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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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Here we are at Six Flags Great America on 9-11-11, a somber day in American history, I'm flipping the bird at the camel and sheep humpers overseas by visiting an American Theme Park, effectively telling them to kiss my ass, I'm not living in fear!


JoJo19799 picked me up from my hotel in Lincolnshire, IL. Why do I mention Lincolnshire? Well, it's a great town to stay in, inexpensive, its a straight shot to the park, AND it's close to Genos East. Let me tell you, if you have never eaten here, you are missing out. Simply some of the best pizza I've had, not to mention the spinach sticks. Spinach sticks, for those that don't know, are mozzarella and spinach mixed together, breaded, and deep fried to a golden brown. Mmmm, I'm missing them already.


This was my first visit to the park and I was quite impressed with the overall vibrance and atmosphere the park gave. The landscaping was fresh, attractions nicely painted and well maintained, staff was what you would expect from Six Flags, and it was clean. I found the park to have an excellent mix of coasters and flat rides, probably the best of any on the chain. IMO, beating out SFMM by a long shot in terms of the variety offered. SFGAdv still has my #1 woodie, but, they are very much lacking in the flat selection, so, after visiting all Six Flags parks with the exception of Mexico, I have to move SFGAm to my #1 Six Flags park. Want to know my opinion on how I rank the rest and my overall ride rankings, tune in for the season finale of my Adventures mid December.


If there are any of our Military friends overseas reading this, Thank You.


Welcome to Six Flags Great America where we found a very fitting tribute.


I was instantly impressed with the park. Jo showed me the history of the park located behind the carousel. It's nice when a park is proud of where they were and where they are now. She also took me into a nearby giftshop to check out a model of the park many years ago. If you have never seen the model, you should.


Hey Knott's! Their Tower...WORKS!


They have your traditional games with a large selection of prizes. You can get a hairy, brazilian, bikini, or fire and ice banana.


Maybe they do things different in Chicago, but there is just something about this dog that doesn't look appealing. I mean, it looks all moldy.


Here is an early construction shot of their new addition.


I hope they end up doing something with these, ship them off, new course, sell them, something. They look cool.


Why do people have their hands up going into the station?!?!


That would explain it! Backwards > Forwards. Fact. I mean, forwards is decent, by backwards, epic.


Enjoy your backwards lift!


No. Really?


A week late, wished I could have made it sooner, I don't really want to travel to SFA to ride it, eh, but I will.


Just a week after it closed, the trains gone, lights were leaving, they weren't wasting any time.


Mama smoking a pipe sends a proper message to the kids.


Bam Bam holding his bam bam.


I do say they've done well with the theming.


I don't quite remember what I got in trouble for on this ride, I think it had to do with I had my arm on the side or something...oh well, credit!


How about a little V2? Yeah, it's a clone, but who cares.




The crew was steadily eating up the line, overall wait time was less than 15 minutes.


I've been waiting to ride this, heard several good things about it, and while it's not the best ever, it gets two thumbs up for being classic, and SF gets two thumbs up for saving it.


One Batman, no waiting. This completes the Batman collection for me. SFOT's IMO is the best, however, SFMM's in the dark with lights and fog slightly edges SFOT's


Look ma, no floor!


I feel like a superhero!


I can see space from here!


Ok, enough of that, time to spin. Single rider line....WINNING! I waited maybe 5 minutes compared to the others who were waiting 45 minutes.


Hmmm, what to do next....oh, I know, lets go see Anton!


Yay for Anton!


Freaking amazing.


This thing is just fun. Some rides give you thrills, some rides give you spills, but the good ones are just fun.


Thanks Anton!


After Anton, it was time for a Coney Island Cyclone look alike, without the asshurt.


I mean, I thought Cyclone was ok, but this, this was good.


I'd hit it again.


Despite losing my fear of the Intamin cable, I passed for what was next door.


Taking the bull, by the horns.


Full of fun.


Full of great photo ops.


And some dude in the back full of funnel cake, puking on the ride.


Who does #2 work for?


Yup, looks like we have teleported to Mexico. Or, Mexico has teleported to the U.S. You decide.


Time for a little stroll.


Over to this.


I was pleasently surprised I did not require medical attention when I got off.


Time for our last flight of the night. Also, completing the Superman clones. Hands down, the best part is the pretzel.


Weee, I'm flying, I'm flying!


Strong enough for a woman, built like a man.


So that's it, it's closing time. I am actually looking forward to returning to this Six Flags park and taking in some of the other flats and attractions, and their new winger.


Thanks Six Flags for a great day. Now, it's time for some pizza. And after a hard day at the park, my next Adventure takes me to FREE BEER! Come back soon!

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Personally, I think Hellcat/Avalanche is the only reason to visit the Dells--great ride. I thought Hades was going to kill me.


I agree Chuck, its easily the best ride in the Dells, Hades could be good, but riding up the lift there were nails poking out of the track bed like weeds. I just closed my eyes and pretended I didn't see that.


With that said, like most everyone else has commented, and thanks all for the nice comments, Mt. Olympus has great potential, however, the lack of re-investment into their hotels is the easiest way to be dead in the winter. People are willing to put up with it for a cheap room in the summer when they are near two world class water parks, but in the winter, with a spinning mouse, frog hopper, and indoor water park, they aren't as willing to put up with a dirty moldy hotel. Why, well mostly becausethey will likely spend more time in the hotel as winter hours of operation take effect.


By adding a few more thrilling flat rides, cleaning up in certain areas, and hiring staff that cares they could be the elite park in the region. On the N.E. trip we experienced two indoor scamblers with lights/fog/music etc that were awesome. This place could easily expand their "indoor amusement park" and add a club like atmosphere and hop all winter long. However, locals told me they don't feel as the owner really cares as he drives around in his lambo without a care in the world. So we know where the priorites are right now if that is indeed the case.

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Outstanding views of SFGam again Chad- and lovely to see the park when it's not packed to the rafters with people (My last visit there... ugh!). Sorry to hear you missed out on Wolfpocalypse, though- I've always enjoyed it, and there's nothing quite like it's finale to make me squeal in delight.


And the Schwarzporn was NIIIICEEEE!



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Awesome TR of Great America! It's been a while since I visited and I'm realizing how much of the park I missed! I got Deja vu and Iron Wolf before they left, but Batman, Giant Drop, some of the kiddie coasters, and the new rides that have been built since 2005 are all ones I still have yet to ride. Hopefully I can get back and get 'em done!


I also looked at the WIld Waves TR from June, and it's very nice to see my old home park. The last time I went was during summer of last year, and with the new bowl slide and other updates the park looks great! I'd seen the scrambler once before but I never knew that it was good, and I never knew that I-5 Dive got pink paint this year. With just a couple more good thrillers and continuous park improvements, I think Wild Waves could become a much better place!

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Awesome to hear you had a great time at the park! I know it's my home park and I'm a little biased, but I have to agree that it's one of the best Six Flags parks out there. Hopefully, X-Flight will make our park stand out a little from the rest. Did you manage to get both sides of American Eagle, because I actually prefer the red side forwards over the blue side going in any direction...


Nice read!

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Awesome TR of Great America!


I also looked at the WIld Waves TR from June, and it's very nice to see my old home park. The last time I went was during summer of last year, and with the new bowl slide and other updates the park looks great! I'd seen the scrambler once before but I never knew that it was good, and I never knew that I-5 Dive got pink paint this year. With just a couple more good thrillers and continuous park improvements, I think Wild Waves could become a much better place!


Thanks! Wild Waves certainly needs some additional improvements, overall it was lacking something...oh yeah, rides made by someone other than Zamperla Seriously tho, the potential is there, they just need to capitalize on it with a second signature attraction and few spectaculars. I laughed at the parking lot entrance(and the parking lot for that matter), employees standing out in the elements collecting your money, no real entry plaza, but hey, I also didn't have to pay $20 to park, so if no plaza = cheaper parking on a gravel lot, well, that's fine by me.


Awesome to hear you had a great time at the park! I know it's my home park and I'm a little biased, but I have to agree that it's one of the best Six Flags parks out there. Hopefully, X-Flight will make our park stand out a little from the rest. Did you manage to get both sides of American Eagle, because I actually prefer the red side forwards over the blue side going in any direction...


Nice read!


Thanks Jer, we did manage to get both sides, although someone passed....(jojo)....I rather liked backwards blue, red was good too, but the ride crew sucked. (Thats a whole other story)


Oh, and no need to worry about being biased when it's true!

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^Do you realize how many times I have rode red side of Eagle? I lost count after 10, and that was probably back in 92. So yeah.


Anyway, I like blue side backwards the best. I was hoping they would leave it backwards for FF but maybe next year it will go backwards again.

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^Trust me, I wish I could have ran over there and started to re-train those employees. Granted that some things may have changed, but I would like to give kudos to the ONE employee who pretty much held up the ride because he was the ONLY one height checking kids. He was so awesome he not only did the red side, but blue side as well. He should be employee of the month!

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I had some time before I left the great state of Wisconsin on 9/12/11 and thought hmmmm, whats the best way to spend this time before my flight out. Then it hit me, why not take a tour of the MillerCoors facility and cash in on some FREE BEER! So, off I went.


Having recently also toured the Coors plant in Golden, I had somewhat of an idea on what to expect. My expectations were far exceeded. One of the original brewers in the states, this place was awesome with tons of history and architectural goodness. For instance, did you know that they brew Blue Moon underneath the Milwaukee Brewers stadium? Its the only brewery in the world that brews underneath a sports arena. Cool eh?


So, what time is it?


If you answered Miller Time, you'd be correct!


Yay, we have arrived! Note: If you pass the entrance of the visitors center, turn around quick, going down too far (1 mile or farther) will land you in a part of town you might not feel comfortable in. Just sayin'


I'm ready to live the High Life.


Inside the visitors center they have two custom choppers on display to promote the brand. No, these are not OCC or PJD choppers. Sorry. But what they are are really awesome bikes.


But don't let the beauty of these creations deter you from stopping at reception and getting your tour reservation.


When your number is called, its off to the theatre. This isn't your average apocinator pre-show. The show was full of win showing the history of the company from inception, the recent merger, and where they are today.


They even had kegovision on the side walls!


The video lasted about 13 minutes before the walking part of the tour began. First up, packaging.


noted. Caesar, pay particular attention to this please.


Here we are walking into the observation area of their packaging facility. Unlike the Coors tour in Golden which is self guided, here, you have a very knowledgable guide who was very proud of their product.


Loads and loads of machinery bring you....BEER!


The bottle filler does a butt ton of filling per minute. And thats a lot of filling.


The upright thingy holds the bottle caps. It ensures a steady supply of caps to those 3k or so bottles each hour.


How environmental of them.


The long hallway I showed you a few pictures ago is lined with TV's that pop down from the ceiling and kegovision appears with little tid bits followed by your tour guide answering any questions you may have.


But for now, we say goodbye to the machines, and head down on to the packing floor.


You seriously get this close to the filling machines.


Well, if a tornado blows thru, at least we will know where to go.


Welcome to the warehouse! Yes, this is a very up close and personal tour. See all that beer?!?!?! It won't be there tomorrow.


They process in and out some 250,000 cases of beer every 24-36 hours.


I salute them too!


Interesting factoid. Some 95% of the beer is trucked out, 5% by rail, and 80% of the 95% is sent to Chicago. Bunch of drunk bastards in Chicago.


Trivia board!


Q. What year did people start living the High Life?

Was it, 1905, 1903, or 1901?


The answer is......1903!


Example of where TPR members should NOT work.


So you probably noticed we are outside again....well that's because we are now walking to the brewhouse. This was the original brewhouse. I know that because it says so.


We made it up the stairs! Something like 4 flights of stairs we climbed. The temp on the floor was around 95 with 100% humidity. You could literally touch the copper! (except they told us no)


They use a stick to check to see when it's done. This is the second step in the production, the whole malt-a-meal process begins upstairs. Its a gravity fed process as you probably could tell.




Next up was the coolest park of the tours, the original caves used to store the beer!


And here we are! (Of course it tunnels off left and right, but we are like 3 stories below grade.


We also found a lady sitting on a moon.


The painting is original too. This was Miller's special place.


Random knowledge.


Beer was stored down thataway.


Finally before we leave the caves, this was a case that Miller used around prohibiton. Basically he displayed a bottle of beer for each of his competitors, you know, so he could remember them when they went out of business.


Finally, its time to go to the Inn where you get to sample three glasses of beer, send post cards on the house, and enjoy the history.


I want one.


Inside the Inn before Miller Time. They served us High Life, Miller Lite, and something from Germany.


Well, that concludes this awesome tour! The local brewpubs also offer tours of their facilities for a fee in late afternoon. While those didn't fit my schedule, they would certainly be another option when you are in town.


Again, awesome, up close tour that I highly suggest you take!


Thanks Miller, I'll be back for Miller Time!

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I would like to send out a special THANK YOU to everyone who has read and supported my thread this year. While I only have about 7 more adventures left to share, rest assured I will bring more quality out of the way park reports in 2012.


Coming up next, an awesome trip to Lake Winnie...with a possible twist!


oh, and please post your comments

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All of the sudden I want to build a park in RCT II that has a monorail attached to it.... D'OH!


Breweries, for whatever reason, are some of the greatest places to visit- I miss the old AB tour at The Old Country (YES, it was called that!) and the smell of cooking hops, barley and other such wafting around the park on a warm day.


I'll have to look this up when I head to MKE next year- as it looks like a great day of fun.

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After probably the single most epic Bash to date at Six Flags over Georgia, it was off crediting running. This adventure takes me to one of my now favorite small parks, Lake Winnie!. Don't sell this park short, plan to stay for around four hours and experience all the lake has to offer from paddle boats and miniature golf, to a wacky factory, and a wacky worm.


Classic in every since, this park offers a relaxing atmosphere, reasonably priced food and beverage, and fun. One note, if you get to the park at opening, head for the original splash boats, waiting around until later in the day will have you waiting to ride. And hey, even Dan might approve, you really don't get wet!


So get ready for a refreshing report from Lake Winnie!


Thank you, I plan on it!


(Thought I would pick up a park map for Larry's Index, this is the best I could do)


Hopefully crossing the tracks doesn't lead me to the 'wrong' side.


Thankfully it landed me on the good side of the park, where, if you rub the Genie, he will take you for a spin.


Dumbo erhm, Jumbo! Hey, did they steal the original from the MK @ WDW? Probably not, because that would be wrong.


I love the theme!


Such a great setting to relax and spend the day.




I suppose since you can't swim, licking a frozen banana will help cool you off.


I'll pass on the banana, but I will check out the wacky factory


This would be the ride vehicle. Not the actual one that I would get in, but close.




The room is spinning! Is this the 70's all over again?


Moving on. Kinda hidden, but I found it!


Awesome! Horses running in circles are always a good bet.


This is my "Not another wacky worm" look.


Noted! If its brown, flush it down.


Caddy Shack!


How about a real coaster, well, as real as it gets, for now.


Nerd Shot!


Mice are Mice, but this one is a Mean Mice.


Om nom nom nom nom


Do the wave, do the Big Splash wave.


And here we are at CANNON BALL!!!!!! Otherwise known as their best coaster.


Lift hill porn.


And we're back. CB isn't an intense ride, but its fun. Not rough and well maintained.


OMFG! These are sooo rare, tons of fun!


Yeee haaaaaaaaa!


I thought train station when I saw the bumper cars


No seat belts, no restraint checking = one helluva ride!


Not intense at all.


How about a ride across the lake? Yes? Ok.












Ride Over.


Robb and Jake would be in heaven.


Finally today we take a ride on a Matterhorn with some sleigh cars!








So there you have it. You are not an enthusiast if you don't like Lake Winnie. So go to Lake Winnie, have fun, be cool, be an authentic enthusiast.


Until my next adventure, peace! Oh and post comments...please and thank you.

Edited by chadster
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I didn't know that Lake winnie had rehabbed their dark ride as "Wacky Factory." I hope it's better than the old dark ride that used to be there (it was the only bummer about the park when I visited last year).

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^^ I don't know that it ever really hit full steam, it was fun, and fast, just not as intense as some of the carnival ones I've been on. Perhaps too many reverse of fortunes were occuring.


^I was looking on billtracy.net and saw a castle theme, I am guessing it had been that way since it opened? (well, until now that is) The Wacky Factory overall still had a very Bill Tracy feel. I couldn't tell you what was new and what wasn't since it was my first time but my untrained eye suggested there were several newer tricks incorporated. It really wasn't a bad ride, not overly cheesy.

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