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Last concert you attended?


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Franz Ferdinand at the Metropolis on 8/31


Bloody amazing show, they played every song I wanted to hear (I crowdsurfed to 40 ft.)


Incredible energy, stage presence and plenty of interacting with the crowd (The crowd pulled the guitarist, Nick McCarthy off the stage and he went crowdsurfing while playing his guitar!) Catch them if you can. (9/10)

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I recently saw Motorhead on Wednesday. They played with Nashville Pussy and Reverend Horton Heat. I never thought I'd say this, but Nashville Pussy was pretty damn good.


Motorhead was awesome as well. My only complaint was that they were actually too loud. Normally, I can be near the front of the stage and my ears will be fine. This time however, I had to move farther back, and my ears were still ringing/hurting.


The best part was their 10 minute rendition of Overkill for their last encore song. That was freaking awesome.


My next concert will be on the 26th when I go see KMFDM.

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I'm so excited for december! I get to see paramore twice!

ahhhh!:D I honestly am so happy, Me and my friend are the biggest Paramore fans in our school and it worked out that we both got tickets for different dates!:)

11th December in Birmingham and 16th in Manchester!

any other TPR'ers going?

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Mark Shultz and Point of Grace are going to be in Concert tonight at my church. I helped set up, but have to work, so I semi attended it. The lights look awesome and I wish I could get there. Instead of incadescent lighting cans. Now they have LED concert lights that can change colors without having to put gels in. They also have about 10 intelligent lights. I also helped set up the spot lights and had to help carry those up the stairs to the upper point of the church.

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I'll be heading to X-Fest tomorrow here in Dayton. It's the biggest music event in this excuse of a city, put on by the local new rock radio station. The lineup:




Cage the Elephant

Sick Puppies



Our Lady Peace

Hollywood Undead


Alice in Chains


My taste in music encompasses almost all rock from the 60s on, but fortunately I've been on a recent new rock phase. I'm pretty pumped for it, although the lineup this year is a bit weak compared to previous shows.

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Metric and Alexisonfire just played at my school for Campusfest 09.

I'm not a huge fan of either, but knew a few of their songs and really enjoyed the show each band put on.


Video I shot of Alexisonfire performing their newest single Young Cardinals



Alexisonfire again


Metric again





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September 12th, Glasshouse in Pomona, THE AQUABATS!!! w/ Goons of Doom, Assorted Jellybeans, and The Action Design. Goons of Doom were fantastic, totally mellow, chill band, and one of the most brutal pits of the whole night was to a song about rattlesnakes. Assorted Jellybeans, I'm SO glad these guys got back together, they put on an absolutely fantastic show. The Action Design...I went outside. And the grand poobah, the greatest of all things great, the raddest of all things rad, The Aquabats! They absolutely destroyed, hands down my favorite band of all time. I can't speak enough good words about these guys, if you don't know who they are, go look them up! They're the creators of the infamous Yo Gabba Gabba! Do it now!


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Metric and Alexisonfire just played at my school for Campusfest 09.


I freakin' LOVE Metric. Their new album is one of my favourites of the year. I saw them play at the University of Waterloo frosh week back in 2006, except I'm pretty sure Emily Haines was really drunk and didn't know where she was.


If you don't mind me asking, what school do you go to where they played?

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On the 18th of this month, I was at Wembley Stadium for the 2nd to last Coldplay concert of their Viva La Vida tour. It was awesome!


Support by White Lies, Girls Aloud (mmmm, good to look at, but thats about it) and Jay Z (actually pretty good)


I love going to concerts at Wembley, the atmosphere of enjoying music in a stadium with about 80,000 other music lovers is great fun, anyone else seen Coldplay live?

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