is slightly amusing to me.


Not surprising, as it is pretty damn funny.

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as expected (given the high maintenance costs and low participation in the park) in recent years. the adventure of the sequoia will be closed indefinitely. for those who attend or know the park well enough, this is news that will not leave you speechless. in addition to having removed 2 attractions for young children

then ; 3 attraction for the peppa pig - sequoia and baby horse and baby canoes

great gardaland


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Project failed: Italian theme park stops with virtual reality




The Italian theme park Gardaland announced a virtual reality roller coaster last year, but the novelty only had a short life. This year the virtual reality headsets on Shaman have already disappeared. That is confirmed by a spokesman.


The arrival of the virtual reality was accompanied by long wait times and many technical problems. That is why Gardaland has decided to permanently pull the plug out of the project.


All references to virtual reality have been removed from the website of the park. The name of the roller coaster, which was changed from Magic Mountain to Shaman last year, remains the same.



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Glad to see another poorly executed VR being removed (although I am still not sure the official reason it vanished from Kraken?). I think we'll see a few more systems being removed in the next few years once they stop working or need money spent on them. Europa Park seems to be the only park I know of that have really got a grasp on how to utilise VR - the dual station on Can Can Coaster is the perfect solution if parks really insist on using it.


I'll explain it to you simply: merlin and with water to the throat

I don't understand either

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mmmmmmm: Merlin builds a new coaster at alton towers , claims to spend 12 million, but is actually just over half (and holds many attractions closed)

in Heide park they managed to close the colossus. create a horrible area for children (peppa pig) and remove 3 attractions.

at Gardaland they managed to lose 800,000 guests and to cancel the roller coaster of 2019, because the money is used to repair colossus .

this is how the Merlin parks work!

Thorpe Park: we feel a veil of mercy


p.s: I expect their sale soon

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