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Club TPR is Coming in March!

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Hey everyone!


Back in December we asked you all what you would think of a "Premium Membership" for Theme Park Review and that has evolved into what we now are calling "Club TPR."


I want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave their input as TPR members have contributed their feedback to what they think the club should include all the way down to the design of the membership card. Elissa and I think it's VERY important that we listen and act on what our members have to say, and you'll see that some of our Club TPR offerings have taken these ideas into consideration.


Club TPR will launch mid-March! So stay tuned for more information!


We are still working out a number of benefits but here is just a sneak peek at what we have so far!


- We currently have a growing list of 45 park benefits from parks all over the world (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Finland)


- Your Club TPR Membership card will get you into many of the most popular "Roller Coaster Enthusiast" events like Holiwood Nights, Coastermania, Thrills in the Hills, Coastin' By The Ocean, Timbers Fest, Ride Warriors, and many more!


- Your Club TPR Membership card will allow you some amazing park perks like the "Beast & Diamondback Walkback" at Kings Island, be the "First rider of the day on Master Blaster" at Schlitterbahn, "get a bag of crap" from Alabama Adventure, Discounts on season passes at California's Great America, VIP wristbands at Liseberg, and FREE admission to Farup Sommerland! (Yes...FREE!) Ok...we've said enough...you'll have to wait until mid-March for the complete list!


- Your Club TPR Membership card will be a REAL PLASTIC CARD, just like the season passes you get at parks with your name and membership number printed on it! (And if you join Club TPR early, you'll even have "Charter Member" printed on your card for as long as you remain an active Club TPR member!)


- Club TPR will produce a quarterly "Electronic Magazine" delivered to your door on a DVD that will include a fantastic re-cap of the best of what's been happening recently on TPR; a news section in case you've missed something online; high resolution photos too big to post to TPR; high quality videos; and more exclusive content not featured on Theme Park Review!


- Your Club TPR membership will allow you "Priority Placement" on Theme Park Review Trips.


- Club TPR members will get special park events or invites to join days on TPR trips with ERT only for Club TPR members.


- An automatic $15 credit to the TPR Store ($10 good towards a DVD or downloadable video purchase, and an additional $5 towards a downloadable video.)


- A customized Club TPR Member signature banner for your Theme Park Review Forum profile.


- Early access to upcoming TPR Trip information.


- An initial membership packet that will include some nice Club TPR goodies.


- An exclusive forum ONLY for Club TPR members.


- Discounts on Theme Park Review events.


- Merchandise made ONLY for Club TPR members.


- Additional surprises or goodies we may send out to our Club TPR Members throughout the year!


This has evolved into a real "Theme Park and Roller Coaster Enthusiast Club" than just a premium membership for TPR.


To get you a bit more excited about it. Here's a sneek preview at a few of the items we have already created.



Our Club TPR card stock arrived today!



The printing process we go through is pretty much just like your local park does with your season pass!



And here is what the final card looks like all printed up!



I think it looks pretty close to this original art we had done (and that you guys all helped give your input on the final design!)



Oh, and each person will get this cool Club TPR lanyard with their welcome packet!



There will be even more surprises, but we don't want to give too much away!


As for pricing, well looks like we are going to be able to hit about the same pricing we talked about before for the USA, but the rest of the world may have to be a few dollars extra (won't be much) as doing the quartely publication has added some additional costs onto shipping but I think it will be well worth it!


We will have a lot more to share come early to mid-March! I hope this gets you as excited about Club TPR as we are!


--Robb Alvey



Feb 21st EDIT! Signature banner!



Don't you want one of those for YOUR signature? I know you do!


March 15th.

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I truly can't wait to sign up and be a part of this! The final product in both the style and look of the logo and club gear, as well as the perks are all outstanding.


One question, will there be possible membership perks for us who are on a 2010 TPR trip, or will that start with 2011 trips? Such as lift hill walks, smaller group backstage tours etc.

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One question, will there be possible membership perks for us who are on a 2010 TPR trip, or will that start with 2011 trips? Such as lift hill walks, smaller group backstage tours etc.

I would imagine we'll try to do someting for our Club TPR members in 2010, but it's still not been determined what just yet.



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Can´t wait to sign up.


Watching out for some more information, especially for europe...


According to this number idea... Is it possible to have a card printed by KidTums, kissed by Elissa and with Robbs chicken wings fingerpints on it... would pay for it


Don´t want to offend somebody, was just kidding... You are all so crazy, I like that.

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