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Last concert you attended?


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Looks like I will be answering my own question!


Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) at the Greek were awesome! Opening acts were Eugene Mirman followed by Arj Barker, both of which are on the HBO show. Eugene Mirman was decent but I really liked Ark Barker and will gladly go see him on his own tour someday.


FOTC sounded great and were also hilarious! They played a lot of their new stuff mixed in with old classics over about 2 hours. I actually prefer hearing the new stuff as I have pretty much memorized their last album so it is not really as funny to me anymore. They did little bits in between the songs that were also funny. I am sure some of this was pre-scripted but they also interacted spontaneously with the audience quite well. I think people here on TPR would really enjoy them, they have that sort of "off" sense of humor that many people on here seem to also have.


You locals know how parking at the Greek is so I won't even discuss that. We got out in about 20 minutes, not bad.


Derail: Afterwards, we went to Big Foot Lodge for drinks. What a fun place. Cool, unpretentious people and a funky location. We had fun watching old school movies about avoiding child molestors and playing Bingo for drinks!

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My last couple of concerts were with Carpark North and Volbeat. Both really great but very different gigs.


Carpark North plays a mix between Indie rock and electropop. They played at a small local club in my town, so it was a pretty small gig (about 200 people), but it was very intense and a lot of fun. They really rocked that place.

Carpark North @ Last.fm


Volbeat played a much larger show though, I attended this in Århus a couple of weeks ago. It's kind of hard to describe Volbeat, 'cause they have a very unique sound, some people call it "Elvis-Metal". They are mixing sounds of Johnny Cash and Elvis, with stuff like Metallica and Slayer. So yeah, I don't know what to call it... melodic heavy metal/rock n' roll/rockabilly

Volbeat @ Last.fm


Next up will be Depeche Mode on June 30 at Parken, Copenhagen

After that there is Coldplay in August, playing in Herning


And finally there’s Rock Under Broen on June 13. This is a small one-day festival, with a lot of great music.


Sorry for any bad English

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I saw Relient K at The Boardwalk club yesterday.




They were opened by Runner Runner and Owl City, who were excellent and alright, in order. After two hours, Relient K finally came out. They opened with Who I Am Hates Who I've Been, which got the crowd going wild. The songs that got the most reception from the fans were Sadie Hawkins Dance (My favorite!) and Be My Escape, their final song (and my other favorite!).


Their encore was a song I hadn't heard before, I think it's called Deathbed or something.


This being my first real concert, I'm very happy with how it went. It makes me want to listen to more of their music, and the Runner Runner CD i got for $1!

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^^Lucky! Sounds like a sweet concert!

^ You know same here! Mmhmm was an AWESOME CD and I was obsessed with it for the longest time. Even their EP that came out after that was pretty good. But I really don't like their newer stuff as much and they kinda fell out for me.

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My schedule for this summer is as follows:

June 27th- Ska In The Park! w/ Suburban Legends, Voodoo Glow Skulls

July 9th- Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

August 23rd- Vans Warped Tour (mainly for Big D)


Make sure you check out the Black Tide at Waped. They are awesome,(kind of like AC DC/Gun's N roses, but different singing styles) at Mayhem they kicked ass and had an awesome mosh.



Now for the worst news ever. I cant go to mayhem. I need to save up all my money for my Florida trip this summer. Hopefully I can get in a concert or two now that I like more indie music and stuff.

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^Oh man Black Tide is so freakin good! They were defiantly one of the best bands at Mayhem last year behind Slipknot, Disturbed, and underOATH. When they started to play The Trooper by Iron Maiden everyone went crazy.


And I decided that I would just have to miss out on Mayhem this year. I'm not a fan of M.M. and I've Slayer too many times along with Bullet For my Valentine. Oh well hopefully next year will have better bands.



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TV on the Radio on June 3rd at the Metropolis


Absolutely incredible, they played every song I wanted to hear (Red Dress, DLZ, Shout me Out, a Method). They played their hits too (Dancing Choose, Staring at the Sun, Wolf Like Me, Halfway Home).


Amazing stage presence and they're incredibly tight live. (9/10)



The Dirty Projectors opened for them, really good with fantastic harmonies.

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Last night I went and saw Manchester Orchestra w/ fun at The Social in Orlando. It was the final show of their 7 week tour together, so they really went all out. This is the third time I've seen Manchester Orchestra live and the first time I've seen fun. For those of you familiar with The Format, they broke up a year ago and "fun" is the lead singer's new band. No worries, they still played some Format stuff at the show.


Manchester Orchestra. They put on an insane show.


"fun".... headed up by Nate Ruess (formerly of The Format). They played some new stuff as well as some Format "covers"


This was an insane random jam session with all three of the opening bands. It was the final show of the tour so all of the bands just started jamming out together as a sort of farewell treat. It was sick.

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Awesome summer as far as concerts go so far, here's what's lined up:


The Fray w/ Jack's Mannequin, June 27th

Warped Tour, July 31st

Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/Panic at The Disco, August 22nd


I'm thoroughly happy with that lineup

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Oh, Fall Out Boy. I remember seeing them in 2003 at a bar in Tampa. I think I paid 7 bucks and there was about 30 people there. Mostly dudes.


Last actual concert I went to that wasn't a local show was The Secret Handshake and The Rocket Summer out in St. Pete.


I'm going to try to see Taking Back Sunday for pure highschool nostalgia. I haven't seen them since I was 17. I just don't know if I want to shell out the 25 bucks. Ha!

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The last gig I saw was Jason Lytle at the Islington Academy. It was a strange venue located in a shopping mall, but all the same the gig was very good. He played a mixture of Grandaddy songs and stuff from his solo album. Also he ended with A.M 180 which the crowd went wild for. All in all it was a good show, with a very relaxed atmosphere.




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