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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Six Flags Fright Fest Media Preview


I arrived at the park at opening to visit with my sister and my two nieces. We agreed to attack the park aggressively over the first two hours before crowds built up and move at a more leisurely pace leading up to Fright Fest activities and the cursed long lines. We had a list of must rides and were able to get on all expect for the Safari Off Road Adventure. I was hoping that we could jump on line at 2:15 and be back at the Picnic Pavilion by 4PM for Fright Fest snacks, but the queue was up to 75 minutes by 2:15.


We started the day at El Toro and got in 3 quick laps. On the third lap our train stop in the lift hill for 15 seconds or so. My sister (who loves coasters, but is afraid of heights) did two minutes of worrying in those 15 seconds about not being able to walk down in an evac situation. The coaster started moving again and as we finished that circuit myself and my older niece were going to do one more lap, but they announced the ride was being closed. At that moment , we saw the second train empty stopped on the lift hill, so I can only assume they were taking our train out of service.



as coneyislandchris recently mentioned, those tiger cubs are getting big

Next we proceeded to knock out: Joker, Zumanjaro, walk-through the Animal Discovery area, Skull Mountain, Nitro and Justice League. Justice League was up to am hour wait by 1PM, using the Single rider line did let us cut the wait done to 30 minutes, but it took 25 minutes to get to the single rider split. We walked over to confirm that the wait time on the app was correct for Safari Off Road Adventure. Since it was we split up and I rode Bizarro with one niece and my sister rode Runaway Mine Train with the other. In true Bizarro slow operations form, a five minute wait on the app (line down the stairs) turned into a 20 minute wait with triple stacked trains.


Cheeseteaks in the midway would begin the less hectic portion of our day. As we prepared for Fright Fest mode.


List of the houses/mazes/trails we needed to cover


But it is good to have one of these


My niece did a quick stroll through the Trick or Treat trail and was quite unimpressed, having just returned from Disney and MNSSHP.


You enter here and there give you a small bag of candy.


and you can get your picture taken with Devil Sylvester


or Angel Tweety


The three indoor houses opened at 3PM, so we jumped on line for Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3D. Well we really didn't jump in line, more liked we walked right to the front. I love clown/carnival mazes so not surprisingly this was my favorite and I also thought it had great sets, but wearing the 3D glasses was a hindrance at times. We did this house a second time. The second time we took off over glasses and as we went through one room, my sister and I both felt we completely missed the room the first time


I had a Press Pass so I was allowed to take pictures in the houses and mazes, but it proved difficult in most of them. It was amusing to have the introducing actors recite their spiel but when they got to the part about no cameras they would say "except this guy", They were also supposed to spread word through the house that a media member was coming through with a camera, but many characters still said no pictures, even I as had the press pass in front of me. In the end it was no big deal as most pictures did not come out.20170923_113016.thumb.jpg.6ecea4245ea99dba9b3284e6568a9df2.jpg

Big Top Terror


This guy was out in front of the Big Top greeting people all day




This room was well done as was the forest scene


Last scare of the house


Next up we had time to hit the two houses in the old simulator building.

Total Darkness - was very dark and they sent in 12 people at once and asked everyone to hold on the a rope. The lead person had a flashlight. It was not completely dark in most place, if you looked up you could see the tops of the maze walls, but this didn't stop people from leading others right into walls. Those in our group who had never done a totally dark maze didn't get the lack of scare actors. Those in the group that had done total darkness mazes in the past were confused about the lack of darkness.

The Manor - The set looked good in the maze and the actors had the best make-up, well done.


The entrance to The Manor


Why is every manor filled with coffins?


Scare actor after chasing people out of The Manor

Next up was light snacks in the Picnic Pavilion. We were uncertain if there was going to be a speaker. I ran into Martin and Cheryl who I have done TPR trips with in the past. There was a speaker but they released 6 characters into the group.


Cupcakes and orange sugar cookies


Traditional Halloween candy


Hot Dogs or mac and cheese


My older niece is unimpressed with clowns


My younger niece was not scared in any of the mazes. The clown did a great job, playing the part of a creepy, giggly clown around the younger kids at the event. But out in the midway she was more evil sporting a shovel to make sparks on the sidewalk.



Before lining up along the parade rout for the Arrival Parade we hopped into the Showcase Theater to catch their new show Unleashed.

We all agreed this was the best entertainment at the event. Among the varied dance and acrobatic performers, the roller skaters were the best. After Unleashed and before the parade we tried to grab a quick ride on Batman, but 5 minutes after we got on line the ride went down. With 20 minute to go before the Parade, we decided to just wait it out so we have an unobstructed view. It would be much better if the parade started when it was a little darker, I guess nature solves that in a few weeks.


We encountered her again in the Wicked Wood trail and she still had that doll in her mouth.



Since we were so close we went to the Awakening Show next. A mistake in so many ways:

1) The sun was still beating down on the stadium not exactly setting a mood

2) The audio was terrible and you couldn't follow the show


At one point many of the maze actors come out a I saw one of the characters that was at our lunch.


Cell Block 6 had the longest wait of any of the mazes as we waited 20 minutes with the Express Pass, but that allowed enough time for it to be darker when we got in.

The first 2/3 of the maze were uneventful and then the scare actor from lunch popped out. She recognized my niece and went crazy. She screamed at the top of her lungs that "Megan was hear to visit", the actor ran any they every trap door for the next minute and kept popping out in front of my niece screaming. Then two or three other scare actor joined in alternating between welcoming Megan and screaming at her. My sister and me were dying, I know this made our night and Megan's (even though she won't admit it) and I'm sure the scare actor had a great time also.


The last three mazes we did were Aftermath, Bloodshed and Wicked Woods. Aftermath had a couple of scare actors sitting so still in front of us we didn't know they were real after they jump at the group behind us. Bloodshed was a little sparse on actors and scares. Wicked Woods was a great concept, but it was also the only time we were in a group of more than 10 people throughout the whole night. Unfortunately, the people behind us were complete idiots by calling out all the scares ahead of time and being rude to the actors. Trails are always best in the dark and wide pathways make it tough to see everything coming, but walking underneath the flume is pretty neat also.


At lunch this character made it a point to get my niece's name and she said she was going to tell all her friend's in the cellblock about her.







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They are not checking pockets but yes you have to get a locker and they'll make it a point to tell you that when entering the line.


You can probably get passed them with your phone but if they see you with it out in the station or queue they will kick you out of line and tell you to put it in a locker. The lockers are easy to use and only cost $1 (for two hours). Its a lame policy but personally I understand why they are doing it.

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Great report Larry,


We had heard Blood Shed was the best house and we ended up waiting an hour for it and thinking it was one of the worst haunted houses ever in a theme park so I'm glad some of the other ones were better. I'm surprised to hear that Big Top Terror was good, since it was in such a small building I just assumed it was awful.

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The ironic thing about SFGAdv's cell phone policy, is it indirectly CAUSED my phone to get all cracked up! I was a good boy when I went earlier this year, and put my phone in the 1ocker, and really, I wasn't bothered to do so, because El Toro is so aggressive, I didn't want to risk cracking the screen while it was in my pocket (I guarantee you it wouldn't have come out of my pockets). However, when I went to take it out afterward... It slipped out of my hand, and hit that hard and rough concrete there, and cracked all up! Thanks SFGAdv! Oh well... I tried... I guess I'm just doomed to crack up a phone every year at an amusement park now, regardless! (Maybe it's a lesson to get a case one of these years! )


Oh, and this reminds me... I still haven't written my TR for that trip, which was July 5th! Maybe some day...

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Did not know about the new phone policy until I started reading this thread. I guess it was a good thing I did not visit SFGAdv this year. Well, that is one park I may be avoiding for a while until they get some new credits or change their policy. If they are going to force you, the least they should do is make the lockers free like Universal. Do they metal detect you like Universal?

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I for one am surprised we're rehashing this discussion once again (for the 73rd time).


No they don't wand you, no they don't pat you down, they just yell about the policy while entering the queue and tell you to put everything in a locker. (Hey that rhymes!) If they see you with a phone out in the queue or station they'll tell you to go put it in a locker and get back in line. It's the policy for Toro, Ka, and Joker, and no, it is not new - they've been doing it since the weekend after opening back in April of this year. Any other rides at the park you can keep your loose articles in a zippered pocket.


As far as people not going to the park over this policy, I find it hilarious. I mean... it's a dollar. One. Dollar. I agree it should be free but avoiding ANY theme park over one dollar? That's hysterical.


Not to mention - it is a safety issue. Insurance carriers are a bitch and are likely the reason behind this. The park has had multiple lawsuits filed over injuries just at El Toro. People have lost teeth. Yes that has nothing to do with whether or not it should cost a dollar or be free but at a Six Flags is anyone really surprised they've used this as an opportunity to make some cash? They do it with absolutely everything at their parks - give away the gate, overcharge for everything inside. That's like their thing. If people want to bitch about something bitch about sue-happy America, and the dozens of idiots that took their phones out on the ride and ruined it for the rest of us.


While you're complaining about a dollar I'll be riding the best wooden coaster on earth while not worrying that my phone is going to be broken.


*This isn't necessarily directed to the posters above me, just to anyone yapping about this policy 6 months after the park implemented it. I feel like its suddenly a hot topic all over the web, all over again for some reason the last few days.

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It's honestly not that big of a deal. It's $1, that is all. I easily spend 50x that on fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo at Kings Island each season, if not more. While it would be nice to have bins in the station for free, that doesn't gain profit for the park. I'd much rather pay $1 for a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo than $900 for a new phone.


See now what you said right here makes too much sense. Spending $1 to protect a $500+ product while you ride one of the best wooden coasters in the world is too logical and clearly Six Flags is the devil.


Granted, I usually travel light at Theme parks. At GADV I even leave my phone in the car to avoid the El Toro situation so I can get as many rides as possible. I know where my priorities stand.

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Yeah, I made a big fuss about it at first but now I'm used to it and it really isn't a big deal. Granted I've never had to deal with the no phone during a long line, but I'd most LIKELY either skip it or be with my friends anyways so it shouldn't be TOO terrible if I didn't have my phone.


Plus now we get the $8 dollar locker because it's all day and you can move it around the whole park and it's so nice to not have to worry on ANY ride that your phone or wallet (funny story in a second) is going to fall out.



Okay, funny story. I have a metal card wallet (I usually never have cash except emergency tucked into my phone case) so you click a little lever on the bottom and it pushes the cards up and fans them out for you.




So I was on Nitro last year with it in my backpocket, and during the final bunny hops I felt it come out of my back pocket and I immediately filled with dread because everything is in there, got back to the station and luck was on my side because it flew up my shirt instead of off the ride and was sitting on the seat when I got up.


I now take literally NOTHING with me on rides

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Sorry I started this. I honestly had no idea.


I was not meaning to bitch if it came off that way.


I do not mind the policy. I just a locker and then go to multiple rides. SFNE had a set up where you could use them all day and move from place to place throughout the park for once price. I like that too.

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I wish they had it set up so you could scan your season pass and open a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo.


That would be awesome. With the success of Disney's magic bands, I would not be surprised if they were not working on their version. Same with Cedar Fair.

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Question for those regular GAdv attendees: how crowded would you estimate the park will be this Saturday? Thinking about heading down there.


If you're going to ride, it will be lighter likely until this afternoon. With the finally crisp weather I anticipate it to be mobbed, just like it was last night. We're getting into October now, this is the time of year smart enthusiasts avoid the park.

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^^-- weird, KD was fairly light last night, I figured because of the cool. At any rate last year I heard reports that they at least have better ops once FF starts, having gone to the park the weekend before. Plus if you are going to go during FF, better now than later, but always better not Saturday too. It will be worse than I would like, I'm sure.

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^^-- weird, KD was fairly light last night, I figured because of the cool. At any rate last year I heard reports that they at least have better ops once FF starts, having gone to the park the weekend before. Plus if you are going to go during FF, better now than later, but always better not Saturday too. It will be worse than I would like, I'm sure.


Great Adventure crowds during October do not mirror other parks. The park fills up no matter the weather and it gets more crowded each week until Halloween.

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Crowds started off light yesterday, I was able to get 10 rides on El Toro in the first hour and it was fairly quiet for another hour. Then the floodgates opened and it was packed. Still got on everything and was able to grab two front seat rides on Ka right after it opened for the night (opened 3 hours after the park opened). Buy a flash pass or don't go to Great Adventure during fright fest.

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Awww man I had a fantastic morning/afternoon at the park today. Its days like today that remind me how lucky we are to have such an amazing park so close to home, and to be able to just pop around and do a couple fun things, eat, and leave before the mobs show up. The beautiful crisp fall weather we've that has been bestowed upon us this weekend was the cherry on top.


The goal was to meet up with my sis and bro-in-law Tom & take my (4yr old) nephew over since he hasn't been all year and recently hit 44 inches. The kid loves rides, and this opens up a whole slew of sh*t he can get on that he couldn't last year - notably The Dark Knight, Crazy Train, Skyscreamer, Skull Mountain, and Runaway Mine Train. I was determined to get him on at least one of those (my sister was horrified at the idea of him riding Skyscreamer - spoiler alert, he had a meltdown just looking at it). He's also big enough for JLBFM!


I didn't take many pictures, and I don't feel like doing a whole report, but a quick recap: We got in @ opening and tried to head toward Joker/Harley Quinn so the kiddo could do HQ and I could finally get Tom on Joker. Unfortunately Joker was showing no signs of life save for a greeter turning people away, and the kiddo balked at doing Harley Quinn. Passing Skyscreamer we had him watch a cycle and when it got halfway up the tower he started covering his eyes lol. Next. He did show interest in the bumper cars which didn't yet have a line so my bro-in-law took him on before we headed into Safari Kids all took turns riding stuff with him on basically everything, with me getting the short straw on Road Runner Railway. Booo.


A bunch of stuff in this area he can ride by himself - he managed just about every ride in there while Tom and I ducked over to Nitro and were greeted by a literal walk-right-on-airgates-are-closing in the magic seat (back row, right side) before we regrouped and moved over to the Skyway for a shortcut over to the east side of the park. Passing by Skull we asked him if he wanted to ride and he had a meltdown, I guess freaking out over the Skull head. lol Next!


He loved the Skyway, pointing out all the other gondolas and everything he was spotting on the ground below. Asked him if he wanted to try to get on Runaway Train and explained that he might not be allowed on (he's right at 44) and we gave it a shot - got him on the front row. Choo-choo bitches! This kids on a "big boy" coaster! I think he simultaneously loved/hated it. He was really into the helix at the beginning, but the hills are pretty sharp and he got thrown around quite a bit. I had my arm around him and I still had trouble keeping him from getting roughed up lol. He was good, tho, and told his mom and dad he liked it when we got off, and later said it was his favorite of the day.


Everyone hungry, we stopped at Macho, Tom and I both getting some beers. I got a taco salad w/ steak. Food was great, service fast and hassle-free, I never get what everyone hates about this place. My spot. No one wanted to ride Toro but I took a quick minute to pop over and get a solo lap in since it was also a walk-on. Some stinky enthusiast totally zeroed in on me and plopped down next to me in the magic seat and proceeded to be weird. The ride was amazing, it goes without saying. Booyah.


We tried SORA but it was sporting a 45 minute wait and the kiddo wouldn't put up w/ that so we took him into BBNP (he'd been asking to see Bugs the minute we stepped out of the car, and we hadn't been able to spot him) where he hit a bunch of those rides. I joined him for Daffy’s Hot Air Balloons & Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, both of which were actually quite fun, haha. Checking the app Joker was now running and had a 10 minute wait, so Tom and I beelined over there so he could try it out. I freaking love these free spins (he did too), I don't get the hate. There are incredibly fun, albeit short, experiences. But I love them more and more with each ride.


While we did that, my sister had found the trick-or-treat trail and took the kiddo in, where he got to finally meet Bugs! Got his picture taken with him, high-fived, got candy, the whole thing. Was beaming. We thought to try to hit Justice League but it had a 45 minute wait, though we saw Dark Knight was 5 minutes. We headed there and just before entering the kiddo had a meltdown and wouldn't go in. He's going through a fear-of-the-dark phase. Understandable.


With crowds picking up and the kid seemingly wiped out, we headed out around 3:15, stopping on the way out to get a funnel cake. His first ever, and predictably like a crackhead tasting his first hit. We sat outside Sweetcakes & Cones on Main Street enjoying our afternoon treat where we recapped our great Sunday adventure.


Final Score:

Air Safari

Road Runner Railway



Runaway Mine Train

El Toro

Daffy’s Hot Air Balloons

Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster



Sorry for the lack of photos, I'd been taking these for FB/Instagram.








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Great pics, I especially enjoy that they aren't in a blue hue haha. Nice job getting the nephew on the mine train! Too bad he freaked out about Skull and TDK but with all the Halloween decorations as well that may have been too much for him. I bet next year he'll get on them!

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