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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Wildebeest is in Splashin' Safari water park, but we don't *require* swimwear. If you'd like to ride in your street clothes, that's fine.


Thanks, Paula

Oh man, that is AWESOME actually! When we did Deluge at Kentucky Kingdom a few years ago we had some members of the tour who didn't want to do the water park, but then when they saw how awesome Deluge was during ERT, they jumped on wearing their normal clothes! They absolutely LOVED it!!!


Is it wrong that I'm actually looking more forward to this ride than I am the new trains on Voyage?


I watched those testing videos and it really got me excited!



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I'm pretty pumped about the slide more than the trains too Robb. I'm kind of a fan of a wild ride on a PTC train (ala Ghostrider, Texas Giant, Hershey Wildcat, Legend). I fear that the Timberliner trains will take the bite out of my favorite coaster, however, when I "took the Voyage" back in 2006 it was smooth as glass and it was still incredible, so maybe you just can't ruin this one. It's too wild to be tamed. Haha.


Back to Wildebeest, does anyone know if the rafts will run that fast all the time and give that amazing airtime when it opens?

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It's too wild to be tamed. Haha.


That's all you have to say about Voyage.


The one complaint I've always heard is the relative "roughness" of Voyage (which I think is borderline ludicrous, especially compared to about 90% of woodies out there), and this might solve that problem. Not to mention the boost in capacity, the lessening of maintenance costs (they've retracked almost the entire ride since '06), and added comfort, and these trains should be a huge plus for what's already in my opinion the best coaster on the planet. I'm even more excited as to what these trains might do for the industry, as now we have a train to compete with Millennium Flyers.

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I personally can't wait to try out the new timberliner trains as I have only been to the park once since 2006 and at that point Voyage was (and not to sound like a broken record) but yes it was as smooth as glass and I can't wait to see what this does to the overall ride experience. Also reading that you can wear normal street clothes on wildebeest... Great Scott! or This is Heavy!... whichever works. lol. Oh and come to think of it I also missed out on the fun which is pilgrim falls last year. Well I suppose on May 1st I'll find out how freaky the lift actually is.

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Well guys you have one more chance to ride the original Voyage trains!


From the Holiday World facebook page


Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Okay...so the *good* news is that if you wanted one last ride on the original Voyage trains, you can do that opening weekend (May 1-2). Due to an unanticipated delay in the manufacturing process, the new train did not arrive today as planned, but will be here in a week. We'll premiere the Timberliner trains on Voyage by May 14. We'll keep you posted about the testing process and truly appreciate your understanding!



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^They may have only sent one train to Darien Lake. They still have two others if that's the case.


Heard a while back that they sold two of the Voyage trains so that leaves only one that Holiday World owns while the other two are at Darien Lake.

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