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Coaster Expedition Volume 14 - NOW SHIPPING!

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(Scroll down for the Schloss Beck Video!)


Hey everyone!


Coaster Expedition Volume 14 is NOW SHIPPING!!!



Order Now:

DVD: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=129

Digital Download: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=132


This DVD/Download is still ON SALE at a special price for a limited time!


TPR's European Vacation!

Coaster Expedition Volume 14 includes more than 15 of TPR's favorite European Parks!


Parks include: Europa Park, Parc Asterix, Schlossbeck, Walibi World, Tripdrill, Phantasialand, Efteling, Drievelit, Disneyland Paris, Bobbejaanland, Heide Park, and MORE!


It's all the theme park fun and antics you've come to expect from a Coaster Expedition DVD!


To give you an idea of what sort of fun theme park antics we are talking about, here is a sample clip from this DVD:

As you can see...TPR trips are totally "nuts"




And be sure to write a review of CE 14 when you buy it! We love to hear your feedback!



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Got my DVD yesterday and once it again you guys did an amazing job! I swear whenever I get a new Raw DVD, I think I prefer those, and then as soon as I get a new Coaster Expedition dvd, I change my mind again! Although, I consider myself more of a "POV" fan, you just don't get that awesome personality and silly antics that is jam-packed in the CE videos.


Can't wait for the next installments!

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I would personally like to thank you for that announcement. We must be educated that someone being kicked in the balls is a very serious matter, even though the "un-educated" people of this world tend to burst into laughter at the thought.


Just kidding. It's very funny. I can't help it.

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Just got and watched the CE14 DVD. It is a great disk. It reflects the feeling of a tpr trip. Fun with little bit of .... Great PSA!! Memories of last summer came back to me and it was not even the same trip.


Thank you guys for making this.

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I look forward to watching the DVD and reliving all the memories from the trip.


And I also must add as man and the perpetrator of the ball shot, we must all be vigilant and try to prevent further groin hits. Next time I find my self being spun at an insane speed on a rotating tire seesaw I'll tie my laces to the bar in order to prevent further casualties, should I loose my footing.


Also as a believer in Karma, I wait in dread for that day to rebound on myself.

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Brand new TPR Video!!!


Europa Park with Theme Park Review! What can we say? It's our favorite park in Europe and this video shows off how insanely awesome it is! Take a look....


Have you picked up your copy of TPR's "Coaster Expedition Volume 14" yet? If you haven't do so here:


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