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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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TPR has made it into the local press regarding your visit to the Pleasure Beach today - in fact, you're the second top story in today's edition!!


http://blackpoolaloud.org.uk/ <--- It's True! Here's the online supplement..


http://blackpoolaloud.org.uk/2010/06/24/theme-park-review-takes-over-pleasure-beach/ <-Smile Robb and Elissa!!


Taken from the above link (minus lovely pictures! )


THE WORLD’S number one theme park enthusiast community is visiting the Pleasure Beach today as part of their UK tour.


[Lovely Picture!! of] Robb and Elissa visiting the park as part of the 'Coaster Odyssey' tour in 2002.


The popular group – organised by Robb and Elissa Alvey - is based in the USA ; however it’s followship extends well into Europe and Australia, and has thousands of members online.


Having already been to Chessington, Alton Towers this week, and then onto Drayton Manor yesterday, Theme Park Review will be making their way today to Pleasure Beach Blackpool, as they continue northwards on their tour.


Highlights of the day will include Early Ride Time on some of the park’s top white-knuckle rides in the morning, before heading out in the afternoon for an exclusive walk along stretches of the Grand National – one of only three Möbius rollercoasters in the world.


Blackpool Aloud wishes Theme Park Review the most magnificent day at the Pleasure Beach. We hope you enjoy your visit! You can find out more about TPR’s UK Tour at themeparkreview.com .


I must thank Robb Alvey for assisting us with the article. I think the last paragraph sums up our thoughts at BA!


Cheers Guys, and have a fantastic day!


Adam (Journalist at Blackpool Aloud)


Well I'm impressed (easily perhaps). Hopefully someone will win your comp re the photos...

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^ Same! I love seeing our group in the press! I remember unexpected coverage on the Deep South tour. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that people actually write about us in our fun insanity. Thanks for sharing this post with us BA! Over here in the states we would probably not have been able to see the piece without you.

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^ Same! I love seeing our group in the press! I remember unexpected coverage on the Deep South tour. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that people actually write about us in our fun insanity. Thanks for sharing this post with us BA! Over here in the states we would probably not have been able to see the piece without you.


Remember the "egg and coaster challenge" during the Scandi trip? That was some reporter's idea. (TPR, of course, triumphed!)

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It's alright robb I wouldent be able to come and meet up anyway as i shall be at school having educational fun lol.


Connor-is always at school-Walker-Morrison



FYI - You are about to get fed to the Bantron for the second time this week and this time it will be permanent!

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Today's update is from...BLACKPOOL PLEASURE BEACH!!!


TPR is about to take over Blackpool Pleasure Beach!


The view from our hotel room is awesome!


Wristbanded and ready to ride!!!


First up...some ERT on Pepsi Max Big One!!!


You guys ready for some hot Arrow goodness?


Pepsi Max was running pretty fast today!




The real star of morning ERT is Steeplechase!


TPR approves of the Steeplechase!


Even Elissa's parents love Steeplechase!


Craig! What are you doing to Matt???


Blackpool has the only Steeplechase coaster in the world!


Go dorks! Go!!!


Knotts Berry Farm used to have a ride like this years ago!


Our hotel room view...from the other side!




Blackpool Managing Director David Cam came and spoke to the group about the history of the park.


Now this is what ERT should be like!


Some of the rides had a very short operating schedule.


"I love beaver!"


KidTums gets her second woodie credit!!!


100% politically correct! :)


Are Rollercoaster's days numbered?


It's just like World of Color! No, really! It IS just like World of Color!!!


You can't do this at World of Color! :)


One of only three Derby Racers left in the world. Do you know where the other two are? EMAIL DAN!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Best wild mouse in the world!!!


Duck your head!!!


Robin Ross is the "voice of Blackpool" (you hear him opening the Blackpool segment on CE 8). Check out his work at www.robinross.co.uk


KidTums, the Frog Hopper enthusiast rates this one very highly!


Fran loved the Pleasure Beach so much he got a job here!


"Look world! I have NOT skinned my hot dog!"


I'm CRAAAAAZY giant hamburger! Gimme some cow!!!


KidTums has decided that torturing popop on the kiddie train is the best ride in the park!


Water and vekoma and pain! Oh my!!!


Infusion has to be one of the rougher Vekoma SLCs I've ridden. I mean...wow.


Time for a backstage photo tour of Grand National.


All set for Valhalla?


Valhalla - the bestest, wetest water ride in the world!


With the poncho you still get "log flume" wet!


Time for a quick break to stock up on Foamburst!


Noah's Ark...awesome lawn ornament! :)


Grand National ERT!!!


For some of our members, this is the most human interaction they ever had! :)


Elissa fanboys...jealous?


...And they're off!


Grand National is an airtime filled, butt slammin' good time!!!


The winning team!!! Grand National ERT is the perfect end to a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!


In Europe..would you believe that Pizza Hut is more like a real restaurant ???


Holy Gourmet Pizza Batman!


Craig! Cheesy Bites! ATTACK!!!

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I have a strange feeling that I really don't want to know the answer to this, but what is Foamburst and what does it do and why do you need so much of it?


Seems like you guys are having a great time, thanks for the updates Robb.

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Great report, looks like you guys are still having fun I see! I've heard about the mysteries of Valhalla and its unacceptable amount of wetness, which is why I'm dying to ride it. Someday I will.

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I have a strange feeling that I really don't want to know the answer to this, but what is Foamburst and what does it do and why do you need so much of it?


It's kinda like shower gel but it comes out of the can as a foam instead of a gel. As for the use? Maybe all the TPR peeps wanted to see if they could turn Valhalla into a giant car wash for people

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Out of the four summer trips, the UK trip was the one I never even considered going on. Even though most of these parks don't interest me that much (Alton Towers and Blackpool being the only exceptions so far), I really enjoy reading these updates. Seeing all the fun everybody is having over there just makes me more excited for the IntimidaTour in August. I'll have to remind my friends and family to watch for updates from that one.

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Best update yet, it had food, which I want to say I'm very proud of Elissa for eating the unskinned hotdog, that took a lot of courage. Gotta look up that wild mouse, if it is in fact the "best in the world". Oh, and any coaster with Pepsi in the name has to be good, Pepsi Max, now that has to be awesome. And lastly how does that steeple chase compare with the old motorcycle one that used to be at Knott's.

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