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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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Welcome to my Vacation Adventures thread. Below you will find my past adventures as well as future travels. If you see I will be in your neigborhood, hit me up, we'll grab a few rides!


So pull up a chair, a beer(or root beer), some nuts, and enjoy!



For 2012 Adventures Click Here!



2011 Adventures:


3/16/11 - Six Flags over Texas visited (Video TR) on Page 1

3/18/11 - Belmont Park on Page 1

3/20/11 - Six Flags Magic Mountain (West Coast Bash!) - Part I on Page 2; Part II on Page 2

3/21/11 - Knotts Berry Farm (West Coast Bash!) - Part I on Page 2; Part II on Page 3; Part III on Page 3

3/25/11 - Sea World San Diego visited on Page 3

3/28/11 - Pacific Park on Page 4

4/01/11 - Universal Studios Hollywood on Page 4

4/10/11 - Joyland (seperate thread)

4/13/11 - Wonderland on Page 5

4/19/11 - Zonkers (Credit Whoring) on Page 6

4/19/11 - Rte 66 Carousel Park on Page 6

4/21/11 - Worlds of Fun on Page 7

4/26/11 - Sandy Lake on Page 7

5/09/11 - Six Flags over Texas on Page 8 Bull Run Video

5/11/11 - Dollywood on Page 9

5/18/11 - Carowinds on Page 9

5/21/11 - Six Flags over Georgia on Page 10

5/22/11 - New Texas Giant Bash on Page 10

5/24/11 - Kiddie Park on Page 11

5/29/11 - Italian Festival, McAlester, Ok on Page 11

6/04/11 - Worlds of Fun on Page 11

6/17/11 - Black Gold Days Carnevil on Page 12

6/24/11 - Circus Circus Adventuredome on Page 12

7/07/11 - Oaks Amusement Park on Page 14

7/08/11 - Tigard Balloon Festival on Page 14

7/10/11 - Riverfront Park on Page 14

7/11/11 - Silverwood on Page 15

7/17/11 - Wild Waves on Page 16

7/18/11 - Enchanted Forest on Page 16

8/16/11 - Worlds of Fun - Coaster Mayhem on Page 17

8/23/11 - Coors Brewery on Page 18

8/29/11 - Lakeside Amusement Park on Page 20

9/05/11 - Kiddieland - Pittsburgh, Kansas, on Page 21

9/18/11 - Deep South Bash - Six Flags over Georgia, Part I Part II Part III

10/02/11 - Northeast Trip on Page 23

10/11/11 - Sanata's Workshop - Cascade, Colorado, on Page 24

10/17/11 - Elitch Gardens on Page 24

10/20/11 - DENVER! 3 Adventures, 1 Day, 1 Sad and Pathetic Person! on Page 25

10/23/11 - Packer Tour - Green Bay, WI, on Page 26

10/24/11 - Bay Beach Amusement Park - Green Bay, WI, on Page 27

10/31/11 - Little Amerricka - Marshal, WI, on Page 29

11/14/11 - The Dells! Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls, Knuckleheads - Wisconsin Dells, WI, on Page 30

11/17/11 - Six Flags Great America - Gurnee, IL, on Page 32

11/21/11 - MillerCoors - Milwaukee, WI, on Page 33

11/28/11 - Lake Winnie - Rossville, GA, on Page 34

12/04/11 - Old Town/Fun Spot - Kissimmee, Fl, on Page 35

12/10/11 - 4 Disney Parks, 1 Disney Day - Orlando, Fl, on Page 35

12/14/11 - Busch Gardens Bash Tampa, Tamps, Fl, on Page 36

12/19/11 - State Fair of Texas, Dallas, Tx, on Page 37

12/21/11 - Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO, on Page 38

01/02/12 - Jersey Shore Whore, Jersey and NY, on Page 39

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First on my 2011 theme park journey was a trip to Six Flags over Texas on 3.13.11. This also marks my first Video TR, so be kind, this video may not live up to the "Alvey Quality" standards that we all love. Enjoy!


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Today (3.18.11) I went to Belmont Park to ride the Giant Dipper. Fellow coaster nerd PAL and I had been planning this venture since the dates for WCB were announced several months ago, and I can say the Dipper did not disappoint. I loved the banked turns, the few small pops of air, with a nice layout for a coaster of it's time. This is a coaster I could see GCI getting some of their inspiration from. Solid ride indeed. Their new ropes course was up and running, and I have to say, that Chance Uni-Coaster was an absolute blast.


Many thanks go out to PAL for his hospitality at both Belmont and Sea World(more on that park later). Now, on with the pics!


Welcome to Belmont Park. This place has all of the makings of a kick a$$ place, it just didn't seem to have hit it's stride.


I love these things, nice ride program. Compared to others, this one ranks high as it actually stops spinning on queue. Others I've been on rely on the ride op to help stop it.


Here's the new ropes course.


Here's more of the ropes course.


And this is how much it will set you back.


This thing was awesome. Having the ability to control your spinning was insane.


Multiple rides for sure, I put it face down for one ride cycle making it easier for those who don't like me to kiss my a$$


I love looking at the odd ball stuff on carousels.


New school tilt-a-whirl, I prefer the ones with the large cage backs.


And now for the Giant Dipper, an @CE Landmark no less.




This reminds me of the entrance to Bell's; only substitute Zingo for the Dipper


From the non-beach side.




Really enjoyed this turn


here we go again.




The kids in the back rode there for at least a dozen times, myself, I took 8 laps.


up up...






Had a great time @ Belmont, small, yet just enough. Combined with the beach, I'm in love. And the C-TPR discount didn't hurt either. Funny story on that, as I was getting my wristband, the first cashier looked a little dumbfounded, who showed my membership card to another, who showed it another who was like, oh yeah! I read about this club this morning, just ring it up like ACE!! LOL.


Thanks Belmont!

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Cool report, I like that place cause my kids are more concerned with the beach than the rides. So, I got to ride while they played in the sand. Keep the reports coming, I go to parks out here so much, it's nice to see them from a fresh point of view, and you wouldn't want to disappoint Laura.

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So I can't sleep, so might as well upload some pictures from West Coast Bash @ SFMM - Morning. I didn't do the service road tour as I skipped out for a few hours (more on that another time) but did attend the Q&A. If you were following the TPR page you probably already learned a few things. Road Runner is still dirt, but might start going upwards in about 10 days, Green Lantern might be open around Memorial Day and will start vertical construction in about 10 days, the locker policy will be revised. Someone who shall be nameless (me) asked about getting drink holders in the ride station, and that question was answered with a more or less stay tuned So if that occurs, that will be a nice change. And the joke of the day with the Q&A was budget and spending wisely. They explained how they've gone in the hole the past few years on WCB and had to do something to make it profitable and adding others was a way to try and do that as they weren't allowed to run an event in the hole as they done in the past. A very reasonable and understandable explanation. So, no more ranting, on with pics. Some with captions, some you can make up your own if you want to.


Welcome to WCB, or Physics Day, which ever you prefer.


Robb managing the check in area, or maybe playing a game





Goliath took a break during ERT, wasn't used to be up so early.


How about some Tatsu. Single train op as two trains were in mandatory rehab per B&M procedures.


they were passing out ride vouchers to return at a certain time for Tatsu, so that was cool for the GP



They opened superman a little early for everyone


it soon got crowded when the park opened. The ride broke down for a few minutes, but they quickly got it back up.


Each row must consist of 3 males and 1 female.





Tour or the haunted house Bite II with the lights on. Not going to comment much, you can make up your own storyline.


safety first


sound room





there's a giant fan behind curtain #1




what attraction used to be here?


people bungee jump off this thing


names of people who work(ed) on the maze




chicken exit


and finally


After the maze it was time for a BBQ lunch, at that point I left for a bit and returned for Q&A and dinner at Mooseburger Lodge, not bad. Next time, I will bring you night time stuff, and maybe pictures of people who like it in the rear.

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So now we've come to the afternoon/evening portion of WCB 2011 at SFMM. I spent most of the time riding, as such, I didn't spend time taking pics. The presentation was comical and the guys tried hard to answer each and every question. Nighttime ERT was a blast in the rain on X2 and Superman (WHAT?!?!?!, yes Superman was OPEN in the the rain!). Batman was hauling some serious A$$ on this night, with fog machines and an awesome lighting package, something they said they haven't done since 1999, hmmmm could they be doing a trial for Haunt, no one really knows. Apocinator was running wicked with it's single Smurf train.


these two joksters were trying to convince everyone that soft restraints would be installed on Revolution.


Since it had already been sprinkling, why not grab some ERT on jet stream


there were at least some people riding, but very very few


so yeah, I rode it, twice. Never having rode it before, this thing hauls tail in the second half, a pleasant surprise.


What's that you asked, why no waterfall shot? Well, since you asked, here it is.


And since I know everyone likes water, here's another


and another with Superman running, ok, enough of the water you say? fine. be that way. first you want to see water then you don't....make up your mind!


This is a scarey bunch of people, oh wait, I'm in that picture. Taking on Ninja.


PAL said taking Ninja in the rear was the best, so we let him.


And since PAL said Ninja was so good from the rear, I thought, why not take Gold Rusher in the rear.


The new sign looks great at night!!


That's all the pics, spent the last 45 minutes on X2 with an exclusive soundtrack, had a great time. Now it was off to the hotel for 4 hours of sleep before the drive to Knotts!!


Almost forgot, here's a pic of on going track work.

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Chad, I'm glad you enjoyed your tour of San Diego, California's southern cul de sac. Come back in 2012. Sea World Entertainment's track record inspires confidence that Manta will be a winner.


I notice you have a healthy liking for taking it in the rear. You know what my drill sergeant said about Oklahoma? Something about steers and coaster dorks. You can look it up.


Hey, don't hold out! Let's see that Timberline Twister photo. You're welcome.

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So off to WCB 2011 Day #2 @ Knotts. Knotts, you out did yourself. From the custom made WCB Windseeker Shirts, group photo with Snoopy, backstage tour of the log ride and xcel, not to mention the kick a$$ gifts handed out at lunch, you truly have it going on. May the thumbs of many be pointed up and the blessing of 10,000 suns be bestowed upon you for your hospitality, even in the rain!!!


Now, SIT DOWN! and enjoy Part 3 of 5 of my WCB diary and Part I of Knotts WCB!


I'll start with the xcel tour.


Up at the butt crack of dawn.


You mean to tell me that we get to take a tour of the log ride? Holly @#$% that's fantastic!


So this is Mark, guru of maintenance. He's telling us not to let our drool dirty up his ride.


Ready Nerds? Forward March!


The brake fins are made of aluminum and bronze.


Catch car, in the station, no train. How cool is that? This thing has three cables, yes three. Thats three times your intamin cable fun.


A cable runs on either side of the rail, see the cable? I do. Mark said the car, fins, everything has super tight tolerances, something in the range of a couple of millimeters.


And a return cable at the end of the car.


train go fast down track when go button pressed


boring electronics room


You can only get this shot on the backstage tour.


and this shot.


and this mega super nerd shot.


Into the hydro room and we meet their lead mechanic, Mr. Pumpkin.


Nerds still making their way into the hydro room, hurry up already!




one of the accumulators for all of the massive amounts of fluid.


Motor that makes coaster go fast. Actually, there are ten, yes ten motors on each side. each side is a duplicate of each other.



Spare motor


The big thing wraps up the intamin cable and makes sure it's all lined up and working properly.


This is the other side. At this point, some of us got pulled out to go on the log ride tour so that they could get it open on time. Log Ride > Xcel tour, but the xcel tour was awesome in it's on way as we got to see the big motor that makes it all happen. Thanks Mark!!!

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Before all these TRs I was not aware we were able to take both tours or I would have gladly done Xcel, but TMLR was a priority, and probably the highlight of my knotts day, only equaling quest and the q&a session. This is a very good TR so far!


Also people who haven't get down to a Bash/trip/TPR event. Notice how none of my highlights of the Knott's day included riding? It has nothing to do with not loving riding coasters... I LOVE(like REALLY love) riding coasters, as much as the next person, but we got to tour a log ride built in the 60s, got to... well, I dont know if I'm necessarily at a liberty to say what quest is, and not only got a Q&A session from management, but also got a history lesson as well as a Haunt unveil. Seriously, the most awesome stuff is not always the rides, but the kickassery of the event as a whole. Anyway, the TR is great so far and is a great look at one of the best weekends of my life.

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Ok, time for Part II - Log Ride tour and whatever else I have time to add before lunch ends, oh wait, i'm always on lunch, so, make that, whatever else I feel like adding before I lose concentration.


Yay for log ride tour!!


Log Ride nerds lined up ready to snap away


Log in rehab


So, I know what you are thinking, there are only 4 logs here. WRONG!! this contraption goes down 8 more rows into the ground, how cool is that? Storage at it's finest.


the logs are hoisted around by this thing


logs chilling with no wa wa. We were told they still have 30 of the 32 original logs and were special builds, longer than the other guys. We were also told the reason they are missing two is one due to old age, and the other they sent off to try and have duplicates made, but the company they sent it to cut it up and failed.


I can see the drool from here.


so here we go down a hallway


Random Christmas crap


So here we are standing under, well almost under, one of the two lifts.


This is an official ride manufacturer's fix for PVC pipe



A Good Sign!


spare parts




But we're special, so we got to walk the trough


you can only get this shot while walking the trough, on a backstage tour, at WCB 2011, why weren't you here?


same with this shot


and this one




walking down the trough, this is where we depart and go deep into the mountain


and I mean deep, so everyone knows that SFOT had the first log flume, but do you know why? Well, it's becuase Knott's didn't want to risk putting in the first one. They went to Arrow, told them what they wanted to do and Arrow sold one to SFOT, after it was proven, they built the first themed flume, and second ever.


rebar left sticking out after the shot crete. Apparently there are rooms in here that go to nowhere and stairs that go to nowhere




big pumps make water go splash splash


still no faults


These massive pumps go something like 13 feet below the surface. They recently had a need to replace one which required cutting a hole in the mountain and using a crane. Annual maintance also requires pulling them out and we were told they barely fit in the area we were standing in to service them.


And finally, lots and lots of water goes through the pipes to give us that ride we all know and love. Thanks Knott's for the kick a$$ tour!


For the next tour, all the geeks lined up at the Windseeker site for a tour of their dirt.


The fountain is still intact




the big dirt hole


why do people like taking pictues of dirt? So here's the scoop in case you didn't know. Due to the earthquake in Japan, some funky rules kick into place regarding construction of this magnitude and some earth samplings must be done. Thus, they are in a holding pattern, but hope to start hauling in their 60 trucks of concrete from 2 plants within the next few weeks.


The famous B&M Support. Interesting note. The Windseeker will not rotate until it get's high up in the air so as not to get within a specific distanct from Silver Bullet when the chairs fly outwards.


They had to remove the trees to make room for the 500 ton crane.


more dirt


"Over here could be a whore house and/or a brewery, but we are not zoned for that or a refinery" Both Robb and I were highly disappointed.


So yeah, that's a tour of the dirt. After the rains Sunday, I returned on Monday and from Silver B the hole looked like a swimming pool. Look for it to open sometime after Memorial Day.


So that's if for this part, the last part will include some rather embarrasing moments from lunch.

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Thanks for the awesome trip diary so far. You take some nice photos (though they could probably use watermarks).




I'm suprised that windseeker is being delayed due to soil compaction tests. You'd think that every major ride would require them before starting construction (especially in California)..

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^ Thanks!


They said they had completed all tests and had all of the approvals, however, the earthquake triggered some weird funky rules that required them to do additional testing. I don't much understand it all, but then again, I don't much understand California...

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So here is my final update on WCB, features me credit whoring, highlights of TPR Quest (without giving away too much), and random other crap. Again, I can't say it enough, Knotts, you out did yourself!


Snoopy says it's time for TPR Lunch and lots and lots of glorious giveaway crap.


Alright puppets, let's get this party started, when I say fetch, you fetch.


Alright puppets, go fetch a boulder holder!


Aiight people, give it up!


Penny says "Why won't you losers take it off and hand it over?!?!?!?!?!"


trying hard to convince her to hand it over


wait wait maybe....


could it be, right in front of us???


At this point the Knott's folks are reconsidering a few things....


Yes!! WINNER!!!! Bonus points for being colorful.


Go fetch me someone not affraid to show em'


Winner of best man boobs!!!!


Cheater!!! I said apple as in company, not as in pie, negative points for you!


Another Cheater!!!! (redeemed by stuffing suspect item down her shirt)


So Knotts hooked up players and their helpers with top of the line crap. Baskets of Crap (which I saw in the hotel retailing for just shy of $50), Bags of Crap of about the some retail value, and tons of ride crap! I won a Road Wheel for Siera Sidewinder - Photo in the official WCB thread!


Our winner of TPR Quest chose a basket of crap, how cool!


In this photo we have three expressions. Oh Crap, I'm too cool for school, and I can't believe I'm on this thing. You choose which one goes where.


This makes montezoom go zoom zoom (Nerd Shot)


YES@!@! I'm short enough to ride!!!!


The excitment of a front row seat is just too much to hold back




I'm a whore and proud of it!


So off to some other stuff to finish up. The paint job is coming along quite nice on the plunge.


no waiting on the river rapids, I went ahead and took a spin, heck, I was already wet.


Sky Cabin is getting a new ride system, until then, it's up there.


My Hotel!!!


A few nerd shots of a B&M train rehab



So let's finish with a little game called, how many trash cans are in a 50 foot area?


let's play again!


Finally, a good use for them!


This was taken on monday, it's either broke, or in rehab.


And finally, the Catawampus says, MOO! Come again next year!

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