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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Me: *despairing about college and finances and stuff* I'm just having one of those days... it constantly goes up and down!

Rolercstrluvr: Like a rollie coaster!


Me: Yeah but it's not a fun coaster! It's like a stand-up Vekoma Togo with horrible OTSRs and really in need of a mechanic!


Rolercstrluvr: Built by the Chinese in the form of an SLC?


Me: Yes! You totally know what I mean!


Rolercstrluvr: LOL, makes my head hurt just thinking about it



hahaha I felt much better after this conversation

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It's a bad habit, but when I'm crossing one-way streets I only look at the direction traffic comes from before I cross. It makes sense, why would any vehicles without sirens or flashing lights come up the wrong way? Well, on my way to class this morning, I looked in the sensible direction while crossing one of many one-way streets on the route to school. But for some reason, I'm not sure why, I also looked in the other direction as well; and lo and behold, there is a black sedan speeding right towards me going the wrong way up the street! I had ample time to step back and into safety, but if I didn't look to my left that one time, I would have definitely been hit by a car this morning. From now on, I'm looking both ways at all crossings. I have control over my own stupidity, but none over others'!

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