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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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^ Just checked with my 2006 map and the current one Larry, and found that Evolution was removed after we were there back then, and where it stood, now stands....


The DODGEMS bumper cars.


Hah - and the "Chicken Shack" food place still sits beyond that, lol.

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I know, it's a while, but finally I had time to scan my ride pictures.


And I found the following pic from Gullivers


Robb's comment was:

Do not be fooled by the small size of this woodie! The Antelope stole our manhood, re-adjusted our spine and turned grown men into little girls. It was that insane!


Sorry, I didn't ask the others, if I'm allowed to post this pictures.

But boys: be tough


Men in pain:



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The EPIC - FULL VERSION - MASSIVE - UK Trip Update has been POSTED!!!


Click on the image below:


This MASSIVE update includes:


- 50 pages of photos!

- 20 new TPR Videos!

- TONS of parks including: Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Thorpe Park, Oakwood, Flamingoland, Adventure Island, Lightwater Valley, and LOTS more!


Click the image above for the link below to start reading this MASSIVE update!






--Robb Alvey


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All the updates at once? There goes my productivity this afternoon!


Thanks for these great updates, and thanks again for putting on an amazing trip.






p.s. TP looks so much better after his night with Piers.

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Great update! I'm having a great time reading through it.


Still baffled as to why anyone would think a Stand-Up floorless drop tower is a good idea... maybe all the sadistic women engineers got hired at Intamin after TOGO went bankrupt.

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^What park are you talking about? There were several parks on the UK trip...


If you are going to bump a thread that hasn't had a post for over a year, at least try and make sure it makes sense and is relative to the previous posts.


Also, we tend to stress quality of posts over quantity on this forum, so there is really no need to announce every time you reach a milestone in posts. This isn't a contest.


100, 500, 1000 post milestones are okay, but 60 posts???? Not necessary.

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