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The Santa CLAW! Live Claw Machine - Crane Game!

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Well, I think my mom will be hooked on this game. She's got her first in 13 minutes. I still have another 3 hours to go.


She lost... And I saw some people badmouthing TPR on there in her line. Some dude was asking another "You don't belong to that lame site, TPR, do you?" which immediately caught my attention.

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My brother just managed to balance a prize PERFECTLY on the side on the dispenser!


P.S. Ignore my finger.






That was me who went after it and managed to push the prize into the chimney. Don't worry though, because it still said I lost. You have to grab it with the claw in order to let the sensor know you won.

I think I remember chatting with your brother. Ask him if he remembers someone named Bubbles.

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^Try hacked...this is kind of fail... The Santa admin is giving off sketchy links...I'm guessing because nobody's there (I don't think) to monitor things during the night so those hackers living in their mothers' basements drinking their red bull/rock star and munching on their cheetos are deciding to wreck things.


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Looks like a few balls and presents were won last night which has filled back up into the chimney. I watched a person hook a green ball only for it to bounce away after being dropped in the full chimney. I guess Santa's elves took the night off.


Chimney is full!

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