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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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Also that little twisty slide coaster thing is crazy. Looks photoshopped.


Thankfully this one had a good amount of padding and instructions not to remove you hands from the bar infront of you. If the padding wasn't there, I would be permanently located in that patch of land behind the train.

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After a nice visit at Little Amerricka, I headed back to the Wisconsin Dells. Wait, back you say? Yes, back. I actually started out there on Sept 9th, traveled to Green Bay, then came back to hit up Timber Falls as they were not open on the 9th. Scheduling this time of year is difficult as many of the smaller parks like Bay Beach and Little Amerricka close early and open late, good thing I like to drive.


I'll start off this off-season adventure at Mount Olympus, or should I say, Mt. Odeadus. I stayed onsite at one of their "resorts" titled Mykos Resort. That wasn't the best idea. It was $40 cheaper than Rome and came with a "parking pass" which was not needed as they were not collecting parking fees. The hotel has seen better days, and talking with locals, it has not been renovated since being incorporated into the Mt. Olympus family of hotels. To give you a brief idea, the sofa bed was broken and stained, the carpet throughout was well worn and nasty, mold in the bathroom, and came with a visqueen covered mattress. Sure, this is very much a transient hotel, but sheesh, take some pride in it. A room swap showed no improvement. Next time I might try out Hotel Rome, or better yet, I can be extra pervy and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. On a positive note, the 19" tube television and wireless internet worked well.


Ok, enough of that, about the park. This is exactly 4 days after peak travel season ended, and the place looked like a deserted ghost town. The park had already managed to drain all of the pools with the exception of the wave pool, removed the train from Pegasus, started disassembly on the kiddie coaster, and wrapped up the sky coaster. At best there were 100 people in the park with Hades routinely waiting for six people to ride. Most were taking advantage of no lines on the go-carts or taking a swim indoors. The cost to get in this time of year is $20, pay one price, or free if you stay in the super 6 resort.


While staying at the resort, you also get into the park on your checkout day so I had two days of park admission to go with my risk of getting the clap at the motel for $69. Hades was crap with 6 people, so, I wanted to try it with a full train. Being as I was headed back for Timber Falls, I made a quick stop back to Mt. O on Sept 10, and well, it was still dead. Since they had a mostly full train, you were allowed to ride in the rear, myself, I took the magic seat, glad I did. It was a much better ride than the previous day.


What? Shut up you say? Show me some pictures because I hate reading? Fine. Here you go.


As Seen on TV


Welcome to Mt. Odeadus, also known at Mt. Olympus.


Oh my.


I think I see a few people on it.


Whew, I did. For a moment I thought it might be in test or something. And to think, I was worried the place would be packed on a Friday.


The grounds were well kept.


Let's get to one of the last 15 U.S. coasters on my bucket list!


"Please feel free to take Hades in the rear, you will enjoy it"


One Hades station, no waiting. They had a very strict 6 person min to ride. Also strict was their policy on you must fill the first 4 rows of the train first, no exceptions. Avoid row three at all costs.


One Zeus, no waiting. But we will get to that later.


I would say hands down this is one of the single best starts to any wooden coaster.


Going up the lift I was thinking, this won't be so bad, until I got jack hammered underground.


Hades has a great layout and carries tons of speed, they just need to work on the track a bit to reduce the jack hammering.


Lets go try this out.


This was actually not too bad, shame they were governed.


Hmmm, what to do next. Not Pegasus, it was gone.


Little Titans has a crazy ride height requirement, also, it was missing components of the train.




yeah, I don't think that's going to be a huge problem today.


As there weren't many takers.


Hey, look! It's the "Indoor" Amusement Park!


Let's read the rules. Safety First. Noted - Crap that falls out while you are spinning will be picked up throughout the day.


One mouse, no waiting.




Moderate spinning. Sorry so many pictures of a mouse, but there wasn't much else to take picutes of in here.




Zoltar says no line today.


All ready for the winter.


This looks like fun.


Looks good from out here too.


Look Big Mike, I found the duckies!


Here is the classic shot all lined up and ready.


Just another relaxing day on the Cyclops.


"I'm king of the world!"




YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! ok, moving on.




Another full train leaving the station.


Down the hatch


Don't hit the moon!


So they tried to bring in some revenue with this. Epic. Fail.


They had a stage on this end of the park, and two side by side near the go-carts. Yes, side by side, good luck hearing anything. Anyway, only 4 people listened to these county people, but hey, they got paid!


So it's time to leave, and gather my last front row ride on Hades, just look at that first drop goodness.


Next I head to credit whore, stay tuned!

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After closing time at Mt. Odeadus, I went to find a bite to eat, and a Family Entertainment Center perhaps. Yes, I went to Knuckleheads armed with my 3 dollars. Sadly, I didn't have my balls with me and I don't play with community balls, so no bowling.


Coaster? Why not.


Electric go-carts, not the good ones.


Looks like this place is KT approved.


Possibly also Michael Jackson approved.


And certainly Larrygator approved. I hear the Tornado is his favorite ride type ever. In fact, rumor has it that he would install one these for personal use.


ACEr's are not permitted to ride. Possibly some TPR members.


Looks like a Miner Mike.


Smells like a Miner Mike.


Sits like a Miner Mike.


Produces an expression like only a Miner Mike can, therfore, it must be a Miner Mike.


It's also time to leave. As you could tell, even the Family Entertainment Center is dead.

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My final park visit in the Dells was to Timber Falls home of the Avalanche/Hellcat wooden coaster, and a sweet looking log flume. This visit occurred on Sept 10th, and much to my surprise, it was dead. Except I wasn't really surprised. Before I turned into the park, I took some time to drive around. The town reminded me of Vegas in December. Vegas typically refurbishes outdoor attractions, shows, sets, casino floors, etc during this time frame as it's the slowest month. Various businesses within the Dells were also refurbishing things (minus Mt. Olympus Hotels) like restaurants, parking lots, etc. So yeah, nice side note there that no one probably cares to know.


What I was surprised to see was the log flume already drained, logs stored, and things being taken apart, I figured it would have at least ran until the end of Sept. Instead only a miniature golf course, skyscraper, and Hellcat/Avalanche was operating. Why do I tell you this, well, so you don't come in the offseason and expect more if you didn't already know this information.


Luckily, when I drove up, two people were boarding the coaster and I was able to get a few action shots, no one else was around except for me. The ride op for the coaster also was running the skyscraper. I was really thinking of a ride pass, but seeing he was running both, I figured a marathon of say 30 minutes was out of the question and went for a single.


Welcome to Timber Falls, where this time of year, it's nice and quiet.




This way to the main event, that would be the coaster, not the FEC "Main Event"


But first, we imagine what it would be like taking a log ride. Which, if I remember, Fatdaddy and Iloverides both still owe me a log ride.


Yup, I can see myself getting out of the log, all wet.


Lets do this thing.


Overall, it's in a decent setting.


And here we have the two lucky rides who get their 5 seconds of fame on TPR, perhaps a little hair time too.


Dude looks like he's just seen a naked women for the first time.


And it's over.


And this quicke report is over too. Actually I rather enjoyed Avalanche/Hellcat. It wasn't all that rough, and for being empty, ran rather fast. I'd do it again.


So yup, thanks to the friendly two workers at Timber Falls. Now, I'm off to Illinois, where credits, and pizza, await.

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Awesome: I just caught up on the past three TR additions... and needless to say, you've left open room for jokes!


After closing time at Mt. Odeadus, I went to find a bite to eat, and a Family Entertainment Center perhaps. Yes, I went to Knuckleheads armed with my $3 dollars. Sadly, I didn't have my balls with me and I don't play with community balls, so no bowling.


It's a shame. I know some people enjoy playing with other people's balls, but I can respect not wanting to toss anybody's balls around but your own...


(Sorry, but i HAD to do it. Kinda like Jager Shots: You know the results, but you HAVE to do it!)



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Edited to say: It looks like there may have been more band members at the Mount Olympus music festival than actual paying guests that day.



So let me get this straight.


There were 2 bands playing on stages back to back from each other for 2 people?

Also a fact.

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It kills me to see this time and time again. That whole Mt. Olympus Hotel, Water Park, and Amusement Park has SOOOO much potential. The hotel alone with the indoor waterpark should be sold out year round, but they just neglect the entire property. Plus they hire nothing but teenage workers (mostly from out of the country) who have no desire to work or help guests.


Maybe someday they'll catch on and realize what a gold mine they're truly sitting on and do something with it.

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^ I think part of the problem is that they just keep expanding and buying more property, and going for quantity over quality. Just this year they added tree houses, vacation houses, bought a hotel nowhere near the park that's past the downtown Dells area, and bought the Marleys restaurant next to Noahs Ark and converted it into a night club. I agree that the park has potential, and while they've definitely taken it a long way from what it was and made it WIs only big park, they still have a long ways to go.

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