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Gardaland Discussion Thread

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Here's an updated look at the construction from the webcam.

I smell trim brakes. The good thing is that they are after the airtime hill wich means that they will not kill the airtime.

Also look at that turn on the right! I love it! Can't wait to see the drop and the connection to that first inversion.


This is just awesome!!!

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If you follow the track it goes from the roll, pans right screen turns does roll, pans left screen turns.. its a big ZIG ZAG layout. I hope nobody complains that I see 2 trim brakes on it after the first roll. Those don't bother me one bit. I LOVE the layout.


OH and if you look at the drop VERY close it turns to the left after the crest. Oh and yes now I see the trim brakes were already talked about.


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Imo i'm sorry this ride looks so boring to me,atmost on the verge od been a giant kiddy coaster or closer to Intamin 13 ride they just constructed. I'm not saying they should of went all X2 2oo foot vertical drop but man this is your classice Boring and Mundane coaster. It doesn't look high speed at all yet theres trims in three diferent spots I know they main goal is to perfect the wing walker like trains they could of added alittle more excitment then what I see in these pics. Yes i juging from pics the ride could turn out amazing so far just judging by pics this looks to be the most boring uninsired B&M creation to date.


Even if the seat were to flip like X2 it still seams like it would add very litle to this ride. again juding by phots ride could turn out to be utterly amazing

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With the height of the first drop vs the first inversion it could very well have decent speed for its size through the layout. I think its a very big achievement and a LEAP for B&M who use to only do 4 across trains, much like how they broke away with the B&M Mega trains going 2 centered and 2 outter. I am loving this!

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Georgia Scorcher is good...wish it were a standard sit-down...but still, it's good. I think that's one of the latest inspiring layouts we've seen from the company.


I think this looks good, too, though.

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