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  1. Great to read and see more about Dubai, went there last year and of course did Ferrari-world. Next time I need to get more into fun places like this one (and play Galaxy once more
  2. Just had to make a comment on this one. Went on tour several times with TPR and not once did I got the intention that you were out there to have fun. You did, but that was not the intention. So much things to handle and arrange, people showing up late and the follow up on that one, entrance change or schedule changes, getting everybody in one place at the same time for a speech or lunch/diner time, the list goes on and on.. Nobody sees these things, but to do a good and proper tour you have to stay focused 24/7. When I got injured on the midwest tour during the day and it got worse during the night (I was in a lot of pain) Rob and Elissa arranged for me to go to the hospital in the evening when everybody was having a good time in the bar. Worried when we came back in the night and even checked up on us while they were visiting a park with al the others the next day..!! And I think that a lot of unseen and unnoticed things were happening that we all don't know of... So anyone who is complaining about not getting treated fair should look in the mirror first, and I don't think that they are going to like what they see... But then hey, they will never look in the mirror at the first place...!! I know it is a business for you and you sure treat it as that, my complements for all the work you've been doing for all the past years and I think that I will be joining a tour in the nearby future again if you decide to do something again (and if I'm still welcome ....
  3. Great reactions and the most wise thing to do, laugh about it... Thanx for giving us this small sneek peek inside TPR daily "struggles" to continue to be No. 1...!!
  4. Most of the time on computer and sometimes on Samsung Note3. I always check on the TPR channel if there are any new posts.
  5. DVD for me, I like to watch them during long drives on a portable player. Just a few Blue ray discs overhere in the house, although we do have a Blueray player and the quality is better and.... So DVD for me please!
  6. Thanx also from me, and if there's going to be an ClubTPRoctoberfest party next year i'll be there for sure..! Please let me know if there will be such an event and in what week in october it will be held! Thanx for the updates and of course the DVD, CLUB TPR is the best...!!
  7. The final card is looking good, and I WANT IT IN MY WALLET..!! SO please sign me up... please, please.. ;o))
  8. 1. What are your initial thoughts? As we spoke earlier about a donation of some kind I think that this a perfect way to support TPR and let them know that you really appreciate the things they're doing. Even if you never would go on a trip..! 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? So far the description and the benefits are clear. I don't know how many members from Europe are involved, but hopefully you can set up some things for us too in the parks over here (Netherlands, Germany, England)...! 3. Is this something that interests you? This is something that interests me and hopefully put an extra dollar in the Theme Park Review fund too...! Being on a trip once and certainly not the last one sounds this plan as music to my ears. 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? EXACTLY..!! ;o)) 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. So far so good..! Where do I sign up ;o))?
  9. And from Holland a BIG Welcome to our latest coasterfanatic (with parents like you two, it must be..!!) I just went into my rubber-closet and came out with the next thing..... A big congratulations to you two and Kristen too of course...
  10. I'm so sorry, just checking out the site again, but also from Holland a BIG: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..!!! Hope to be part of the celebrations in the Midwest-extravaganza..!!! Big Hug from Louis and Joke
  11. I still have some mixed feelings with Cypress Gardens and the way they develope now. As my wife and I got married there in March 2002 (as one of the last couples before the shutdown I believe) there were no attractions of any thrill at all . We did our photoshoot in the flowergarden, the merry-go-round and on the mississipi-boat where we had our weddingcake and champagnetoast. Had we waited for a few more years, we would have got to ride the coasters in our wedding-outfits (only the lower ones as my wife has a small fear of heights). But I wonder how the park is now with all the attractions. We are planning on going back there next year march on our 4th anniversary so we'll see what is left of all the peace and quiet strolls around the park....
  12. Actually was the waitingline so long (more than 1.5 hours and in the burning sun) that the ride itself was a relief and a reward for the waiting. And no wounds at all. I think that the Ghostrider in Knott's was much more harmfull for the body than the werewolf. :shock:
  13. Last coaster for me was at SixFlags Belgium, The Werewolf. (and too long ago)[/img]
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