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Demon Drop K'nex Recreation

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My brother and I were bored one winter weekend so we decided to enter the contest. We decided to construct a recreation of Demon Drop, the first generation Intamin freefall ride which used to reside at the front of the park and has since been relocated to Dorney Park using the original K'nex roller coaster set. The ride is fully functional and contains numerous details such as the turnstiles for the queue.


Let me know what you think!








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For YEARS I had wanted to build this type of ride out of my own K'nex collection- but simply didn't figure out the mechanics of it. Instead, I settled for building a -substandard- one out of LEGO instead.


This is amazing- down to the turnaround mechanism, and the shape of the tower. I'm thorougly impressed by this- and really think you've got a winner of a ride there.


Have you sent the pics into Cedar Point yet? I think they'd be pleased to see this-



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Yeah, I entered the Facebook Build Off competition. Not expecting to win but I would love to be in the top three.


Thanks for the kind words. I actually attempted to build this same ride years ago. I figured out the elevator lift but I got bored after that and never finished it. When the CP contest was announced I thought it was a good time to see if I could get the whole ride to function properly. Thanks for the feedback!

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The top part was pretty tricky, especially getting the timing down right between moving the car forward and synchronizing with the drop. There's wasn't a lot of room to work with and I barely had enough chain pieces. I have attached a few close-up pictures of the top, though it is kind of hard to see the slider/crank mechanism which controls the drop.



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My model was selected as one of the three finalists in Cedar Point’s K’nex Great Thrill Ride Build-Off. You can vote for your favorite creation by liking your favorite ride's photo on Cedar Point's Facebook page. Voting ends at 3:00:00 PM ET on April 12, 2011. The finalist whose photo receives the most “likes” will be the winner!



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