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  1. I love the names. OK so we have Starry Night Ripper (B&M flyer), Mystery of Clouds (X-car), and Dragon Going Worldwide. That's awesome.
  2. So Spain wants to build their own Ferrari theme park. Apparently they're in talks with Ferrari to build the next Ferrari park in Valencia, Spain. source
  3. I remember one of the first coaster specials I saw on TV having the Crazy Mouse from Dinosaur Beach. Thought it was the coolest thing.
  4. This is kind of vague but I'd like to know what the new freefall prototypes are (if there are any). As in freefall rides.
  5. Yes! I try to watch all the stuff involving WDW as well. I still have a copy, somewhere, of "Walt Disney World: A Dream Come True" from 1986, which is still one of my all time favorites, since it was made in the glorious early years of EPCOT Center. That's awesome. Yeah we have a bunch of the WDW trip planning videos. That's where I really discovered my love for theme parks, through those videos. One of them (the earliest) did a really cool segment on Splash Mountain. I wanted to ride it so bad at the time but I think I was afraid because at the time, the way they filmed the video made the drop look extremely steep and I would chicken out whenever we went to the park. Then I had another sing-a-long video when I was in elementary school of Disneyland. Loved those videos.
  6. I don't know when I first fell in love with coasters, I would say it started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. One of my favorite videos I used to watch was Kidsongs Ride the Roller Coaster, where this group of kids went to Magic Mountain and rode all the rides. I loved roller coasters so much and would get so into it, that I would get at the foot of my bed and put my legs underneath the rail on my footboard, pretending like it was a lapbar, and pretend like I was on the rides. We collected a lot of the videos Disney World puts out for travel planning so I loved those too. Then I would watch the specials on the Travel Channel constantly whenever they came on.
  7. I've always thought Magic Mountain needed a substantial freefall attraction, like an Intamin gyro drop.
  8. Wow they've already put it up that quickly? Great! I'm trying to think of the area where it'll be located specifically. I never thought of them building anything up near Slidewinder. It should be a great addition to the parks already good selection of rides! As for them building a new coaster, I wouldn't mind seeing something like Blue Fire at Europa. It'd be cool if they could build it in the area back behind Tennessee Tornado.
  9. Here's a video of the other coaster, Fiorano GT Challenge. The trains are the coolest coaster trains I've ever seen, they're so beautiful. I think I like them better than Formula Rossa's trains. They look super comfortable!
  10. I almost wish they would have done this with Tennessee Tornado. "Yeah guys..the rest of the coaster is over here behind this mountain!" I want to see what the trains will look like in person. Would they have the new train design on display at IAAPA?
  11. Voted! Would love to see how they recreate Texas Giant after its had its refurb. That would be pretty challenging!
  12. I'm so excited to see what you guys report on from IAAPA. I'm so hungry for some coaster prototype news...some pics of the coaster manufacturer booths would be great! Thanks for asking.
  13. I think it would be crazy. I can just imagine the little people from its a small world. *Bolts out door to get agent, and audition for this film.*
  14. I always secretly hoped a park would do this. That's really cool! Those sneaky Italians...
  15. So apparently there's a new movie being made in Hollywood about the Magic Kingdom park where all the attractions come to life. Sounds pretty awesome! Jon Favreau (Iron Man franchise) is in talks to be the director of the film. So basically it's gonna be like Night at the Museum. source
  16. I'm not really feelin the turn after the top hat. I feel like if its gonna have a turnaround element it needs to be an overbanked turn. Cough Cough Intimidator 305!
  17. It seems like every coaster these days is launched or has a launch. Sounds similar to Mr. Freeze. Like a mini-Freeze. lol
  18. That is crazy cool! But I bet it had a lot of maintenance problems. Great video.
  19. Believe it or not that Superman logo on the back of the tower at the top of the ride used to light up, and you could see it on the freeway if you were coming south down the 5. I think the lights been off for over ten years. It'd be spectacular if they could get it up and lit again, seeing as how the rides going through a rehab and all, as it was a sight to see back then and it'd be cool to see now. Always wanted one in my room That would be cool. I hope they get that working.
  20. ^LOL yeah really. Great Wall coaster would be better, if they were going to name it anything lackluster. Mountain Chaser maybe? Could GCI suggest names? Or do they do that? Is it entirely up to the park to name it? You'd think the company that built it would try to suggest a fitting name.
  21. I really need to get out to Magic Mountain when Superman opens. From just watching the videos I've seen of Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld in Australia, this is gonna be really intense. I've never been to Magic Mountain before. Hopefully I can get out there when it opens. Here's a video of the launch on ToTII. Looks awesome!
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