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The "Rant" Thread


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I just threw my phone against the wall and it broke into three pieces


eh, who would've guessed


- Joe, that will cost me a good chunk of change


Did that a year or so ago... Another £100 down the drain. Stupid person on the phone made me angry.

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Got a call at 9am this morning saying there was a problem with my brush biopsy, and that I needed to come in ASAP for another biopsy. So I spend the whole day thinking I have cancer. Later in the day, I asked my dad to call and make an appointment for me. The lady on the phone said there was nothing wrong at all, just a mix up!


So, yeah, I was stressed and nauseuous all day over a nothing. However, after I got the call this morning, it freaked me out so bad, I broke all of my cigarettes and threw out my lighter. So maybe this was what I finally needed to quit? Let's hope so!



Never givin' up,



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I guess I'm strange because when someone pisses me off on the phone, I just hang up and go do something else.




Nah, not so strange, just means you have your rage under control...!! I was so mad that day that it was either launch the phone or punch the wall. The phone's replaceable. My ex can hardly use his right hand after punching a van to avoid hitting his mate when they argued. As much as it's a thousand times better to just not get that angry...


Aww, who am I kidding, I really enjoyed throwing the phone! Strange sense of satisfaction. I should take up boxing.


And my rant for the day... "Reading" week next week, no classes! Which is great, except that I have so many assignments to do and books to read that there's barely gonna be any more time than usual to have fun. Stupid uni!

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I absolutely F---ING HATE trying to instantly 'climatize' when one gets to one's travel destination.


(I'm in Amsterdam now, from Vancouver, Canada)



It's awful, I hate it, it makes me feel embarassed and ... icky.



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I really HATE my computer. I got a virus and now it wont freaking work at all. Also my room mate got mad at my fiance and I because we were watching Metallica's S&M DVD on the symphonic mix too loud at like 11 o'clock at night. she is so freaking childish because at 9 am the next morning she started ranting and raving about the previous night then proceeded to play crap music loudly to wake us up (we were already awake) so we just left. She then did it the following day but we just hung out in our room and ignored her. She is almost 40 and acting like she is 13 she is so freaking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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^ I LOVE Nestle Crunch bars, OMG I'd forgotten they even existed... Mmmmmm!!


Ok, why the hell is it that people never believe what I say? They just believe what they want to believe? So if I don't want to do X because of reason A, the person who wants me to do X assumes it's for reason B, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of reason A! And when I say it's reason A, that person assumes that it MUST be reasons B and that I'm only saying reason A to cover up reason B! Damn it!


And y'know, it's so hard not to come to the Rant thread about men every single day. I'm really trying hard to not repeat men rants! There are SOOO many cool guys out there, but it seems I never meet any of them in the right context. My male friends are like the coolest guys in the world, but I've wrecked friendships by getting involved before now and now my friends stay my friends. Ok, feel better now.

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