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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Yeah I really don’t get the leftover track at all. Perhaps it was slightly more expensive to remove than the rest of the entire coaster. I also never understood the explanation that Rolling Thunder had to be removed “for Zumanjaro.”

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It's almost like the removal of an old and incredibly unpopular coaster that required a large staffing and maintenance budget was a budget cut.


Just spitballing here...


We all know they're keeping the wood and splinters somewhere so RMC can re-build it into Twisted Thunder! Probably for 2019, they're just late announcing

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It's almost like the removal of an old and incredibly unpopular coaster that required a large staffing and maintenance budget was a budget cut.


Just spitballing here...


I completely agree it looks like crap but I don't buy the "too difficult to remove excuse". What I don't understand is why they chose to retrack the last off-season. That last summer it was running its best in 15 years. No jackhammering and not as loud in the turns and I actually enjoyed riding it. Why put the money into retracking it if was going to be removed? That only served to greatly increase the budget for RT the final two seasons. Do parks even look at the cost per rider/lap metric?

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It feels like SFGAdv is finally where they want to be with Holiday in the Park. Not only is Holiday Feast (in the former location of Panda Express) offering a complete holiday menu, but there are more holiday food offerings at multiple locations. The games area has holiday themed prizes and there are a few temporary holiday themed games. There are more fire pits/smores areas. There are more lights, large decorations and photo ops. From a ride standpoint, the Parachute Jump and Cyborg are the only new rides open this year, but they also have an upcharge mirror maze. They re-themed the Fright Fest Mirror Maze to Christmas and it was splendid fun. The two shows are an upgrade over the previous ones.


I hit up the first showing of Wonder since I expected lines later in the day.


I was well done. 4 short acts: juggling, magician, contortionists and trampoline work, separated with singing and dancing.




Wonder Woman is coming along nicely


The price of smores kits. You have to do the hard work.


Lots of fire pits, I still can't believe we haven't had a lawsuit yet.


Santa won't arrive few another hour, but a line is starting to form.


A larger pit area for making smores near the Sky Bar. Harder for a drunk to accidentally fall into this.


Free food for the media to sample


Again, this is the first time SFGAdv has expanded beyond deserts/drinks for the holidays.


Here are the prices


All the platters are part of the meal plan, some with small upcharges of $1 to $3


Same size turkey legs sold all year round


Specialty sides


that's the whole menu



Stuffing, turkey and corn were very good. Mac and Cheese looked better than it tasted, not bad, just not cheesy tasting.


Then a server came by and put a Christmas Beignet on my table. It was phenomenal, I don't know if they are selling these elsewhere in the park, but they should.


Dessert table


A made myself a plate of cookies. They were are very good, but I fought the urge to get another plate.


The Metro Grill is showing a new holiday menu.


The Elf Who Saved Christmas is the second live show. It is basically Mean Girls with elves.


Here are the rude people who can't park their strollers in the correct place.


This is Doug, he is the elf tortured by the Mean Girl Elves. If you look closely you see a red button behind Doug.


Here is a close-up of the button. Doug basically pulls a Chuck Campbell by pushing the button and quicker than you can stop a bullet train Doug stops Christmas.


It all ended well so I went to the Holiday Craze Mirror Maze, they re-purposed the FrightFest attraction very well.


In the middle of the maze is a Christmas Dance party, I could have sworn the DJ was Doug the elf.


Santa's home was now open and lights were on throughout the park.


Peppermint Swirls nears Houdini's


The Carousel light package is great


TeaCups get their normal holiday makeover


It's hard the decorate pine trees this large


But they have all types of colored lights


This is the ad hoc food and drink and fire pit area


Beer on Tap


and more snacks


The games area looks great


Holiday themed prizes


Enter through the snowman to see more giant decorations and two mediocre coasters.


Walk through ornament


Tower o gifts


Parachute Drop operating in the moon light


Reindeer Barn with animatronic reindeer, which smell much better than real ones


They should just dedicate this tranquil walkway to all these that will not be home for the holidays.


Thanks for reading and to all a good night.

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How was the weather and how were the lines for the coasters that were open?


It was in the low 40's and not windy. To be honest I didn't even check out any times for the coasters as I was rushing around taking pictures. The park was not that crowded and coasterbill can probably give accurate coaster wait times.


SkyScreamer was a one cycle wait.

Justice League was about 20-25 minutes the two times I went through the queue.

Joker was about a 15 minute wait when I passed by it around 4:30PM.

SkyWay line started to built as it got darker. Around 6PM it was 20 minutes.

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Here is a close-up of the button. Doug basically pulls a Chuck Campbell by pushing the button and quicker than you can stop a bullet train Doug stops Christmas.


Har-dee-har-har. Or should that be "ho-dee-ho-ho"?


Looks like a fun event, and I agree with you about those beignets. I'll be hitting Winterfest and Christmas Town Dec. 1 & 2.

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Coaster lines weren’t an issue. Justice League and Skyway were really the only rides we saw with notable lines (Justice League was out the door at one point).


If Joker had a line it was probably due to it’s hilariously inefficient operating procedure when running 3 cars. They dispatch two at a time and wait until the second train drops off of the lift (and the other is in the brakes) before advancing the next two cars into the station and unloading / loading them. It takes forever.

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This is the first year I've seen them do it. That said, the ride always sh*ts itself by the end of the event when it gets really cold. Maybe the operational changes are related to that? If it's just a desire to keep the ride units in motion as much as possible and not stacked on the brake run in the cold I could see the benefit.


... or they just want to get a jumpstart on refurb.

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Holiday in the Park looks great!


Any idea if the theater show is the same one as they did for Halloween but with different music and costumes? Your description sounds the same.


Apparently we're getting the coldest Thanksgiving temperatures in over 100 years. I dont think the rides can handle 15 degrees???

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Apparently we're getting the coldest Thanksgiving temperatures in over 100 years. I dont think the rides can handle 15 degrees???


The park is closed that day anyway. Also, you’re looking at the low temperature which is generally reached in the middle of the night if at all.

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