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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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I have a strange feeling that I really don't want to know the answer to this, but what is Foamburst and what does it do and why do you need so much of it?


It's kinda like shower gel but it comes out of the can as a foam instead of a gel. As for the use? Maybe all the TPR peeps wanted to see if they could turn Valhalla into a giant car wash for people


You could easily take a shower in Vahalla--a very cold one.


Best update yet, it had food, which I want to say I'm very proud of Elissa for eating the unskinned hotdog, that took a lot of courage. Gotta look up that wild mouse, if it is in fact the "best in the world". Oh, and any coaster with Pepsi in the name has to be good, Pepsi Max, now that has to be awesome. And lastly how does that steeple chase compare with the old motorcycle one that used to be at Knott's.


I agree that BPB's Wild Mouse is the best of its kind--it really is rather terrifying. Being old enough to have ridden Knott's Motorcycle Chase (which I wish they'd kept), I think I give the edge to BPB's Steeplechase (but not by much).

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Good stuff!

I find it weird that Infusion got really rough. I rode it in like its first or second year and the restraints were really soft and comfy, although there was plenty of headbanging. I almost found them like Kumali's at Flamingoland, which will make it interesting to see if those restraints got all hard, too.

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I rode Infusion in its first season at BPB and I thought it was pretty smooth tbh, other than the shuffle and shunt thing going on and the pumpy inlines. Shame its got bad...


I guess its down the east coast next then. Then Thorpe after, last. I hope your all having a lovely time in our parks

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Maybe it's the beers that I've consumed between the first class lounge and the first class section of the train, but in the group pic Stacey looks like she's flicking her nipples at the camera! (Go'on girl... You can slap me tmw). But look real close and see what I mean. Oops now everyone's looking at your boobs!


Terry "Don't know how to act in First Class" Weaver

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Maybe it's the beers that I've consumed between the first class lounge and the first class section of the train, but in the group pic Stacey looks like she's flicking her nipples at the camera! (Go'on girl... You can slap me tmw). But look real close and see what I mean. Oops now everyone's looking at your boobs!


Terry "Don't know how to act in First Class" Weaver


Terry, can you please point out the location of said Stacy in the photo. I don't know who she is. I'm assuming she's in the bottom right side of the pic in the sweat-shirt jacket.

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I agree that BPB's Wild Mouse is the best of its kind--it really is rather terrifying.


I'll third that.


I grew up going to Blackpool and that was one of my first ever coasters. Little did I know that, even today, it is probably the most terrifying ride in the park. Grand National is a great ride, but nothing really comes close to the Mouse. Plus, it looks so tame! (shudder)

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Update time, with Lightwater Valley, Flamingo Land, and surprise bonus park!


Theme Park Review's UK Tour next stop - Lightwatet Valley!


TPR is ready to have their internal organs re-adjusted on The Ultimate!


The Ultimate is still one of the longest roller coasters in the world!


"My spleen and bladder have swapped places!"


"My brain hurts!!!" :)


Next up was The Rat now re-themed to Raptor Attack!


n all seriousness, they did a really good job re-theming the ride. The mine shaft area was great and the new animatronics were cool. Well done Lightwater Valley!


Ready for the gasoline powered kiddie coaster? :)


Dirty Whores!


KidTums gets yet another Wacky Worm credit!


Lightwater Valley has many park-like areas great for a family day out.


Who doesn't love a good carousel?


KidTums is taking her Carousel riding very seriously!


There is something very cool and retro about this.


There is a joke in here somewhere! :)


Next up...Flamingoland! And the absolutely crazy Mumbo Jumbo!


And yes they do have flamingos at Flamingoland...they are stuffed!


The sign of quality...no really! The Vekoma motor bike is really good!


Just like Power Park...a Frisbee that goes through a house!


Kumali - Still smoother than a baby's bottom!


"It's only a Vekoma!"


"It really IS baby bottom smooth!"


Meet the emo emu!


Real flamingos...yup!


You can't do this at Alton Towers! ;)


No park visit would be complete without a little bit of credit whoring!


New for 2010... PENGUINS!!!


TPR makes a bonus surprise stop at Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes! Absolutely no one at all knew about this stop!


The park closed three hours ago, but has opened rides just for TPR!


Have you ever seen a group so happy to ride a Boomerang?


"BONUS CREDIT!!! And it's a smooth Boomerang!!!"


Next up, the park opened the Frisbee for us!


Bonus frisbee credit!!!


Did I mention they ran an insane program for us?


Next bonus credit was the Roller Skater!


Even KidTums gets the bonus credit!!!


Clench and squish!!!


THANK YOU PLEASURE ISLAND for and awesome surprise bonus!!!

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I am not sure which is better a Munchbox or a Chatterbox. Yay for a bonus park and double yay for getting them to open just for you guys! And for that reason alone, that is why a Theme Park Review trip is great value.

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This Photo TR reminds me of the 2002 European Coaster Odyssey trip. I guess you're just doing round 2, but hopefully you don't stay at Pontins again...

Well, this is actually more like the 2006 UK trip. The 2002 trip was an ACE trip and I can tell you that our trip is NOTHING like that. For example, our bus didn't get lost for 45 minutes or late for ERT...and when we get to a park, there's not 250 people trying to get on a wild mouse running one car.


No, no...TPR trips are much different!



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*Sigh* The Ultimate. Are its chain lifts still agonizingly slow (as I've seen)?


Yes Yes & Yes, you could probably read the bible in the length of time it takes to get up the 2nd lift hill!!!


And after you reach the top, you'll be crying for Jesus to save you.

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