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  1. I305's first hill is -1.5 g's Source: I-305 ride manual
  2. Who said there was an announcement coming on the 16th? It's in the post you quoted. I appropriately corrected it to "after the 16th". It's not for KD, but rather, CP.
  3. Glad we are on the same page. It's not about the "Really More Coming". I'm just pointing out an announcement that is coming up after the 16th. I am also not "only a ride-op at a CF park", but that is something to talk about over a drink. If I'm coming off as pretentious, let me assure you that is not my goal. I'm actually in a great mood. And to address the point of "no park leaving out huge investments out of their announcements", I don't think that argument will be sufficient. Read more at: http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2016/08/cedar_points_jason_mcclure_tal_1.html
  4. - Not the Dippin' Dots guy. I work at I305 and have done so for several years now. Moreover, that's irrelevant. - That post was not for you, so I don't know how it's "valuable", but you're welcome.
  5. So you think Cedar Point's announcement will include a Kings Dominion announcement? You people are in such denial I'm honestly starting to feel a little bad for you. You're getting a Planet Snoopy expansion. I know they said there would be "more" but you guys are putting way too much into that statement. Every park says that every single time they add anything. If it were anything worthwhile they would have announced it when they had a big presentation in a theater. It's time to accept reality and move on. Firstly, you shouldn't include me into any "you people" group. I have no interest in taking sides in this discussion, and as an employee of Cedar Fair, it's a wise choice. Secondly, my statement, "[...]Cedar Fair isn't done talking about the development of their parks, so we may be hearing more." I put the important part in bold. Allow me to define the word for you as well. I like Merriam-Webster and their definitions, so I'll use theirs. Coming from definition C: May - used to indicate possibility or probability. While I would love to say some equivocation could have occurred in my statement, my statement is extremely clear. In no way, shape, or form did I ever say that Cedar Point's announcement will include a King's Dominion announcement. That is you placing extraneous information into my statement. So in a final breakdown. Cedar Fair isn't done talking about the development of their parks - Canada's Wonderland and a few other parks have not announced their 2017 attractions - Cedar Point GM mentioned that news on Mean Streak will come after the 16th of September So we may be hearing more. - about Mean Streak - about additional plans for any of the Cedar Fair parks, especially Canada's Wonderland and the parks who have yet to make their announcements So if you could stop pulling words out of your behind, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. Are you suggesting that the Mean Streak announcement will have anything to do with Kings Dominion? I'm confused. I'm saying Cedar Fair isn't done talking about the development of their parks, so we may be hearing more. KD has a TON of land that is not being used.
  7. The Mean Streak announcement will happen after September 16, so who knows what else will come of it.
  8. I understand that this isn't the time or the thread for rational thinking but personally KD might still be my favorite park in the chain after Cedar Point. I prefer it to Ki, Knotts, Carowinds, Dorney and Wonderland for sure. KI might have a better coaster lineup (debatable) but KD has much nicer atmosphere, great flats and a spectacular log flume. Anyway go back to your relentless bitching. I have a really hard time of thinking what to add to KD's coaster lineup. It's easily one of the top in the chain.
  9. OMG LARSON LOOP! WORLDS FIRST GIGA LARSON LOOP! but on the real though, repeating comment since it was buried. Chad not confirming Hurler opening for 2017 and said, not verbatim, we can only have so many announcements in one day. The mystery continues!
  10. Chad not confirming whether Hurler will be open for 2017 season and mentioned "We can only fit so many announcements much in one day". Pot has been stirred, let me grab my popcorn.
  11. Nah...It'll probably be HurlerHawk Iron Hurler Wicked Hurler Twisted Hurler Steel Hurler EDIT: Reece is so cringey. Interesting guy to work with though.
  12. Guessing is fun until someone like madax starts going after everyone who points out his obvious BS and logical fallacies. Nothing wrong with fallacies. EDIT: A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning, but doesn't mean that someone's argument is wrong. Fun fact: It's a fallacy to assume someone is wrong because their argument contains a fallacy.
  13. RMC Woodstock express ? Hahaha lol jk jk That would be the greatest announcement ever. Count me in. Redo the flat turn arounds into overbank turns and a little smoothy and the ride would be perfect.
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