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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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How do you save a screenshot or video of your turn with the claw?


I just sat my camera on my mini tripod and shot the screen. Otherwise, you can try out Hypercam. I believe it's free now. Personally, I prefer just recording the screen with my camera so it doesn't affect my gameplay.


Played earlier at the end of my shift. Our work computers are so laggy, could barely tell where the claw was going. The motion was so choppy. However, I targeted the good old Uke of Doom and moved it around again. Not as good of a grab as I had the other night. So in line for my 10th game and still haven't won yet. Something's wrong here, I used to own at UFO Catchers!


Edit: Done for the night. My stupid modem decided it wanted to disconnect me again. Thank you AT&T for providing us a modem that you have to power cycle every day!

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In line now. I have Skramp and RCFreak near me!


I saw you too! I was in line but wifey closed the laptop so it went to sleep and disconnected. Oh well, at least I could get everyone addicted to the new crack!!

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Oh well, at least I could get everyone addicted to the new crack!!

I am completely hooked on it. My coworker told me today "Wow, you really are addicted to that claw game!" I laughed and said "Yup, I'm literally hooked!"


So after my disconnection from the interwebs, I decided I would take a stab at getting in line. Maybe I'll randomly wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run and have it be my turn. 9:00, it said I had 4 more hours to go. 9:10, it suddenly took a massive drop to 2 hours. I initially got in line at 5:30, got back in line again at 6:30 or so due to my lame internets.

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It is either the time of night or maybe not that many people are doing it now but I've been finding that it's been real easy to grab a spot today, the 3 times I tried. Though yesterday, it seemed to be an eternity to get a spot.


Got an hour to go now! Everyone in my house says that I'm really hooked on this.

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