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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Just went about 10 minutes ago and got lucky! Right before I went a guy threw in a couple clear balls with presents, one right in the middle begging me to pick it up. So it's my turn and for some reason the top down camera wouldn't connect or wasn't working. So I had to use the side view to judge on one of the axis and guess on the other, barely missed it. I was sad haha. Back in line should be up just before I go to bed.

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I must've had a crap load of people drop out because I dropped all the way down to 58 minutes in no time at all!!!!!


Is it me or is there what looks like a car bumper out the upper left corner of the glass. Isn't it dark in Ohio now???


Dammit!!! 41 to go and the stoopid thing decided to restart all by itself!!!!!!!Now I am back to 485

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We'll see how tonight's game goes. Last night, I got the claw positioned, dropped, and was greeted by a "You Lost" screen before my game was even up. I never got to see if the claw grabbed anything or now.


I think I got one of my coworkers interested as they tried getting in line this afternoon...which was a tad too late. I also tried getting in line earlier at work but got to it too late. Maybe I'll try for it first thing tomorrow morning as I get settled in.

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So after two tries, I have FINALLY conquered the Santa Claw! Decided to stay up a little to give it another go before bed and it paid off! I was going after one of the clear balls, but as the claw was going up, it clipped onto one of the purple balls and luckily held on for the win. I really thought the ball was going to fall out when it hit the top, but I got really lucky! Here's a picture to prove my victory!


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Hi Guys!


I am Libby and am in charge of HR and making sure the awesomeness meter doesn't get low at Real Art - you know - the home of the Santa Claw. (Don't believe me, you can check out my blog post here: http://blog.realartusa.com/?p=3037). So I have been working with our Chicago team to find some awesome interactive designers that rock Motion Graphics (After Effects), Flash &/or HTML/CSS/jQuery to join our team in Illinois. Since you guys have been so Clawsome spreading the word about the claw I thought I would throw this out to you and ask that you send anyone my way who might fit the bill. They can send their resume & portfolio to me at hr@realartusa.com.


WARNING: If you become a RADG team member, you can't keep anything you win playing the claw - sorry.

Thank you Libby! Good luck with everything at Real Art!



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I haven't really been online since last Wednesday, but I just got all caught up and can totally see the addiction to this! I'm in line now with a little under 7 hours to go. I haven't seen anyone win anything yet, but I'll check in a few times throughout the day and hope that I stay connected.

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