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Parks Coasters and Rides in Movies and TV

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^ True Romance had SFMM's Viper in it.


There are tons! Oddly enough I can't think of too many off the top of my head, (Happy Gilmore had PNE's Coaster in it) but there are lots more commericals with coasters! Who can name some of those?



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It's a video but Kidsongs Ride The Rollercoaster was filmed at SFMM. It was filmed in 1990 and they showed Ninja, Colussus, Revolution, Metro, the log flume, river rapids, tidal wave (not sure of exact name), the bumper cars and a bunch of kiddy rides.


Richie Rich has Iron Wolf from SFGAM (it was supposed to be in his backyard)


Blank Check has some park in it but I can't recall which rides it was other than it was a wooden coaster so I don't know which park it is.


A bunch of shows had episodes where they went to Disney World like Full House and Boy Meets World

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Rattler must have been the wooden coaster I remember seeing then. It's weird how back when I saw the movie for the first time years ago I never even gave a second thought to what coaster or park it was at, now it seems interesting to learn what coasters and parks were used in these movies.

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Wild and Crazy Kids (old Nick show) had a show filmed at SFMM. The challenge, trying to keep the most Kool-Aid in a pitcher while riding Colossus.


I remember that episode. That was the first episode of Wild and Crazy Kids that I ever saw. It became one of my favorite shows but that was my favorite challenge out of them all the shows I saw.

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What a coincidence, I just saw Space Cowboys on tv last night. I love the shots of Viper with the jet-fighter sound effects dubbed in. The greast thing is, they managed to actually make the ride look rougher than it really is!


Also, don't forget that Magic Mountain showed up in Encino Man.


Finally, here is a picture of Magic Mountain by the Sea:


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Whoever asked about ACE's obsession with the film Roller Coaster.


The group was founded by some of the extras who were riders on PKD's Rebel Yell. A meeting by those people later that year put ACE into excistence.


Say what you will about ACE, but without that catalyst I doubt this site or any other would be here. It is just the current state of the Association that has killed it.


There is a Sony PSP commerical out right now where someone is riding either PNE's Coaster or one of the Giant Dippers, I can't quite tell.

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