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Last concert you attended?


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Last concert I was to was the Beastie Boys at the Festival Pier in Philly. They were an hour late but the show is AWESOME...they're really, really good live.


I really want to see Metallica in NYC on November 14th but I have yet to get tickets. StubHub is selling general admission tickets for $1000+. Bleh.


Check for the show on the 15th. I picked up four tickets for $180 each.

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Melissa and I went with a couple friends to see a Dave Matthews cover band in downtown Greenville that was called Crowded Streets. It was a great show! They played a good selections of songs like "What You Are", "What Would You Say", "Crash Into Me", and some other great DMB songs. I was surprised how close the lead singer sounded to Dave Matthews.


-Gary T.

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I saw Guster at the University of Dayton Arena a few weeks ago. It was a great show - first time I had really heard a lot of their music, and I must say they're really good. I've been putting off writing a PTR for some time now, but it'll be up here soon, I promise.

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My last concert was either the Pet Shop Boys or Coldplay. The PSB concert was during their Release album tour and it was very acoustic and laid back. It was a very intimate crowd and the venue (Music Factory) was very small).

Coldplay was simply amazing. I don't believe I ever was at a concert with such an energy of enthusiasm. For me it was 3 hrs of non stop "hits".

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Saw (takes deep breath) Fall Out Boy/All Time Low/Metro Station/Cobra Starship/Hey Monday at the EMU Convocation Center last night. AMAZING concert! Every single band put on a great show.


Hey Monday was alright, pretty good for a new band but I hadn't really heard anything by them before. Metro Station surprised me by actually...performing alright on stage. Fall Out Boy blew me away, I really wasn't expecting much from them from previous things I've heard about them live but OMG they sounded great, it was a VERY pleasant surprise. And of course, Cobra Starship and All Time Low were amazing, as always . Some pictures (I apologize for the blurry-ness, no tripod with me=blurry pictures):


Highlight of the night! Meeting Zach from All Time Low. Really great guy, didn't get to spend much time with him due to the MASS of people.


Fall Out Boy put on a truly amazing performance. TOTALLY unexpected from them.


All Time Low, one of my all time favorite bands (heh...no pun intended), did an amazing job as they consistently do.


Metro Station was surprisingly good, didn't expect a whole lot from them but they did an alright job.


Cobra Starship was on next. I wasn't sure what to expect but they did a great job, loved them.


Hey Monday opened; for such a new band they did a good job.

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On Saturday night I went to see Alkaline Trio with Saves the Day. It was a really good show, both bands played really well. Last time I saw Alkaline Trio they sort of just played a 'meh' set, but they were a lot more into it this time and I really enjoyed them. It was at the HoB Orlando at Downtown Disney, they're really strict on not letting cameras in so sorry I don't have any photos.

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I'm going to see Roger Hodgson (Supertramp's singer) this summer, on july 19th. I think it will be an amazing show, especially because I love his voice and Supertramp's songs.

Anyway, I'll probably see the Fatals Picards (a french known rock-humoristic band) in july too.

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The Black Dahlia Murder. My favorite band.


Closed out my concert going as I probably will never go to another one. Have seen pretty much every band live that I have ever wanted to see. I get tired of all the nu-metal heads that show up at these shows.

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The NIN/Jane's Addiction concert I attended last night at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater was mostly ok with a few cool moments. Here are my thoughts:


1. Why was NIN opening for Jane's Addiction and not the other way around?


2. The concert start time was 7 pm. Parking and the lines to get in were a mess so we were finally heading to our seats around 7:45, just as Trent and the rest of NIN were taking the stage. A TON of people were not there yet and everyone we spoke too was shocked to hear that NIN played first.


3. We bought the cheap lawn seats and the sound was horrible! The speakers were on in the lawn for about 5 minutes and the sound was fantastic but then they were out the rest of the night. It totally detracted from the overall experience. I am somebody that likes the music so loud I can't hear myself think so for me it was really frustrating. I understand you pay less for these seats but this was ridiculous. The people next to us said this is common for this venue.


4. NIN were awesome, as I expected, but we left around 10:45 and didn't listen to all of JA. We were just over it. They just weren't that great and Perry Farrell's voice was pretty weak. Still, he is a great showman so he is entertaining to watch. The music was good though.


5. The crowd - I like the random crowd and really liked that it was mostly men! Everyone was cool and talking to each other. Quite a few tailgaters in the parking lot getting all crazy. Got a flash of a drunk girl's hooha when she fell down and then exclaimed, "Oh my God, I forgot you took my underwear off" to a friend.


6. Security - So, as expected, everyone is smoking pot and whatever. About 2 hours into the show Security gets all crazy and starts buting people for smoking. What the heck?!?!?! Where were you the last 2 hours?

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I saw Green Day earlier this week at Webster Hall in NYC. It was amazing to see the band up close in such a small venue. They played several songs from their new album and quite a few random old songs. It was a blast!!

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