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  1. Hehe BonBon-Land is such a wacky place, I'm really looking forward to my visit i august. So did you try out the new ride Vertigo at Tivoli Gardens? I'll be heading to Copenhagen on monday, to check it out.
  2. My last couple of concerts were with Carpark North and Volbeat. Both really great but very different gigs. Carpark North plays a mix between Indie rock and electropop. They played at a small local club in my town, so it was a pretty small gig (about 200 people), but it was very intense and a lot of fun. They really rocked that place. Carpark North @ Last.fm Volbeat played a much larger show though, I attended this in Århus a couple of weeks ago. It's kind of hard to describe Volbeat, 'cause they have a very unique sound, some people call it "Elvis-Metal". They are mixing sounds of Johnny Cash and Elvis, with stuff like Metallica and Slayer. So yeah, I don't know what to call it... melodic heavy metal/rock n' roll/rockabilly Volbeat @ Last.fm Next up will be Depeche Mode on June 30 at Parken, Copenhagen After that there is Coldplay in August, playing in Herning And finally there’s Rock Under Broen on June 13. This is a small one-day festival, with a lot of great music. Sorry for any bad English
  3. That's basically what it is. It also has fountains underneath it, which splashes up and down with the ride.
  4. It broke down while I was waiting in the line, so never got to ride it that day... though I have been on it a couple of years ago
  5. Hi everyone! This is my very first trip report, so it probably sucks compared to others. Last Thursday I visited Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen with my niece and nephew. We took the train from Fredericia early, so we could also check out some of Copenhagen before the park opened. The weather was good most of the day, but around 5 pm it started to rain… a lot. Sadly our train didn’t leave before 8 pm, so we were stuck in rainy Copenhagen for 3 hours. I didn’t get that many photos of the rides, ´cause I really was more focused on having a great day with the kids, but I did get some. I actually found it pretty hard to get some good pictures of the rides in the park, because most of them were hidden by trees and scenery, and you couldn’t get far enough away from the ones visible, to get a good picture. But anyway, here’s the best of my photos. Enjoy! [edit] Well the pictures are in reversed order, but I'm sure you can figure it out How retro, a phone booth... and Batman is there too! Woo Flying Superkids... whatever that is. Somewhere in the middle of Strøget (shopping street/outdoor mall) Rundetårn (The Round Tower)... It's higher than you think, when you decide on walk to the top. Climbing the roofs of Copenhagen Out there in the distance you can see the bridge to Sweden The red circkle marks The Golden Tower in Tivoli The main entrance of Tivoli Inside the gates Pantomime Teatret... where Pierrot the Clown hangs out. A castle No no no, there's no way in hell that I'm ever gonna ride one of those freaky starflyers The very old Rutchebanen Don't smoke on our rollercoaster! The best picture of Odin Expressen lol Some spinning flat ride... the kids enjoyed it. The Demon The Demon from across the pond Feeding frenzy Mmmh ketchup The freaky starflyer again Oooh pretty fishes This one was actually pretty fun Some kind of flat ride. Don't really know what it does, it looked strange. The Golden Tower And last but not least, some pretty fountains
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Torben I just wanted to introduce myself. I've actually been around these board for quite some time, stalking everybody else (3 years to be more precisely), but I think this is the time to tell who I am. I'm a 21 years old guy who lives in Denmark in a town called Fredericia. Sadly we don't have our own amusement park, the one closest is Tivoli Friheden in Århus. I work as a salesperson at a major electronics retailer in a nearby city called Vejle. Like everyone else here, I love coasters, though I haven't been on that many yet (around 40 different coasters I think). I have mostly visited Scandinavian and German parks, with the exception of one American and Disney Land Paris. I was in San Francisco last year, so I took the opportunity to visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I'm going to visit Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen tomorrow, so I think I'll make that my very first trip report!
  7. Cobra (Tivoli Friheden)... I’m going to visit Tivoli Gardens this Thursday, so Daemonen will be the next coaster for me.
  8. Well I just saw the news, and apparently the accident hasn’t stopped people from visiting the park throughout the weekend. We’ll see what happens next, I really don’t hope they close down the park, ‘cause it’s a nice little place.
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