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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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I just saw a testing video from a cell phone from a friend that works there and GOOD news!. It appears the MCBR (for now) is on as light as it was at GL leaving the Awesome ending intact.


Also for those going tomorrow (or tonight) from what I hear is they are painting till 5pm then testing resumes around 5pm. I believe VA requires at least 100 hours of testing. Depending on when I get home from work tomorrow I might head up there to get some pics & video.


that is all, JEFF

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Well as most of you know Dominator started testing on Thursday. It did a few runs on Thursday and ran most of the evening Friday.



Saturday they added the second train to the tracks along with the B&M maintenance ball.




The park guests also had a chance to see Dominator in action as it started testing well the park was still open.






More pictures at the Coastercrew.com photo gallery


You can also see a lot of landscaping taking shape. Lots of trees, bushes, and flowers are now seen around the coaster.




The path is also almost complete.



And new Dominator gear is out! You can get all Dominator shirts for $12.99 in there "Buy it before you ride it" sale.





Please feel free to check out the Dominator Testing video at our In the Loop page at CC.com!

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Nice pics and thanks for the video report. That is some awesome footage and I can see the pop of air coming off of the brake run. It seems as though they are creating some type of plaza area in the area inside of the loop and stairway to the station. I also assume that the ride will exit into this area seeing as though the gift/photo shop is being build there. Has anyone found out WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO WITH THE RAILS?. They look terrible and what about the top portion of the loop? All in all I'm excited. I love VA, proud to be a Virginian. If it wasn't for Florida we would be the roller coaster haven of the east coaster IMO.

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It looks like KD still has about 4-5 days of painting to do on the track. The biggest part left to do is the lift hill itself (the first drop from the top of the lift hill to the bottom is done). Followed by the turnaround over the station, the track from the final brakes to the transfer table brakes, then the top half of the loop. Finally, there are 3-4 short sections on the cobra roll and 3-4 short sections on the interlocking corkscrews to finish painting. My guess is that KD will be done with the track painting by mid-May (15th-16th).


The track rails themselves I think are going to be left the natural metal color. I could be wrong.

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They still have a lot of painting to do. More then 4 or 5 days. And they cant paint and test at the same time. They are going to work as hard as they can to test at night and paint in the day.


I don't know what the official name of it is but I like to call it the B&M Maintenance ball. The like a go cart the maintenance department can take out on the track to get up close and personal to see things that are not easily accessible.

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^Do you know if they are leaving the rails the way they are?

I doubt it. I'm sure the rails will be painted. It's just that for a while B&M would not let parks paint the rails. This ride originally opened before B&M gave a green light for rail painting.


Medusa (GADV), which opened in 1999 (one year before Dominator), had painted rails, so did Kraken, which opened in 2000 (the same year as Dominator). Perhaps they suggested that the parks not paint them, but they still could if they wanted to.





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^I know at some point it was an " absolutely not" thing about painting the rails Now it's more of a "If you must" thing. In either scenario, Dominator needs a makeover.



On a side note, I thought I'd be cool if Cedar Fair Licensed characters the same way other parks have to theme rides after. I mean, Camp Snoopy for the kids is great, but for major rides, It would be cool if they had Licensed characters to theme around. It's just a thought.

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I dont mind if the rails weren't painted... It's just that in Dominator's case. The painters have done a terrible job as they have paint blobs where the ties meet the track. It looks crappy! I know .... from what we've see with all the other relocated rides (Fire hawk especially since they painted the whole ride and) that they could've done a better job. I really hope that they either remove the paint blobs are just go over the rails with paint perhaps the support color, or the light purple color thats on the train base, or even the just plain orange anything but this paint job that really is starting to look rushed. However to play devils advocate with even myself... this will not stop me from ridding lol! I'll ride it ... but since we're talking about the rails I'm just speaking my opinion.

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