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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Well then...

I'm filled with a strange mixture of laughter and disappointment. The mystery of Hurler continues...



Everyone on this forum right now.


Except for madmax.


Who's currently hanging from a noose.

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I've had KD season passes for 8 years now, so next year might be the year I take a year break considering I have to drive 3.5 hours to get to the park. Although I live closer to Carowinds I can never visit that park more than once or twice a year considering it just doesn't do much for me besides the big 3 (Fury, Intimidator, Afterburn). I can drive 4 hours and get Dollywood season passes instead.


This is a fantastic addition to the park don't get me wrong, but it's becoming obvious that Cedar Fair is fine with BGW becoming the leading park in the region. 2018 needs to be big for KD for them to remain a regional power. For the park's benefit, I'm hoping SFA gets scrap as usual.


I'm interested to see the exact placement of these rides and if any are placed on the former Shockwave site.

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Even though I'm not completely a fanboy.

This has got to be a joke.

Cedar Fair just announced the closing of one of their parks.

Their stockholders are upset.

They need a BIG announcement to get their stockholders interested.

3 new kiddie rides, wi-fi, a kiddie pass, and a picture service is not a terribly BIG announcement.


Planet Snoopy Expansion Year Difference: 2013-2017

New Roller Coaster: 2010-Michigan's Adventure status

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