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The Official TPR 2010 UK Trip Thread

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Adventure Island

Chessington World of Adventures

Coney Beach


Alton Towers

Drayton Manor

Camelot Theme Park

New Pleasureland Southport

Gulliver's World feature the "Voyage of Kiddie Woodies" - The Antelope!

Blackpool Pleaure Beach! I love BEAVER!!!

Lightwater Vlaley, Flamingo Land, Pleasure Island TRIPLE UPDATE!!!


Hey everyone!


The TPR 2010 UK Trip has started, and here are photos! First up, arrival in the UK and CULTURE!


If you want to follow us live on the trip, check out my Facebook page:



I'm posting photos all through out the day!


Day Zero - Sightseeing (Scroll Down)

Day One - Adventure Island (Scroll Down)

Day Two - Chessington World of Adventure & Bonus Credit!

Day Three - Oakwood

Day Four - Alton Towers Day One & Splash Landings

Day Five - Alton Towers Day Two & Drayton Manor

Day Six - Camelot, Pleasureland Southport, and Gullivers

Day Seven - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Day Eight - Lightwater Valley, Flamingo Land, and SURPRISE BONUS PARK!

Day Nine - Fantasy Island and Botton's Pleasure Beach

Day Ten - Thorpe Park


This is the most bags we have ever checked for a TPR trip! See you in England!


Une petite visite to Paris and then on to London!


TPR's Travel Tip! Stick with one airline and use your miles to travel in style! :)


Yup, cashing in those air miles for an upgrade was totally worth it!!!


KidTums had a Brad Bird double feature of The Incredibles then Ratattouie!




KidTums eats some swanky cake!


Wow...you sure we're on a plane?


According to this elephant, we have landed in Paris.


How is it that almost EVERY other airport in the world is nicer than LAX?


TPR culture tip! All British people look like this guy...even the women.


Showing KidTums some real British culture...bowling.


"Are you SURE Jeff Johnson doesn't count this thing as a credit?"


"Bombs Away!!!"


There is a slide in the hotel for kids...I mean...TPR members...


Mind the gap!


Hey TPR! Mind the gap!


Giant ass wheel.


TPR takes over the giant bubbles!


"I'm crushing your clock! I'm crushing your clock!!!"


Culture credit!!!


Changing of the guard! So much culture for a TPR trip!


Ahh, now for a REAL culture credit! The drop ride in here is totally f**ked up!!!


"Jolly! Jolly! Jolly!"


We saved the best for last...Wagamama! If you've ever eaten at a Wagamama...LIKE THIS NOW!!!

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And now for the first park of the trip: ADVENTURE ISLAND!


TPR's UK trip has begun!!!


Once again Nigel is driving TPR around telling stories of peanuts and other awesome British humour!


Our first park of the trip! Adventure Island!


ERT on Rage = Awesomeness!


One of these men is a real super hero. Three are not!


Elissa's mom gets a credit!


Rage was awesome!


NOTED!!! :)


Hooray! First 99 of the trip! Do you know what a 99 is? I'd you do...EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


The many expressions of Rage!




Why do all these Eurofighters seem to have some really funky track work?


"Thumbs up for that ass behind me!"


Hey...This guy looks familiar. If you know what park this ride is originally from... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com




Rage was one VERY compact coaster which was also very intense. Highly recommended!


Nathan and Bethany crashed our visit to Adventure Island!


OMG! The trani is longer than the lift hill!!!


This park is awesome...but they have some really creeptacular characters!




The "Mighty Mini-Mega" wins the award for "Coaster with most contradictory name using the most amount of letter M's."


The pirates 2 1/2 D movie (Yes, 2 and a half D) is awesome in the most bizarre ways. It needs to be seen!


Our lunch at the Sands restaurant (ajacent to the park) was AMAZING!


TPR lunch including their house beer Old Speckled Hen!


Hooray! Beer and chicken!!!


And while we're on the subject of food...dinner was curry...very Indian...very British...


And this place was totally amazing!


They even gave all the girls (and the gays) some pretty flowers!


See if you can spot the girls (and the gays!) =)

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I'm glad to know that TPR enjoyed my homePark! Did you guys get donuts from the three shells just out side the park??? The best donuts in the world! I love Rage because it eats the line especially when there are three coasters on the track! I hope you enjoyed your ERT!

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I am really happy you guys enjoyed my local park, I just wish I had known you were going there as I would have walked down but by the time I asked Robb it was to late .


What did you all think about Over the Hill?


Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip.

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Looks like this will be a great time for all involved. Im just sorry that Ive already left the UK and cant join you at any parks.


When you guys hit Blackpool remember you have a dark ride credit and a monorail thats been given a shooting-dark-ride-type makeover up in Coral Island. This year you've also got Carnesky's ghost train right next door to the pleasure beach and Aliewn Attack open now. A few dark credits there that many people miss!


Have a great time all of you. Look forward to the reports.

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YAY you're finally here.

Welcome to the UK guys.

I would totally have been with you if it hadn't been for pesky end of school exams!

Remember to call in on your way to Legoland!

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^ Oh dear, I just simply assumed that you would be.

I can't remember where the trip was meant to be going now.

EDIT: Just found the flyers, well you're going to Thorpe Park, so you basically go past me

Just out of curiosity why aren't you going to Legoland?

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^ Oh dear, I just simply assumed that you would be.

I can't remember where the trip was meant to be going now.

EDIT: Just found the flyers, well you're going to Thorpe Park, so you basically go past me

Just out of curiosity why aren't you going to Legoland?

Because Legolands's hookers have std's, while the hookers at Thrope Park have free beer. Well that's what I'd like to think is the reason.

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For the record I'm really pale because I wear clothes that cover most of me, not due to our cruddy weather.


Its really odd seeing so many familiar faces over here on the internet and not in real life.

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The TPR UK trip has made the news:


Over 50 of America’s most enthusiastic roller-coaster fans will be descending on Oakwood Theme Park on Sunday.


Members from Theme Park Review’s official theme park and roller-coaster enthusiasts organisation Club TPR have travelled over the United States to visit the Pembrokeshire park as part of a European tour.


Theme Park Review was launched in 1996 and is now the number one unofficial theme park and roller-coaster website in the world with over one million unique users each year.


The visit to Oakwood has been set up by Theme Park Review founders Robb and Elissa Alvey who have been roller-coaster and theme park enthusiasts for over 20 years. They have travelled the world for theme parks and have ridden more than 1,500 different roller coasters.


Oakwood Theme Park Director, Andy Hygate, said: “Theme Park Review is the world’s most influential forum for theme park and roller-coaster enthusiasts throughout the world.


“It’s a major coup that they have opted to come and pay a visit to us here at Oakwood and further underlines the quality and stature that the park and its rides have not just here in the UK but in the US as well.


“We’re all very much looking forward to welcoming Club TPR to Wales. As part of their visit we will be giving them half hour dedicated ride time on both Megafobia – our wooden coaster – and Speed.


“They will also have the opportunity for a special walkthrough in our Spooky 3d ride and our team of engineers will take them behind the scenes to have a closer look at some of the rides,” he added.


Robb and Elissa Alvey have spent 16 years working in the theme park industry and 20 years experience working in the entertainment business developing products for Disney, Universal, Dreamworks, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Amblin Entertainment, Activision, Virgin Entertainment, Sega, Nintendo, and many others.


They have been featured on theme park documentaries for Discovery Channel and have been interviewed by major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many theme park industry periodicals.





Nice photos and report so far. Adventure Island looks like a strange park, although it looks like most seaside parks, it looks like a really fun place to visit.

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^ Oh dear, I just simply assumed that you would be.

I can't remember where the trip was meant to be going now.

EDIT: Just found the flyers, well you're going to Thorpe Park, so you basically go past me

Just out of curiosity why aren't you going to Legoland?

because legolands's hookers have std's while the hookers at Thrope Park have free beer. welll that's what I'd like to think is the reason.


One of the best posts ever... although someone needs to read the post about spell-checking and using proper grammer whenever possible

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Next up: Chessington World of Adventure & a bonus credit! Thank you to everyone at Chessington who helped sort out an AWESOME first day of our UK trip!


Our visit to chessington starts with a backstage tour of Bubbleworks!


"What would you like me to do to these three dudes?" To answer - EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Here is the part of the ride that makes it a Jeff Johnson credit.


Any ride with a GIANT COW is TPR approved!


This is the room where Moose needed a change of panties.


We finally got Nigel to shower! =)


TPR loves backstage tours!


Next up...Backstage tour of The Vampire!


Touch the track....TOUCH IT!


You know...maybe they should sort that out! ;)


Then it was time for some ERT on Dragon's Fury! One of the best spinners in the world!


Guys, are you ready to do a CRAP LOAD of spinning?


The official TPDave expression on a spinning coaster.


Hi Larry, how's it going?


Do not be fooled by the great theming...this ride is EVIL!!!


It looks innocent enough, right? Just a Wave Swinger?


WRONG! Poor Fran...he had now idea ths would happen to him.


Seriously...you get REALLY WET on these awesome chairswings!


"I sure do have to bring a TON of crap with me on TPR trips."


It's Robb Alvey and Andy Hine! Chessington is like an explosion of coaster geek celebrities today!


TPDave hopes that the park staff will access his private parts!


TPR bumper car takeover!


Wait, what's this we see going on?!?!


No big deal, just your typical CAPYBARA PORN!!!!


Chessington brought out a baby meerkat for us to fondle!


Elissa also approves of anything rodent related....even the capybara porn! =)


We stopped by Coney Beach for bonus credits, faggots and peas!


This year, we did NOT valley the Go Gator!


Alvey family credit whoring!

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The Coney Beach Fish and Chips Stand is one of my favorite memories from 2006. This nice, elderly Welsh couple ran the place.


NICE OLD MAN: You want any mushy peas with your fish and chips?

ME: Er, no thank you.

NOM: Oh. Afraid they'll give you "the wind," aren't you?

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