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  1. I've discovered a new thing to cringe at. Looking back at PTR's that I made almost 10 years a go. Oh the shame.
  2. So I visited the part today after a long absence from coasters and I can finally call myself a season pass holder for a park. Got to ride the Wicker-man, (Which is incredible), The Smiler which seemed to be running rough and I got the chance to go on an old favourite in nemesis. Disappointed at the early closing time of 4 as it was a stunning day for coaster riding. However the pass is very good value for money to go back later and finish the rest of the park.
  3. Hiya guys just an update. The park was back open today but news has come through that one of the 4 people injured has had to have their leg amputated. Terrible news to hear still can't believe the accident happened in the first place.
  4. Hi guys, I've just been on my Facebook and someone has posted some pictures of the 1984 winter Olympic games park (I don't know which country it was in or what the park was called) and it got me thinking. Are there any Theme parks that have just been abandoned that you can walk through. so what I did then was look through TPR's forum index and I spotted a few posts but couldn't really find anything. Also from the parks I have seen. the images that you find are stunning as you can just Imagen what the parks were like in their hey-day, and that what's left of the parks/rides shows a creepy side to the whole thing. so if you know of and links or have any picture/ trip reports of this type of thing. Here's where you can post them and share it with the rest of us. Connor Walker
  5. if you look at the pictures it looks a little like a smile made with the track
  6. I personally couldn't pass judgement as I've never ridden one. I guess I'll find out come open season
  7. Its been announced that Flamingo Land WILL be adding a Zamparela Volare to the former site of the corkscrew for the 2013 season the story reported as by riderater.co.uk (permission to post story on here has been granted) EDIT An Example of the volare can be found on this link- http://rcdb.com/9205.htm?p=35974 Also I'm Guessing that Flamingo Land have bought the volare that previously belonged to Elitch Gardens as it seams on RCDB that it has moved park. Just a thought. Connor Walker
  8. Flamingo Land Is to get 3 new rides for the 2013 season, . More Information can be found at this website http://riderater.co.uk/2012/flamingo-land-to-add-three-new-rides-in-2013/" I personally think that this is a good move for FL as its my home park and the first park I ever went to, can't wait to find out what these rides are.
  9. Hi everyone on Wednesday the 21st I had a school trip down to Alton towers. It was also my birthday and I turned 16 so it was a nice change anyway on to the TR I'm going to give a brief note about the rides and then it will be onto the pictures: Sonic Spinball: This was running great however it did brake down during the day I loved it and it was a great ride to get the adrenaline pumping. Oblivion: Even though this is a one trick pony I still love it and in my eyes is one of the best coasters I've been on. Rita: As usual it was running insanely fast and I'm glad my friends who I went with got to ride it at it's best. Th13teen: OMG!!!!!! I did not expect such a good ride after all of the bad reviews I heard about it. However I do think that it was totally marketed wrongly but it was still fun to ride and the drop gave me a little fright. Air: I love the "flying" feeling you get on this ride I find it so relaxing after Nemasis & co. "King" Nemasis: The park recently did a nationwide poll to find out which roller coaster was the best at there park and you guessed it Nemasis won and I can totally agree with the general public and I voted for it. It was running at its best as per usual. On to the photos: Sorry I did go to pleasure island but i forgot to take my camera and to be honest with you there wasn't much to see as the park was dead and not much could of been said for the rides as quite a few of them were flamingo lands rejects E.G The dodgems, the go karts and The Oblitorator. what a nice sight to see after a 2 hour coach ride to Alton Spinball THROUGH THE TREES Oh yeah this is perfect to get me in the mood I love the 90 degree donkey shoe I love feeling the rush And now to Oblivion for a money shot. And round to the banana oh dear I dont like the look of that Yeah I think Ill give that one a miss oh this looks awesome I know its just an enterprise but they photograph so well they look so cool but they don't half make me dizzy You can only get this shot of rita from the Th13een queue this is what happened the second time TPR visited I love the themeing on th13een I hope they know what there in for I love the launch section 0-60 In 0.2 seconds And its just so photogenic My mate on the rapids or as they say on four lions 'rubber dingy rapids' I know its a blurry photo but I just think that it looks like a water/oil painting Now only one coaster has a red blood river that's pink I love how intense this coaster is My signature shot I cannot believe how well this was running no wonder it's King Nemesis Nemesis THROUGH THE TREES!!! Now time to 'Prepare for Air' I find it rather 'weird' how this coaster is so relaxing. Especially when your on your back and for the last photo me on Air. Hope you enjoyed the TR
  10. Now: Tenacious D -Beelzeboss Next: Tenacious D- The Metal \M/
  11. The following is a statement from EAST Lindsey District Council: EAST Lindsey District Council’s leader has vowed to work with the leisure industry to protect the town’s “credibility” in the wake of yesterday’s shock accident at the Botton’s Pleasure Beach. Twenty-two people were left trapped on the Surf Rider after it partially collapsed at around 3.15pm on Tuesday (August 30). Seven people suffered back and neck injuries in the incident. There is still some confusion as to the severity of the injuries, with the emergency services this morning still describing all seven as “walking wounded”, but some media outlets, such as the BBC, reporting that one woman has suffered ‘serious head injuries’. Meanwhile, East Lindsey Chief Executive Nigel Howells has praised the emergency services for their efforts, and vowed to work to protect the reputation of Skegness in the wake of the accident. He also stressed that the incident shouldn’t put people off coming to Skegness. He said: “I would like to praise the work of the emergency services and wish all those involved a speedy recovery to full health. “Skegness remains one of the UK’s leading seaside holiday destinations and we must work with the industry to ensure this incident doesn’t affect the town’s credibility as a fun and exciting place to visit.” Elsewhere, the the director of the one of the area’s air ambulances has praised the “great team effort” of the emergency services in responding to the accident. Dr Dhushy Kumar from the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance Said: “This was a great team effort by all involved from the initial tasking by the dispatch desk to the land paramedics, fire service and Air Ambulance response. “The Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance crew brought the relevant skills and expertise to the accident scene, co-ordinating the medical treatment required and ensuring that all patients were seen to quickly and effectively”. The Lincolnshrie and Nottingham Air Ambulance also attended the scene, as did numerous fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles, in a a large-scale co-ordinated response. Thoughts go out to all those involved
  12. 1000 Seconds in OMG mode and still counting and thinking some one should make a heavy metal version
  13. Well here we are at the start of a brand new season and to kick things off I've decided to take a visit to Fantasy Island which is on the east cost of England at Ingoldmells, Skegness. Fantasy Island is a popular tourist destination that has two ‘white knuckle’ roller coaster's the first being the Millennium roller coaster-the average sit down Vekoma and Jubilee odyssey- A Vekoma SLC both of which are very smooth. The park also has a selection of family coasters and flat rides; I will tell you more about them when I get to them on the pictures. Fantasy Island also has a ‘HUGE’ Market where you can buy things from cigarette lighters to clothing items and now on to the photos. EDIT= Inside the pyramid if you remeber the Jellykins roller coaster used to be totally enclosed with that colored perspex around it. But now the park has taken the majority of that down and you can now see the coaster clearly. Volcanic Eruption/Impact has had new seats put on as well. This is the first thing I saw when I entered Fantasy Island it's nice to see them adding some theming for a change. Amazing Confusion is being reassembled I think that it has been brought forward a little than last year and while I was there the park maintenance were testing the ride out. For the first time I could do this. Jubilee Odyssey THROUGH THE SUPPORTS. I hope they know that after that lift hill the GIANT SLC awesomeness awaits them. Seal of quality. I see you millennium twisting yourself around the Odyssey. Just at the top of the lift hill. That first drop is awesome. Into the first loop. And then an element I'm going to call 'The curly wurly'. And then into second loop. And then round a helix and back into the station.They look like a bunch of happy riders don't they. Rhombus Rocket up next. I know it's a kiddie coaster but I really do love that bit. And now......TO THE BEAST lolz. Which was running an insane program today. P.S thanks to Ace_Of_Spades for telling me how to spell program :L. I love that snap it has the park logo in you see :D . Now its time for Techno jump/Jumping Frogs. I loved this bit the arms were bouncing and when you got to the top you got air time and the air valves were releasing so It made you feel like you were trumping in your seat. Now you see them. Now they SKLOOOOOSH. Now to Volcanic Eruption/Impact. Which has a seal of quality S&S style. Dammmmm that looks high. I think I'll end on a high lol thank you Fantasy Island for a great day and I look forward to visiting again soon.
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