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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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And now we present to you a trifecta of credit whoring! The official "Theme Park Review 2010 UK Trip Credit Whore Day!"



Credit Whore day includes the following parks:


- Camelot Theme Park

- New Pleasureland Southport

- Gulliver's World feature the "Voyage of Kiddie Woodies" - The Antelope!


This Credit whore day was quite the amazing jam-packed day of being total whores! We rode:

- A relocated Schwarzkopf from Japan that didn't quite seem to make the transition as smooth as it should have

- A Gasoline Powered coaster (yes, you read that correctly!)

- Several carnival rides with "Shirtless Guy"

- A walk-through attraction that could scare the bejesus out of Marlyn Manson

- And the capper of the day - "The Voyage of Kiddie Coasters" - The Antelope!


The Credit Whore Day report has about 100 photos and includes LOADS of videos, including a video of The Antelope that you DO NOT want to miss!


All the fun starts here:






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Everytime I look at these UK updates, and the Europe stuff that's being posted, I regret more and more not being able to make it this year. (The water park ERT looked especially great.)


Well, Mid-America awaits!

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Antelope gave me a serious beating! I don't think anyone even came close to guessing how awesome it would be, I certianaly didn't think it would be that good! Also for beating Knightmare gave me some serious beating in the ride I had, the 3 point seat belt was interesting to say the least.



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Just out of curiousity, is the Wild Cat in the update a different coaster from what used to be there in 2006? I recall another "Wild Cat" being out of commission during the 2006 trip, which was probably just as well as that thing looked like it was going to fall apart any second.


RCDB lists the original "Wild Cat" as gone (and shows a picture of empty footers), but the one in the update looks like the same ride with a different entrance.

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Now it's time for TPR to visit one of the best parks in the UK, if not the world...


Blackpool Pleasure Beach!!!

Update: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=30&linkid=9380



This update includes:

- Steeplechase!

- Wait, do you need MORE than Steeplechase?

- Grand National ERT!

- Lots of Blackpool Photos!



Enjoy the update!




ps. Don't forget to EMAIL DAN when you see the link!

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There are many things that can be said about this day but I will mention a few!


-Best ride of Flying Machine EVER!


-Best Pizza Hut pizza of cheesy awesomeness ever!


-Double teaming with Robb on Wild Mouse.

-Valhalla, enough said really!

-And finally BEAVER!



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Theme Park Review's UK Trip visits THREE PARKS in ONE DAY!!!


- Lightwater Valley

- Flamingo Land

- Pleasure Island!


Click here:



Why are these people so happy about riding a Boomerang? Click the image to read the update!


This update includes:


- Surviors of The Ultimate!

- A full POV of Flamingo Land's Mumbo Jumbo!






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^ I haven't been to Europe, but Steel Hawg was surprisingly fun! It's one of my favorite small steel coasters, so I can understand where everyone's coming from.

Are Steel Hawg and Mumbo Jumbo basically the same? The rides are so TWISTY that it's hard to tell by looking at pictures, but they seem to appear to be the same.

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Yup, RCDB says Mumbo is 1* steeper, and a few feet taller, actually. But they're both El Loco models with the same layout.


-Crazy fast lift and turn around


-Airtime turn around into the brakes

-Reverse banked turn

-Hang upside-down and half loop

-Turn around and insane heartline roll.


Just look out for Steel Hawg's gravel pit below the downward heartline roll. Looks like you're going to eat a bunch of rocks!

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