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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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With my last trip report of 2011 over and done with I am now officially on hiatus returning February 13 with an all new Video Trip Report, yes, in 2012 most reports will be in Video format!


Until then, I am taking a little break from the forums as I am working on something new and exciting!


So I leave you with my favorites of 2011


Favorite new to me Corporate Park: Six Flags over Georgia

Favorite new to me Small Park: Rye Playland

Favorite new to me Coaster: Thunderhead

Favorite new of 2011 Coaster: NTAG

Favorite overall Steel: Montu

Favorite overall Wood: El Toro

Favorite overall Flat: MaxAir

Favorite Anton: Mindbender (SFOG)

Favorite park food(buffet): Lake Compounce

Favorite park food: Silver Dollar City

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After a winter hiatus, I am rehabbed, refreshed, and packed full of ghetto parks, awesome rarely seen parks, Video Trip Reports and more!


2012 Adventures


2/13/12 - Ghetto Kmart Carnival! Page 42

2/20/12 - Adventure City! Page 43

2/22/12 - Special West Coast Bash Edition - Part I - SFMM Page 44

2/26/12 - Special West Coast Bash Edition - Part II - Knotts Berry Farm Page 45

3/06/12 - Hollywood and Ripley's Believe it Or not! Page 46

3/12/12 - Disney's California Adventures Afterhours Page 47

3/19/12 - Silver Dollar City Construction Page 49

3/19/12 - Celebration City (Defunct) Page 49

3/19/12 - Tornado Intercept Vehicle! Page 49

3/26/12 - A Century of Magic - Disney Animation Cels Page 51

4/09/12 - Whorish PTR for GKTW! - Boomers!, Ghetto Carnival, Scandia! Page 51

4/16/12 - A Look Back at Speed: The Ride Page 52

4/23/12 - Pacific Park Page 53

4/30/12 - Castle Park Page 54

5/07/12 - All Star Adventures - Wichita Page 55

5/14/12 - San Diego Zoo Page 56

5/21/12 - Rooster Days Carnival, Broken Arrow, OK Page 57

6/11/12 - Santa's Village Azoosment Park, Dundee, IL Page 59

6/18/12 - Indiana Beach Page 60

6/25/12 - Six Flags Great America Page 64

7/10/12 - Michigan's Adventure Page 65

7/16/12 - Frontier City Page 67

8/27/12 - Adventureland - Iowa Page 68

10/13/12 - Galveston Pleasure Pier Page 72

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Unfortunately due to production delays I am unable to bring you a Video Trip Report to kick off the 2012 season of CVA, however I am proud to bring you this little jewel.


Found by Fatdaddy in a KMART parking lot during a recent visit was a ghetto carnival feature "Captain America", a Miler kiddie coaster. How ghetto was this place, well, we are talking ghetto. Duct tape was holding the gravitron together, a crank handle was used for the lift chain on the coaster, and the trabant about killed us.


So we walk up to the entrance where we had to pay $2 to get in. Wanting to know ride prices before we entered we asked the lady how many coupons for the coaster, no speak English, and held up a sign telling us how much tickets were. Um yeah. So, we go inside, look around, and none of the rides said how many tickets. Apparently it's at the ride operators discretion, if you are white, 5 tickets, if you speak Spanish, 4 tickets.


Anyway, here are a few interesting photos and a bonus credit! It was unexpected.



Kmart. Right Here. Right Now


Shamrock stands for luck, as in, good luck, you're going to need it on our rides.


Duct tape fixes everything.


Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, eh, oh, wrong park.


Wheel of fortune, but enough of that. Lets get to the bonus credit, and then get the hell out. This place is not in the best part of town.


Here it is, the crown jewel, the one, the only, CAPTAIN AMERICA!


We were assured that this attraction meets all IP licensing requirements.


You know it's ghetto when the gas station car wash is next to the coaster.


"My wife wished I would die, I just might on this ride!"


The lift.


A circus monkey comes out and cranks the handle for the lift chain. True Story.


And off we go. I called my insurance agent before we embarked on this journey, wanted to make sure mom and dad would be set. You know, just in case.


The carny's all live there.


"Finally a credit Big Mike Doesn't have!"


So for you nerds, here it is.


Since I am a himalaya fanatic, had to try it out. Not bad for almost shaking apart.


Then it was time to take a spin on the Trabant. Holly hell this thing was on kill.


They made you ride in pairs. Two fat@sses in a trabant made for an interesting ride, as you can tell, we were highly excited.


And before we get shot, it's time to get outta here. Police helicopters = bad news.


Hope you enjoyed this ghetto report. Much better, much bigger, much more excitement is on it's way this season! Check back next week for another installment of CVA!


Don't forget to comment!

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There are many things I will try/enjoy while out enjoying this planet, however, I draw the line if the rides are assembled with glue, toothpicks and duct tape.


Scary- but funny, too.



Not to mention any time someone sets a Zipper up in a parking lot! Those thing are scary enough, let alone the ghetto factor thrown in!!!!

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If you wanna get a good Himalaya ride come over to one of our carnivals.


In the US they do all things wrong with them. Frist off they run them far too slow - and then all the "Dont rock the cars" and "Dont raise your arms" and "No sunglasses onride".


This is the correct speed to handle such a ride - note how far the gondolas swing up!


The US has great coasters - but I always have to refrain myself on "commenting" to the ride-ops about their operations and rules as I dont wanna get kicked from the parks....

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Wow, you guys are braver men than I. Impressive.


Here's a conversation I just imagined:


"I think we should theme our coaster. Granted, we aren't Disney or anything, but let's try to step up our game alittle, you know? There's no reason we can't deliver on some guest expectations for quality amusements."


"Great idea, sure, why not? Let's do a superhero theme."


"How about Captain America? Nice and patriotic, and fun for the kids."


"I love it; let's do it. Get some banners made and we can put the shield on the front of the train."


"What about the Gravitron?"


"Duct tape."

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If you wanna get a good Himalaya ride come over to one of our carnivals.


In the US they do all things wrong with them. Frist off they run them far too slow - and then all the "Dont rock the cars" and "Dont raise your arms" and "No sunglasses onride".


This is the correct speed to handle such a ride - note how far the gondolas swing up!


The US has great coasters - but I always have to refrain myself on "commenting" to the ride-ops about their operations and rules as I dont wanna get kicked from the parks....


You are right, the US has managed to screw up the operation of these amazing rides something terrible. I must get to Germany, screw the coasters, I want to ride flats ran as they should be ran!


Every now and again I come across a small family park that will run their's on kill. Our now defunt park had an original Reverchon Himalaya that would take your breath away.



And thanks guys for the comments, it feels good to be back, even if I'm starting out in the ghetto! Remember, Duct tape fixes EVERYTHING!


For those going to WCB, see you soon! For those not, well, shame on you! Back next week with a new installment, but will it be ghetto, semi-ghetto, or full of Anton? You'll have to tune in to find out!

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If you wanna get a good Himalaya ride come over to one of our carnivals.


In the US they do all things wrong with them. Frist off they run them far too slow - and then all the "Dont rock the cars" and "Dont raise your arms" and "No sunglasses onride".


This is the correct speed to handle such a ride - note how far the gondolas swing up!


The US has great coasters - but I always have to refrain myself on "commenting" to the ride-ops about their operations and rules as I dont wanna get kicked from the parks....

Which is why I want to go to Germany so freaking badly...

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This weeks adventure comes from a park that I visited last month and returned to yesterday with a few friends, Adventure City near Knotts Berry Farm in Anaheim, California.


I was instantly impressed with the friendliness of all of the staff, the cleanliness of the park, as well as the maintenance of the park. With a target market of families with smaller children, the detail given to the Freeway Coaster Miler kiddie coaster is well beyond anything that many of the corporate parks give to theirs, the birthday areas were popular and extremely busy as was a show that was going on. Keeping in mind most of the kids in the park were under 10, parents seemed to be respectful and were keeping watch on their children, something I didn't experience at the park with a Mouse.


Overall I give this park 4.5 of 5 stars for it's market segment. As in all business, the staff makes the park, and the staff all seemed to happy and that rubs off to the customers. A huge shout out and thank you to the ladies in the ticket office for all of their hospitality! I would highly encourage those living in SoCal with younger children to hold your birthday parties here, you wont be disappointed.


One important note. The park has changed its admittance policy. Unless you have a kid, you will need your CTPR card to gain admission to the park which will also get you a special discount.


Whoohoo! We have arrived! Credits!


Once inside the park we hung a left where a well stocked arcade was found.


Past that is a picnic area and stage. Not sure what show was going on, but it seemed to be very popular.


Just past the picnic area were a few smaller rides like a school bus and do it yourself track cars. Past those, we hung a right...


Where we found the Freeway Coaster! Don't be ashamed guys, you know you're gonna like it.


"Is this the way to the 405?"


A bunch of happy and pathetic people.


Did I mention this was my second trip here? Last time I came right before closing and missed Tree Top Racer, so, because I can, I'm posting a few night time pictures.


Here is the business end of the ride.


Down the hatch


Seriously, this ride has some great theming going on. In fact, I'd say it rivals the theme on a certain rock-n-roll coaster at WDW


R.D., Cassandra, and Chris didn't seem too ashamed to ride.



Want to go again you say? OK!


And we're done.


I suppose this is where we should head next. However....


before we get there we stopped by to look at a few other attractions. Amazing how it turned dark all of a sudden.


They had a very nice carousel as well.



Amazing, its light out again. Birthday kids get to drive the train.


They also had a cool petting zoo.




They have thought of everything.


I like turtles.


Drop tower with big boy seats.




Here is the ride at night.


Here is the new paint scheme at night (sorry, a little blurry I know, but at night this thing looks amazing!)


It's ok Chris, hold your head high and proud. Riding coasters in a kiddie park is nothing to be ashamed about.


I have no shame.


This would be the new paint scheme in the day


And a full view, for those that need to see a picture of the full ride.


Nerd Shot!


Vehicle mug shot, profile view.


Vehicle mug shot, head on.




Ubber Nerd Shot!


Cassandra is super excited to ride! Just don't put your hands up!


Full view, different angle.


Dude, your gonna love it.


Up Up and Awayyyyyyyyy!


Really smooth, really fun.


Ariel of the park.


Zig zagging away


Head Chopper!


On the way out of the park we noticed another well themed attraction in the form of electric track cars.


And here they are...at night.


And with that, we were ready to go, two credits richer and a fond appreciation for the park, it's employees, and high level of respect for running a business well and catering to a market at a reasonable price.


Thanks Adventure City for your hospitality!

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An awesome little park with more charm and theming than SFMM ever WISHES it would have. It was a great day all around, and better so with good friends along for the ride.


And the Wild Mouse should NOT be missed- those are a rare credit to begin with, and this one is well preserved all around.

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Pictures came out great! Awesome little park!

Now let's see those Castle park pictures of the Tilt-o-whirl

Thanks dude! I agree, it was an awesome little park the knows their target market. It was also ran very well. As for Castle Park, I'd say that report is a few weeks away, but it was also a neat little park. Shame we missed a credit.


Tree Top Racers was pretty fun to ride, haha. I'm still impressed on how the park was, with the friendliness and just how the park was in general.

Me too! It's certainly not a big chain park and it shows. They actually care!


An awesome little park with more charm and theming than SFMM ever WISHES it would have. It was a great day all around, and better so with good friends along for the ride.


And the Wild Mouse should NOT be missed- those are a rare credit to begin with, and this one is well preserved all around.

Agreed, I was very impressed with all of the padding inside the cars and the overall condition of the ride.


I regret not heading down there with you guys. I still need those credits.



Thanks for the funtastic comments everyone, afterall its the comments that drive me to post more!


I wonder where or where my next adventure will land me. Anyone have any guesses?

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Welcome to a special edition of CVA as I present WCB 2012 - Part I - SFMM


As with any bash event, the people make the event, and the event wouldn't be possible without the hard work that Robb and Elissa put forth, THANK YOU!!! And while this years event at SFMM didn't include as many of our favorite coasters for ERT, in true TPR fashion we took lemons and made lemonade! Don't believe me? See for yourself!


Oh! And if you missed our awesome trip to Adventure City, Clicky HERE!


Just in case you losers who didn't attend forgot where we were.


Check in time! Grab your tickets and grab your crap.


Mr. Six was sneaking around everywhere today! You never knew where he was going to pop up!


Robb's not quite sure about this guy's intentions.


But it was time for morning ERT! Green Lantern produced yet another ride that convinced me to never ride again, no spin, stop in the brake run, not fun at all. Batman was hauling the mail and Riddler was running well. A courtesy ride was given to Colossus. Oh, and Goliath gave us some surprisingly good rides, some of the best I've had on it! Chris agrees!


Then it was time for lunch and Caesar's favorite food, wiener!


TPR even arranged for a fly over!


Since we didn't have any scheduled photo walk backs this year, we made our own photo walk back out around the picnic area.


Well now


It's hairtime


and turnaround time


weeee, ok, where to next.


oh yeah, more self guided photo tours!


this is probably my favorite photo of the day


see when you know where to go to get good shots, who needs a guided behind the walls photo tour


over the river and thru the woods to grandmothers house we go


Everyone has to have one of these in their report, it's a requirement


And every report has to have a little Revolution


I'm sure Anton is rolling over in his grave with the OTSR's


The backdrop still makes for a great shot, the OTSR's don't make for such a great ride.


No Mr. Six!! Don't Do It!!!!


(Photo courtesy of ChrisRad)


Continuing on our tour, we find a few trees that were sacrificed.


Cassandra asks "What's going to go through this hole?"


This would be the hole up close and personal.


It's Magic


Coming full circle it was time for Q&A. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but did get to see the schematics of Lex Luther.


After that it was a quick ride on Scream before dinner at Game Day, unfortunately TJ, Spears, and David broke the damn thing.


Back from dinner we made our way to the front gate again as everyone else was leaving.


Where we had all you could ride on Viper! Who are these nut jobs anyway?


Wew, what a day! Good friends and good times combined with ERT and some friendly park employees made a for a good day.


Next up, KNOTTS!

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