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  1. Hey guys I have a question, can you renew gold season passes from 2015? I tried renewing 2 of them online but they keep coming up as invalid.. Glitch in the system or do I have to purchase new season passes?
  2. Hmm.. My memory may be fuzzy on this one but wasn't there a speculation about carowinds getting a giga in 2013 and it ended up getting announced in 2014? This could also be for the s*** and giggles but it could be something to think about
  3. All for a f***** ride that lasts under 2 minutes... God help this world
  4. Would any of you take a s&s 4d coaster in place of hurler? (if possible) I think it'll also add a little spice to the lineup. I'm honestly down for anything right about now in place of hurler
  5. Well I gotta admit i was disappointed with the announcement and like everyone else, I was expecting the reveal of a new hurler But I guess this'll do for the kids. But still, I have hope they have something up their sleeves and they're gonna announce something big unexpectedly. Has a cedar park ever did that before?
  6. Say it with me... MARKETING. You created the illusion yourself. There were plenty people pointing out that Snoopy was in each tease which probably meant Planet Snoopy. The beer goggles some of you had one could only see a coaster. But why was snoopy looking at hurler and the supposed survey marker beside the ride? There's still a lot of mysteries.
  7. So.. should I lose all hope in this park and drive up to carowinds and bgw instead? Speaking of Carowinds how far is it from Richmond va and is it even worth the drive?
  8. Always gotta accommodate the damn kids =\ little s*** ruin everything
  9. F*** this park and the kids -_- way to go KD. Hyping up this so called announcement for sht we don't care about.
  10. Just got a bit angry listening to this kid it kinda drove me into a minor rage mode lol. Don't really like arguing on the internet but situations like this drives me insane
  11. I find it funny how harassing people for having an opinion is fine but making a joke that might be considered offensive is not. No one's even harrassing you. Stop playing victim. You're the one spreading cancer around this thread with your cringe like over the top "speculation " then when someone disagree with your "opinion" you have the nerve to call someone a fanboy. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.
  12. Can't wait for whatever gets announced so madmax would shut the hell up
  13. I don't get why people are overthinking this. Snoopy is just being a spokesperson, nothing more.
  14. So why is hurler closed down again? I'm sorry I've just hadn't heard a clear reason. Did something when the park was closed at the end of the 2015 season?
  15. I've heard there was survey markers around hurler.. Can anyone confirm this?
  16. So.... Could KD be getting both this Hurler replacement and the valleyfair enterprise? Or... Will the enterprise be in place of hurler? I will LOL if that happens
  17. What does it confirm??? All i heard was dream speculation =/
  18. More proof of Iron Hurler. Okay seriously, are you trolling? Yes. I'm trying to get you angry. You seem riled up that Canada's Wonderland isn't getting anything this year. Come on man don't act all immature. You're making us all KD fans look bad by saying dumb crap like that. How old are you? 12? And so what if all we might get is a retracking? If it doesn't satisfiy you then just don't ride and hope for something better to come in the future years.
  19. It's been a confirmed in-house project since the park opened for the season. Seriously.... can this rumor die already? The hints that RMC themselves dropped was clear as day pointing at Hurler. I have not seen RMC give any hints? Source? Or are you talking about the hints that Irvine Ondrey Engineering posted on fb about getting the Cedar Fair contract? Because you do know that IOE works with GCI as well as RMC, correct? Either way they said it's a large project, and all signs point to Hurler. So no, it's not entirely in-house. What leads me to think it's RMC is them saying they're booked for 2017 along with GCI already working with BGW down south. They could be giving mean streak the iron horse treatment for all we know man.. So we all don't know for sure.
  20. Do you work at kings dominion? Yes, I've been working I305 since 2013. Ah, I see. You know what's going on in that little area? Many people claimed it was for fireworks (which was clearly debunked) and some claim it's for a project or something.
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