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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange/Secret Santa

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Guy- Can't wait to see the video. Santa told me that the person who picked out this gift for you spent some time checking out your posts and your sense of humor and thought it would be right up your alley (complete with the brain remote control to match the "what's in a brain video" you did). Glad you like it! Now, I want to see the RC zombie in action

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The girls got a package from KT on Saturday! They were so excited when they opened it up and saw the Spongebob wrapping paper. They got a Belle doll, Cinderella doll, and two packs of Hello Kitty Squinkies. They LOVED them!


Thank you, KT! Your gift is in the mail!





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Well, we have encountered our first (and ONLY, so far) typo in an address. So there is one present that may be a little delayed due to a typo. I suppose one out of 37 addresses is pretty good. After I hear back from their secret santa as to whether or not it's been sent, I'll PM the recipient to let them know that it may not make it out tomorrow. Oops!

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I received an awesome box from my secret santa today!! Thanks so much!!


Inside the box was a Domo backpack!


What could be inside?


The contents: Grinch pants, Yo Gabba Gabba socks, Shark/Creature 6 movie collection, candy canes that were already hanging on the tree, and other assorted awesomeness!!

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