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Club TPR is Coming in March!

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That list alone is enough to make me sign up. Knowing that there's a lot more perks than what's shown, and its all for a very reasonable price, sign me up!


Also I don't know if its just me, but I'm very excited for the lanyard, haha! Very cool. Time to finally retire the old, dirty one I use for my car keys now... hello Club TPR lanyard!

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This looks like a great deal, can't wait to get in for some of the different park events!


Quick question though, will you be putting up a list of all benefits and perks for all to see on the site somewhere, or is it going to be something where you get that after you join? I only ask becuase there may be some people who may hesitate to join because of feeling like they wouldn't get as much out of it because they don't intend to go on the trips, and they may not live near one of the already mentioned parks. Yet if there was an accessable list of all benefits and perks for all to see, that may convince others to join as well.


-Gary T.

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I'm a long time reader about 8 years I think... I'm more of reader then a poster, the site has really evolved and gets better all the time.

I decided to finally sign up because of Club TPR is such a great idea. I often find these coaster clubs to be well...lets just say not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong I love coasters, parks and getting that perfect picture but I feel the clubs are just a bit clicky. What sets TPR apart is humor, passion and it's great ability to stay random and fresh. Club TPR feels like an evolution of the site and thats all great.

Although like I said I might not be a huge fan of posting I would love to join Club TPR and will continue to read for many more years.


Great Stuff

Roller Cartmen

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