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  1. wow, I guess my friends and myself dodged that by just a day. we went last Friday for the first time and the only coaster that wasn't open was Flying ACE Aerial Chase
  2. There was Flashpass in the Six Flags day, it was rarely used but they had it
  3. well if it's a 5 minute wait then there is not sense putting wear on a second train, if it is a 30 or 40 minute wait then there should be a second train
  4. Either last year or the year before they had shipwreck falls down for rehab during the season
  5. UFO is supposed to come back, last I knew it was just in rehab. Darien lake is having a nasty habit of doing rehabs during the season instead of offseason. Have they gotten second trains on coasters yet this year?
  6. My friend's uncle is Scott Thomas, he is a really cool guy and it looks like Cartoon Network and Legoland did a great job. I'm actually gonna see Scott in a couple weeks at Comi Con SD
  7. I was gonna enter. I actually completed but I haven't played rct2 in forever and could figure what file was supposed to be uploaded and such. I still had tons of fun playing.
  8. Yeah, they might as well sell that coaster for scrap. Th pole in fun lake really isn't worth the time. I think a drop tower would be fantastic for the park. maybe put it over by Mind Eraser?
  9. I saw the in the RoS gift shop but I'm sure they are available other place in the park. Also topper track would be a waste Tey should just get a GCI or something to replace it
  10. Saturday April 18th was my first trip to the park since 2009. I only live an hour away but I just hadn't got a chance to go till now. I got to the park just before opening and was able to take part in the mad dash to RoS. It wasn't open till like 10 minutes after the park was open. I made it on the first train and it ran okay. Wasn't my best ride ever on it. I was with some friends who don't like roller coasters as much so I only got on every coaster once and Ros 3 times. I rode couple of flats, all were running decent. This was also my first trip riding Predator with the voyage trains. They w
  11. I just wanted to say been a long time reader and I always love reading all your updates. Please keep them coming!
  12. worst line ever was probably back when six flags owned darien lake and there were 2+ hour waits on RoS with 2 trains running
  13. I don't think we'll see floodgate falls ever reopen. I'm taking a trip tomorrow to the park with some friends. Anyone else going? I'll hopefully post a TP when I get back
  14. Rob- Silver comet it a alright ride at best. Rode it back in august and while a fun and bearable ride, nothing much in terms of airtime, some decent lateral forces, but other then that a alright coaster. I rode it probably like 10 time because there's not much else in the park and after that many rides I was beat. As far as Predator goes I didn't get a chance to get out and ride the new trains, but the last time I rode back in 2009 DAMN it was rough. would just like them to build a new gci on the spot or somewhere else in the park. They need a decent woodie there.
  15. in terms peirs would understand, It's sounds jolly jolly jolly
  16. it seems that six flags has decided to bring in more European rides that normally aren't seen is such big parks cause of capacity. Euro fighter, now this?
  17. I didn't know that SFNE and great adventure both had this ride. when i first saw it I was thinking it was great adventure and saying to myself, "didn't they just cut the fire service?"
  18. I just heard that the big dipper has been set on fire. So the prince ain't gonna be happy
  19. The wonderful thing about America is if you feel like buying a wooden roller coaster, you can. I bet the speculation is coming from some of the same people who wanted to save the blue streak
  20. I'd love to see some innovative new rides come out from this. Maybe some new flat that'll become a standard in most parks
  21. the very same one, coasterradio's facebook asked me to vote for him like a week ago, but I did think this video was awesome too!
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