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  1. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. Are they going to keep both sides open or run them like they used to with a different side being used on different days?
  2. I think it looks fantastic and if it sticks to the plans will look great. It is great that after years and years of theme parks in the UK going for "family coasters" we are finally getting one for us to look forward to This may be short but with 4 inversions etc it should pack a punch.
  3. I wonder if there will be a group that tries to save the old Snow White ride like they did with Mr Toad.
  4. Sorry I should have made myself clearer. Even though Ferrari have not invested in the park it is their brand that is being used, and I am sure if needed they would help out. There is a lot about this park in F1 papers and to Ferrari this park is a big deal when it come to advertising in that part of the world.
  5. As an F1 fan I was always shocked at they built it where they did and not Italy, but this is where the money was. They whole project out there cost more than anyone thought it would, inclding the F1 track. The park will not be allowed to fail, Ferrari would simply not allow it. I have no idea what the visitor numbers are to the area, but due to the problems all round the world they are probably not as high as they thought they would be. Maybe things will pick up but they have to make the normal person be able to afford to go and at the moment this is not happening The park is built now anyway so it will just be the running costs that are needed so I think they will be ok.
  6. When in Orlando a few weeks ago there were alot of blue height ballons around the I4 between Universal and Sea World, I thought they were maybe for the new park that is in planning but maybe there were for this? The ballons were at all different heights and I have seen the same type being used before for this type of thing. Good on them for expanding I hope it works out.
  7. Maybe it was a building they store oil in or something? Its good news that it will reopen soon as they have been at capacity for the past few days and a shut down ride would I assume mean they would have to let less people in?
  8. I just read that as well Robb it looks like it was not the ride on fire but a building behind the ride. I am sure that they just re painted the ride as well, it looked that way a few weeks back when I was there.
  9. I have tbh I thought the parade at Universal was rubbish and went on far too long. You could hear the people walking in front of the floats and people shouting at them etc. Maybe it is because I did not really understand what it means to people, I do not know, but not many people in the park seemed to be that bothered with it.
  10. I just got back from there and really enjoyed the lights, that part of the park I never bother with so this made it 100% better. I just wish it had not been so cold, the car was frozen when we got out. Great pictures, mine did not come out as well.
  11. It is a shame that they have not given a date yet as I am going to Orlando from the 3rd of December for 2 weeks so if this was open I would probably do it. Just read about the camera rule though and that does put me off, I would want pictures of the animals close up etc and for my memory of the trip. $74 a person is not cheap either.
  12. Only been there once but had a great day and the park was really nice. I hope Twist and Shout finds a new home it will be such a shame to see it left to rot
  13. People should be happy, just think of the pictures some people will get from up there of the parks (with permission that is). Sucks living in the uk, we would not even be able to get a 150ft one in most of our parks They are fantastic rides to look at, and they do tend to scare a lot of people. I personally think its better to get rides like these than a stupid kiddy coaster that people would just moan about anyway. They dont seem to be able to win.
  14. Great report and pictures. A lot of your views about the Disney Parks and rides were the same as mine so it was interesting reading it.
  15. I have really enjoyed reading this topic. I followed it all on facebook during the tour and was hoping to meet up with everyone at Adventure Island but could not make it I am a bit shocked people treated the bonus park like it, but I have seen things happen like that on trips with other groups. We had an hour ert on the Ultimate and some people went on it once and as a result the 2nd train was half full, the same with rides at Flamingo Land. Not only does it show people are a bit rude it can also make a park think twice before giving the ert or going that extra mile. The 1st year of Saw the coaster was really rough and did beat me up, this year it has been so much better though but I have yet to see the body actually work Anyway as I said I really enjoyed reading all the reports and hearing different views. Really hope I can make a TPR trip soon as all I have heard is good things from people that have been on them.
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