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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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^Just curious, but what other KD rides do you consider busts? The big one that comes to my mind is Hypersonic.


I don't know what other rides would qualify. Dominator I wouldn't say does because everyone knew what they were getting. Volcano maybe? But I don't know what the public opinion is on that ride.

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I've always felt that Volcano is about 800 feet and a couple of elements short of being a top 10 coaster. That said, I'm still a huge fan of it. I really don't know what other coasters qualify as busts but there are quite a few I wouldn't mind seeing replaced--Shockwave and Hurler come immediately to mind.

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- i liked hypersonic, but i'm willing to admit it was a bust.

- Hurler is a legitimate bust. what a turd.

- Shockwave? ok, bust.

- anaconda is an average Arrow looper. not a bust unless you consider most Arrows busts.

- Volcano has a great launch and volcano exit. yes it ends abruptly and too soon, and the barrel rolls are in slo-mo, but i don't think you can call it a bust. the launch and loop are sweet.

- dominator is a great, long, B&M floorless. non-bust.

- Backlot Stunt Coaster is fun for the whole family. non-bust.

- Scooby is a classic. non-bust.

- Rebel Yell ditto.

- Grizzly ditto.

- Avalanche is always fun.

- FoF is a good ride since the removal of the OTSRs. non-bust.


so ok i can think of 3 definite "busts" out of what, 13 coasters?

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^Looks like we're thinking along the same lines.


I think of "busts" as something that doesn't live up to its hype. I remember loving Shockwave and Anaconda back in the day but they've grown mediocre or worse over the years. Hurler was alright at the time but even back then I was kind of meh about it.

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Yea, they are basicaly making a bridge under the lift track so the cut down on the amount of vertical supports needed. They might be doing that so the can save on costs, cause if the have less vertical supports that means less footers, or they could be doing it to create the illusion of nothing really supporting the lift hill. Either way I think it is going to be a very nice looking coaster with the truss under the lift hill.

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Judging by the pictures I don't think it will be a vertical lift. I would say it will be normal lift maybe 45 degree incline with far less or just different style of supports. I'm staying with a cable style lift along with a track for the maintenance/evac car.

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^ How do we know that piece is for the lift? Is that a piece with marking/paper on it saying its a lift pice?


the stubs highlighted in pink are identical to the stubs on all the lift hill peices, where the stairs or ladder or elevator will attach. there are connectors directly adjacent to that which resemble track connectors (highlighted in blue). that definitely pegs this peice as a part of the lift apparatus. WHICH part is definitely confounding, but i challenge anyone to fit this peice into a standard 45 degree lift hill structure. tentatively, it looks to me like it fits better with either a vertical lift, or something altogether extremely weird that we haven't thought of.


additionally: *IF* (and at this point this is still a big if) this is a vertical lift, there is about 380 feet of vertical lift track on-site.

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It won't be a vertical lift. In the picture below, I've conveniently circled attachments on one of the actual lift segments. These attachments will end up vertical once the lift is constructed, and will attach to the lift supports. Thus, the lift looks to be approximately at a 45* angle (the same at MF). That piece that they are saying is going to be the base of the lift, won't. I would expect it to be part of the lift support structure. Why? It has the same construction of the truss underneath the lift pieces. The flanges they think will attach to track pieces will probably just attach parts of the lift system to the support structure.


Furthermore, it doesn't make much sense at all for a vertical lift. If greenspandan is correct in that there's 380 feet of lift track on site at this point, that's a massive lift height. I can't imagine that they'd make a mechanical lift that tall. The forces on the train as it goes up a vertical lift that tall would be crazy. Plus, with the rest of the lift and all the other parts, the total height would likely exceed 400 feet (adding the lift crest and the height off the ground where the ride begins) - this is a gigacoaster, not a stratacoaster.


The entire structure just seems too bulky to be a vertical lift. I would think that they would have less support on the track pieces themselves, and more on the structure supporting the lift and drop. Plus, the straight lift pieces have connections for a catwalk, and there are pictures of catwalk pieces in the lot (I think) - vertical lifts usually don't have catwalks. Finally, if that part that you all are thinking is that beginning of the lift is in fact going to have lift track on it, why isn't the lift track on it already? I mean, the other lift pieces came off the trucks with the coaster track already attached - why wouldn't this piece? Just seems counter-productive to me. Like I said, I would look for this piece to be one of the parts of the support of the 45* cable lift hill.


...but i challenge anyone to fit this peice into a standard 45 degree lift hill structure.


Done and done.


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^ I was just going to post that...


But I also claim that this is going to be an about 45° lift hill, since going any steeper then they have to reduce the length of the trains so that they would be able to hoist them up the lift. Steeper lift = more strain on the lifting device...

It's more likely that the foundation at the bottom will have a 45° plane that the bottom piece will attach to.


The reason why there is so little support connectors is that the truss sections are incredible strong, which would mean that they might only have a total of 3 supports on the whole lift, instead of the massive towers that MF have.


But a vertical/Beyond vertical drop would be awesome

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