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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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*Sigh* The Ultimate. Are its chain lifts still agonizingly slow (as I've seen)?


Yes Yes & Yes, you could probably read the bible in the length of time it takes to get up the 2nd lift hill!!!


And after you reach the top, you'll be crying for Jesus to save you.





Although I did find the Ultimate quite bone-jarring, I actually thought Big One was running slightly rougher this year in April, may haver been my back seat ride!

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Any footage of the inside of the new Raptor ride at Lightwater? I'm sure it's darker than a.s.s. in there but I'd sure love to see what they did with the place . There's a nightvision POV on youtube that's hard to see, but it looks like there's a bunch of animatronics that jump out in there now.


I used to love the old Rat Ride, but from what I remember the only "effects" were bit of string hanging from above the lift hill and some sort of prop right before the first drop. Awesomely cheesy!


What have they done with that old Devil's Cascade ride -- the dumpster-into-a-swamp flume thing? I don't suppose the Hellslide is there anymore either, right? That thing was a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Loving the reports! Making me homesick!

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That Botton's ghost train has been there forever. There used to be another one down the street on an old pier as well... however, that was like 25 years ago. There also used to be a great old-school fun house too at "Scaggy Skeggy" as it was affectionately known, complete with slides, mirrors and moving floors. I also seem to remember a crappy old jungle ride below where the old Zyklon coaster used to stand. So good to see all these places again -- feeling like an old man now!


Plus, I think that's the first time I've ever seen that beach looking like an actual beach!

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What was the general opinion of Mumbo-Jumbo at Flamingo Land? Does S&S have a winner with these insane mouse type coasters?


Also I'm sad to see the other Custom SLC on the trip was closed.

I think we all liked Mumbo Jumbo so that was a winner. There was only one custom SLC on the trip.



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Hi guys and welcome to midland europe...!


I`m so happy, cause the weather-forecast is absolutely perfect for the upcoming week.


To all those who`re intersted in following the soccer championships...there will be huge display in Europa Park near the soccer-scooter (inside the park), in the entrance hall of Castillo el Cazar AND inside Hotel Colosseo, close to the fountains.


There will be many sitting places AND you`ll even be able to watch from the balcony of Mille Miglia !


So...Europas coasters should be running very well due to the heat and I`m hoping that all you`re park visits will be totally awesome.







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Time for the final UK Trip Update - THORPE PARK!


Thorpe Park welcomes Robb, Elissa, KidTums and Theme Park Review.


Today's group is a bit larger! (we've eaten a lot on this trip!)


The park walked us back to Saw: The Ride about 15 minutes before park opening.


ERT on Saw: The Ride!!!


Everyone got in two or three rides before the park opened!


Look out for the reverse bear trap!!!


Let the games begin!


Seriously though, Saw: The Ride was GREAT!!! in comparison, it was *MUCH* better than Thirteen. The two rides are marketed very similarly and both are good rides, but Saw absolutely delivers on the promises where Thirteen fails. Well done Thorpe Park!


Saw Alive has BOOBS!!!


Saw Alive is going to turn us all into little dead girls.


Do we all look frightened?


Mmmm...intamin sexyness.


LOVE the Intamin hotness.


Time for KidTums to get a credit!


Flying Fish was put into storage when Stealth was built and now it's back for Kristen to ride!


Non-credit whores!


Is Craig man enough? To answer...EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


On TPR trips we provide queue skipping coupons for all parks that provide them.


Stealth is a very short ride but it's full of Intamin awesomeness.




OMG! The queue for Nemesis: Inferno looks VERY full!


Yup...it's about 45-60 minute queue. :(


"Our fancy coupons will get us right past the queue and directly on the ride!"


We waited zero minutes for Nemesis: Inferno!




This is what a British Mexican looks like.


Ooooh! Exciting!!!


"Um...hi mommy...can I go on an exciting ride now?"


That's more like it!


KidTums has picked up some boyfriends.


It's funny because balls means testicles.


Today is the big England versus Germany soccer match. About 3,000 people are expected to crowd into the dome to watch. Not sure why people would pay admission to a theme park just to watch a game...but at least they aren't in the ride queues! :)


Another 1,000 or so will be in this restaurant watching...shorter queues for the rest of us!


TPDave at TPark!


Let's end our day at Thorpe Park with an hour of ERT on Nemesis: Inferno.


And an hour on Saw: The Ride!


TPR had a KICK ASS day at Thorpe Park!


The back of the bus also had a KICK ASS time!


The front of the bus had a KICK ASS time on the UK Trip!!!


The back of the bus had an even KICKIER ASS time on the UK Trip!!!


Our final stop of the UK Tour was a culture credit...Windsor Castle!!!


Just kidding!!! We have ended the tour with our farewell dinner at Wagamama...TPR's favourite restaurant in England!


Piers, the napkin slayer will kill everyone on the UK Trip who is not going on to Europe. See everyone in Italy!!!

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Glad to hear that Saw: The Ride delivered. The world needs more themed Eurofighters. How was Saw: The Maze?


As for all those watching the World Cup, that's nice. As for me, if the choice is watchin' or a'ridin,' I'm a'ridin'. (It was fun watching the World Cup final in Phantasialand's western saloon back on '08, though.)

Edited by cfc
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Did anyone kill themselves when the refs made the crappy goal call? I almost did.


Anyways, looks like everyone and the back of the bus had a great time! The photos are pretty nice and show how AWESOME TPR events are. I'd really love to come to one sometime.

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(It was fun watching the World Cup final in Phantasialand's western saloon back on '08, though.)


That would have been the Euro 2008 final (competition among European countries only) if it was 08. The World Cup is every 4 years, like the olympics.


It looks like Thorpe Park really delivered the VIP treatment for you guys, Was the "lights on" done just because you guys were there?

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Wow, Lightwater Valley looks like a really cool place to visit. BUT!... they are BITERS!


I present to you Exhibit A, a screenshot taken from my RCT3 park called Cretaceous Kingdom. One of the rides I created/themed was called, "Raptor Attack." The picture in question was uploaded to ImageShack on August of 2008 so clearly, they have stolen MY idea!


I am, of course, not angry about this... just thought it was really interesting and worth posting.


Exhibit A... MY version of Raptor Attack


Exhibit B... Lightwater's version (*cough-STOLEN!-cough*) of Raptor Attack

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(It was fun watching the World Cup final in Phantasialand's western saloon back on '08, though.)


How is that possible? The world cup is every four years, not two!


I stand corrected--don't follow the game much (except by accident).

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(It was fun watching the World Cup final in Phantasialand's western saloon back on '08, though.)


How is that possible? The world cup is every four years, not two!


I stand corrected--don't follow the game much (except by accident).



You were partially right, the event you were thinking of would have been the European Championships - takes place every 4 years 96, 00, 04, 08, 12 etc.... aka Euro 96, Euro 2008

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