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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Remember those claw machines that steal your money and give no prizes? Well, here's a better one!! http://www.thesantaclaw.com/ The Santa Claw! Once you register you will get in line (lines have been very long!!) and you control the machine over your computer. If you win a prize, they ship it to you free. And the claw machine is MASSIVE!! It is more than human size and has a live video feed to show you what is going on. Enjoy!!



traincrossin takes of tour of The Santa Claw at Real Art Design Group in Dayton, Ohio

The Santa Claw is BACK! Gizmodo Gallery December 5th - 11th, 2011

The Santa Claw Up Close! Photos & Video from the Gizmodo Gallery!

Big Mike visits The Santa Claw at the Gizmodo Gallery

The final play on The Santa Claw


The Santa Claw Tips & Other Info


Santa Claw Videos!


The Santa Claw Official Trailer



The Santa Claw Re-Cap




Elissa Plays The Santa Claw:


Elissa and KidTums Play The Santa Claw:


Elissa and KidTums Play The Santa Claw....again!


The Santa Claw in action at Gizmodo Gallery in NYC


Robb Plays The Santa Claw...and grabs a MAN!!!


KidTums plays The Santa Claw.... and WINS!!!


Robb wins Big Mike a ball!


Big Mike visits Gizmodo Gallery and interviews the guys from Real Art Design Group:



Here's a few media files including The Santa Claw Ringtones, Soundtrack MP3 Files, and some images that Real Art had sent us. Enjoy!


Claw Lose Soundtrack


Claw Gameplay Sound Track


Santa Claw Waiting in Line Music


Gameplay iPhone Ringtone


Claw Lose iPhone Ringtone


Santa Claw Waiting in line ringtone


Lots of images of the claw, logos, and characters!

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That has to be one of the most screwed up things I've seen!


Anyone here won anything yet???


While I haven't personally won anything I have seen a few people win, so it definitely is possible!


Pretty cool, but I'm not waiting 430 minutes just to win a ball


The balls are just to make the game easier, the prizes are inside of them. In the prize info it says, "Don't get too attached to the giant plastic bubble, we recycle 'em," so maybe you're supposed to send them back?


I wonder if you'll even end up with the same prize you won. If you see someone win the balls just fall out of the machine and into a pile on the floor, seems like it would be hard to give everyone what they won, especially with so many of the balls being the same.

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^You really have this game all worked out!


This is utterly mesmerizing. Although I must admit the claw mechanism freaks me out.


I think I'll have to go ahead & set my alarm, this seems like too much cheap entertainment to miss out on just for sleep. 250 minutes!

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This game looks quite interesting. I used to be really good at these in real life, but I wonder how I'll do on this. I've got a place in line (as stated above) so hopefully I'll remember to set my alarm. If I forget or sleep through it, I'll be sure to get back in line when I get up tomorrow.

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