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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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True but look at the problems that B&M have had with their flyers? granted nothing as major as vekoma has had but still not as reliable as an invert or floorless either.


They sure had some reliability issues with flyers, but B&M is still one of the most reliable companies in the industry, that's why they are more conservative with their designs, so I think they will do great!

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These are some great photos; of all the projects in the works for 2011 I am most excited about this one. With X2 being my favorite coaster and B&M being my favorite manufacturer I can hardly wait to see what B&M does with the 4D Concept. I hope it is as successful as I anticipate it will be (I imagine they have been working on it for years) and I would love to see a version with the seat rotation here in the US eventually.


I ran across this video (it is subtitled Italian, but is in English) there isn't too much more information than has already been known for a while, but he does mention a 90 degree banked turn and more interestingly to me, some "technical tricks that will take your breath away" which piqued my interest.



I originally found the video on newsparcs.blogspot.com/

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I hope a UK park builds one of these in the next few years, Alton Towers in 2014 maybe. Looks amazing!

I thought there were rumours that Thorpe Park would get the first version with the rotating seats (assuming all goes to plan with this one)?


That would be amazing. Seeing the concept art for X-Raptor reminded me of the first few images Alton Towers released for Th13teen a year or so ago. Though it looks like X-Raptor is ten times the coaster Th13teen is and it's not even finished yet!

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In the past few days there has been a big fight going on inside the italian forums because someone started to talk about a possible third inversion.

The park has always been talking about two inversions so there were people saying that the third inversions was actually there already and people that were arguing that it was just a fake.

So here's the THIRD inversion in all its glory!!!




I'm not sure who should get the credit for this but it was posted on http://www.theparks.it .

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Hands down my favourite piece of marketing at enthusiasts yet. Just plain lie about your ride and watch the forums light up when you build a 3rd inversion genius

So simple, yet sooo sooo very effective!


If only this sort of approach worked with women.



I guess all that is left here is to see how the top of the lift and the first zero-g connect up. Although the ride is pretty short at 2624ft long it seems theres still room for something other than a plain swooping drop between the two

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