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Ocean Kingdom in China

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Hey guys

I thought this park deserves its own topic as news starts to trickle in following their big press release over the weekend.



This is a new park to be built in Guangdon province China. it is being developed by the same people who built Chimelong Paradise which itself is known as one of the better Chinese parks from the trip reports I have read.

The park is currently confirmed to have both a Mack Watercoaster and a Mack Supersplash. They have also announced the worlds longest Wooden Rollercoaster and a giant ferris wheel. The park will be part of a resort which includes a hotel and safari park. This complex in turn will be part of the new Hengqin Island redevelopment project.


This park will not be that far from Hong Kong's Ocean Park and Disneyland so will add some interesting competition to an area which already has several major theme parks.

Ocean Kingdom is in red on the left with Disneyland and Ocean Park circled on the right. The project is not currently expected to open until 2013 but pictures, maps and all sources can be found below.


Story: http://www.macaudailytimes.com.mo/macau/19666-Hengqin-ocean-resort-open-2013.html


Mack Supersplash




Model of park including wooden coaster


RCDB Link: http://www.rcdb.com/8991.htm

Source: http://www.zhnews.net/html/20101128/212940,272776.html

Source: http://big5.chinanews.com.cn:89/ga/2010/11-29/2686670.shtml

Source: http://news.sohu.com/20100813/n274185633.shtml


Redevelopment Project: http://www.chinacity.org.cn/csfz/fzzl/60162.html

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I know it's atwork but damn the woody looks as tall as I305 this better be Intamin or the maintence on that thing may bankrupt the park lol


It's funny, that's actually the exact same thing i first thought when i heard the statistic that the Ferris Wheel is going to be 689 feet tall. Judging by that the center point has to be at least 350" feet in the air, and the peak of the woody, considering the distance behind, looks like it would be roughly 275-310 feet tall. But i know it's just a mock up, I'm probably wayyyyy over thinking it.





...i am such a nerd...hahaha

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^The thing is China is changing at a rate Americans and Europeans generally don't understand since we experienced similar growth (as nations) well before any of us were born. I watched a documentary made in 2007 in one of my architecture classes and at the time it was estimated that from 2007 to 2015 more than 400,000,000 people would move from the countryside of China to urban centers. This essentially meant that all of the infrastructure of the entire United States and then some had to be constructed in those 8 years (yes, I know that it is not an exact translation, but it's still an epic amount of infrastructure). These parks may be popping up fast, but the amount of potential customers is also increasing at a similarly rapid rate. If you look at cities like Shanghai 20 years ago, they're not even recognizable. These parks may take some time for the population to grow into the areas around them, but it will definitely happen with the rate at which Chinese cities are growing.


I'm quite interested in the wooden coaster at this park. I wonder if it will be a massively tall ride resulting in an extreme length or if it will be like Beast following the terrain and have multiple lifts. Either way, it should be pretty epic considering that all the major wooden coaster companies operating today are making some fantastic rides.

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^^It really is staggering how fast China's major urban centers are growing. Here's a fact about Shanghai that I still find unbelievable: in 1979, there was one building in the city over 20 stories tall; today, there are over 5000. And you know those giant cranes that are used to construct skyscrapers? There's a finite supply of them and at one time, I believe, almost all of them were in Shanghai. Crazy.

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China is experiencing a park-building boom similar to the one that the US had in the 70s, which doesn't really surprise me because the country has such a high population and a large amount of money in circulation. It's only a matter of time before the number of new parks stabilizes or the market becomes saturated from too many parks being built. Personally I see the number stabilizing. China will probably take a few records and prototypes with their new parks, but Chinese parks have the money to build them. US parks don't seem to unfortunately.


Since the economy is still in the tank, I don't see very many huge, record-breaking rides coming to the US, but I do see the US getting more unique, smaller rides (like Zac Spins and Eurofighters).

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