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  1. Concerning the ride time of 3 minutes. I know the lift portion of a coaster takes up a good amount of time compared to the run from the first drop to the final brakes. But, with this being a cable lift and the ride having only 2 trains, wouldn't you think the ride up the lift would be pretty swift? I know the elevators in the Eiffel Tower take about 30 seconds to get to the observation decks (265/275 feet). I think that the elevator high speed is 7 mph or 10 feet per second (based on the spiel). I realize the trains have a longer distance to travel at a 45 degree angle. But, I cannot imagine the ride up would take more than a minute to get to the top. Does anyone know how long MF takes to get from the base to the apex of the hill? MPH or FPS?
  2. KD is not a destination park like BGE. BGE is tied heavily to the tidewater tourism areas of VA. This includes Colonial Williamsburg, the large shopping outlet district, VA Beach, museums, nature center, and the largest population center in VA (Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and VA beach). Since KD is not a destination park, it does not get the same pool of possible visitors that BGE gets. I believe the best attendance figures that KD experienced in its entire existence was between 2.2 to 2.3 million visitors in one year. My guess is that KD currently gets between 1.9 to 2.1 million visitors a year. Paramount did some damage with the placement and types rides over the years. The destruction of the entertainment division under Paramount did not help either. CF is making inroads to improving the park experience since they took over the Paramount chain almost 3 years ago. But, it still is going to take a few more years (4-5) to shake off the "Paramount stigma" in the eyes of the GP.
  3. KD does own a good chunk of the land on the east side of the theme park boundary (east of the railroad and Doswell road). The park's campground is located on the northern edge of the property (bordering on the southern side of route 30) and a couple large tracks of land to the south of the campground. The park has allowed the boy scouts and girl scouts to camp on those fields during weekends when the park featured special days for those groups in the past. The main part of the new state fairgrounds are east of KD's property and on the north side of route 30. There is some land that the state fair owns on the south side of route 30 (east of the KD property) that will be for parking. When you go to the 2009 Virginia State Fair, you will take the Doswell exit off of interstate 95 heading east on route 30. You will pass the front of KD drive over the railroad tracks and pass the KD campground on the right(southern side). About 1/4 to 1/2 mile east of the KD campground, you will turn right and park on the land south of route 30. The state fair has built a tunnel under route 30 to take the fair goers to the north side of route 30 to the main area of the fairgrounds. you can google the "State Fair of Virginia to get more info. The fair runs 1 and 1/2 weeks starting the last week of September. P.S. You can also access Route 30 from Route 1 to the west and Route 301 to the east.
  4. My feeling is that the train will not make actual contact with those pieces. I am still holding on to my thought that those big track pieces are to be part of a vertical tower structure that will have the responsibility of lifting a horizontal section of track, with the train on it, that will be lifted up to the apex of the ride and released to go down the first drop. Those two small parallel rails on either side of the cable box are to be used to keep the lift section of track centered and not swaying side to side | front to back as it is lifted. The moving section of track will have a running guide wheel and probably two side friction guide wheels as well. Most cable elevators have a similiar set up so the elevator car does not swing back and forth while traveling. You can see that on the Eiffel Tower elevators and on the Drop Tower also (two rails on opposite sides of the drop tower that run from the top all the way to ground level. I think that Intamin has a little experience in lifting big, heavy objects nearly 300 feet into the air.
  5. Have you ever thought of taking those lift pieces and standing them on end with the cable canals facing each other? now imagine another pair of lift towers a little further down from the original pair in the same postion. Between the 2 sets of lift towers is a horizontal piece of track that is attached to all 4 towers. The coaster train rolls onto this section of track and is locked in place. Then a signal is sent and the coaster rises to the top (still in a horizontal position - parallel to the ground). Once at the top the train is released and advancing wheels push the train toward the beginning of the first drop. Thus, no need for a massive lift hill and all that space and supports needed. ******_ _ *****|_| | | |_| < == Tower Set 1 ********| | ********| | (Ground) ********| | <== Track ********| | (Looking straight down coaster train elevator shaft) ******_ | | _ *****|_| | | |_| <== Tower Set 2
  6. Well, as I stated on the kdfansite, my guess is that the coaster train will never actually touch those "lift" pieces. But, they will have the job of lifting the coaster to the heavens.
  7. Maybe the reason there is not a large splash footprint is the acutal design of the boats. Based on the photos on this TR, if you look closely at the front of the boat, it is blunt (squared off |_|). The front being squared off along with being concave, projects the water foward not outward. I imagine if the boats had more of a prow, extended at the center and tapered back to the sides, the water would be thrown outward. (| |) \/
  8. Just curious, how many gondola's on Americana can the crew load at one time? I know the ferris wheel can hold a bunch of people; but, I am wondering how fast is the turn-a-round when loading/unloading the people.
  9. I think KD will use most of the land for expansion. Now that does not mean we will be walking around way back there to the south of the Rebel Yell and water park. I can see the back part of a major coaster footprint using the southern part of the property. I would not be surprised, in the next 4 or 5 years, to see KD expand the waterpark by a couple more acres with a few more attractions. The best bet for KD park goers to tramp on "virgin" ground. Would be the chunk of land around FOF, the Anaconda lift hill, to about the back turn-a-round of the Rebel Yell.
  10. That is exactly the shot I had viewed before. The only thing I messed up was that the service road turns back to the east and then runs into electric transmission lines right of way. It is hard to see the railroad tracks due to the road that runs parallel to them on the east. Anyway, that whole section of land bordered by the service road to the west; the electric transmission line right of way to the south; and the railroad tracks to the east belongs to KD. You can see the old roads for the animal sarfari winding through that area. In 1974 you drove your car on those roads. When the whole park opened in 1975, the monorail track was installed on the road bed and you rode the monorail until the animal safari was closed at the end of the 1992 season. That land wraps around the back turnaround of the rebel yell and along the Anaconda lift hill and ends at its current northern most point at FOF. That undeveloped piece of land is almost 70% the size of the current developed park (NOT including the parking lots). That is a tremendous amount of land for Cedar Fair and Kings Dominion to work with in the future.
  11. Most of KD's undeveloped land lies in the southeast quadrant of the current developed park between the railroad tracks and I-95. KD does not own the land directly south of the hurler (close to I-95). The park does own the land south of the Rebel Yell. Most of the undeveloped land consists of the old animal safari that was closed at the end of the 1992 season. There are a few arial/satellite photos that are 5-6 years old that shows a good portion of the property. You probably have to google it to find them. You can see the park boundary by viewing the service road that runs behind the Hurler (east-west) and then turns right and goes behind the original wave pool (north-south). The service road continues south past the wave pool and come to a major electric transmission line right of way. The transmission lines are angled in a southwest to northeast path. If you follow the transmission lines to the northeast, the lines cross the railroad tracks that run right along KD's eastern boundary. That whole chunk of land east of the service road, north of the electric lines and west of the railroad tracks belongs to KD. They also own a large amount of land east of the railroad tracks (campgrounds and fields behind it as well as a green house and some other land parcels behind that.
  12. The other two rides are rumored to be El Dorado,a Huss Rainbow/Falling start type ride & the spider,which appears to be the same model that KD had back in the 70's/early 80's & not one of those polyp models like octopus at SFA. KD had the polyp model with 4 cars on each major arm (Octopus). There is a picture on KD's web site from the 70's showing the ride (see Below). http://www.kingsdominion.com/images/news/PKD%201970s%2071_mc4.jpg The model at GL is a spider with 2 cars per arm and a different ride cycle. As others have asserted, I feel Cedar Fair thinks highly of KD and is willing to invest in the park even in an "off" season. I think that KD is firmly in the top 5 of CF's parks along side of Cedar Point, Knotts, CanW, and KI. We have received 3 major water attractions in 2007; Dominator in 2008; and the possibility of 3 flats in 2009. I realize that some are not happy with this possible selection of flats for 2009 but, how much happier would you be if CF announced KD would get nothing but general improvements for 2009?
  13. KD has not changed any bag/locker policy on any coaster that I know of. All coasters have bins or a shelf on the exit side of the station, including Dominator, to put your stuff in before riding. And Volcano still does the cart routine very well. I don't think any CF park has a mandatory locker policy like Six Flags parks (and I hope it stays that way).
  14. As far as the attractions not being open during a weekday, its basically due to a staffing shortage. This happens during the first 2 weeks of June and the last 2 weeks of August. The latter part of August is not as bad as in the beginning of June due to the foriegn workers staying through Labor Day weekend. Usually, by now, KD has its complement of foreign workers at the park training on the rides and in the restaurants, shops, and games. I don't know if the economic situation is causing the park to cut back on foreign workers (travel expense / lodging) or not.
  15. Dominator is opening late on the weekdays for completion of the painting of the rails and supports as stated above. I was wondering about the Avalanche running a one train operation since the 2008 season opening. It sounds like there are issues with the trains and track. I hope that the park can work with Mack, (if they are still around), or get the people with the ride engineering plans and get the ride repaired and fully operational. The ride originally came with 5 six car trains in 1988. The ride could not operate with 5 trains due to blocking limitations. So KD took the 5th train apart and added a car to each of the other 4 trains making each train 7 cars long. Sometime in the early 90's, 2 of the trains collided. The resulting damage caused KD to rebuild 1 train from the 2 damaged trains and the 2 cars leftover from the 5th train. The ride currently has 3 trains. Maybe KD is having issues getting replacement parts for the other trains or, if this 1 train operation is due to track issues, maybe KD is having to get new track/supports fabricated to replace the failing structure. It would be nice to get the Avalanche back up and running a 3 train operation again. It is a very popular ride with everyone of all ages. Even with a 1 train operation, many people were waiting to ride it.
  16. I was there in the ride entrance plaza for both, (I must be bad luck for this ride), down times. The first down time was when the e-vac happened. I did not hang around long enough to when the ride re-opened the 1st time. I left to see the new show at the KD theatre. when I got out of the show, I was walking past the Eiffel tower and saw the train going up the lift. I don't think Dominator was down more than an hour to 1 hr 30 min. max. The second down time was only 20-30 minutes.
  17. I was there on Saturday. I arrived at the park just past 10:30 am. From the parking lot I could see Dominator running with riders on it. After entering the park, I walked toward the Berserker to the path for Dominator. As I passed the Berserker ship, I crested the rise and looked down on the entrance plaza. The line stretched from the main ride entrance past the train storage shed and wrapped around the path leading to Scooby Doo. I joined the line where the final brake run is. My wait was 1 hour, 15 minutes. That was with the ride running 3 trains all day long I rode Dominator once that morning. Great ride with intense G's. As the day went on, the line did shorten. It still was a 45 minute to 1 hour wait even then (still 3 train operation). The ride did have some down time a couple times during the day, once when the station floor did not come back up. I assume that time, it was a mechanical issue. KD did have to E-vac the trains sitting on the transfer table brakes and the final brake run for that one. The 2nd issue happened when one of the trains overshot the lineup for the station floor to come back up. That time, one train was on the transfer table brakes and the other on the mid-course brakes. After maintenance came running, it looks like they just ended up pushing the train back and letting the advancing wheels align the train again. No E-vac this time. Just curious, when was the last time Dominator ran a 3 train operation all day long at Geauga Lake? It seems most of the last TR's for GL had a 1 or 2 train operation . Given that this was the first full day of operation, running at maximum 3 train capacity, for the ride and crew, I don't think KD did too bad of a job running the ride Saturday. I guess Dominator had to throw off the apparent lethargy it experienced at GL and now knows it will have to bust butt to earn its keep at KD. I keep saying that if they build it (non-launching - non-gimmick) they will come. Come on 2010! (my fantasy).
  18. There does seem to be some confusion as to the loop statistics on Dominator. I heard that the loop is 141 feet high from the very top of the loop to the ground. If I am not mistaken, the base track of Dominator's loop is bolted directly to the concrete footers on the ground. The train elevation change is 135 feet from the base of the loop to the top (running track). I am 6'3" tall, just because I decide to stand on a 10 foot elevated platform apart from everyone else, does not make me the tallest person in the world. Same goes for a "standard" size loop on a coaster like SFMM's Viper. Just because the loops are elevated high above the ground does not make them the biggest or tallest loop inversions in the world. They certainly could be the highest elevated loop inversions in the world. Based on the logic above, I feel that Dominator holds the record as the biggest and tallest loop inversion in the world to date.
  19. KD has been cycling trains since May 1st. They were running trains last Saturday when I visited the park. The biggest thing thing KD has to do is to finish painting the track and finish the queue lines and entrance plaza. The landscaping as well. With the "monsoon season" we have been having over the last month, it is putting pressure on KD as far as their timeline is concerned. KD did have posters inside the park stating that Dominator would open May 24th (Memorial Day weekend). My quess is that the ride will be operational and open to the public that day. Maybe KD will still have mainly cosmetic finishing touches left to do, but my quess is those outstanding tasks will not impact the operation of the ride or the safety of the general public. The technicality of the "used/new" coaster debate will go on with the coaster enthusiast groups ad nauseum. But, for the majority of the general public, this ride is a NEW coaster at KD. Most of the GP that visits KD probably never heard of Geauga Lake and the fact that Dominator was located there. No matter where this coaster was or is now, Dominator is one of the top floorless coasters out there. KD is lucky to get such a great coaster in such a short amount of time. I think within the next 2-3 years Cedar Fair will give KD its own custom designed coaster. Look at Kings Island, a "used" flying coaster from GL in 2007 and a high probability of a "new" hyper coaster in 2009. The bidding for seats for the first ride of the GENERAL PUBLIC on Dominator is a nice community builder for KD and the metro region it serves. If you love coasters, and giving money toward a good cause, this is a nice way to donate to a charity and have some fun.
  20. It looks like KD still has about 4-5 days of painting to do on the track. The biggest part left to do is the lift hill itself (the first drop from the top of the lift hill to the bottom is done). Followed by the turnaround over the station, the track from the final brakes to the transfer table brakes, then the top half of the loop. Finally, there are 3-4 short sections on the cobra roll and 3-4 short sections on the interlocking corkscrews to finish painting. My guess is that KD will be done with the track painting by mid-May (15th-16th). The track rails themselves I think are going to be left the natural metal color. I could be wrong.
  21. Give me a Break! Leftover paint from Shockwave's makeover. Ummm .... Let's see ... oh ... ok ... we have some 8 year old paint leftover from Shockwaves makeover we can use this up and paint the trains the same color! By the way, Shockwave's color is light blue not light purple. From the looks of the pictures taken by Clint at the CoasterCrew site, I think the trains were sent back to the factory for a complete refurbishment. Looking at the detail pictures of the train undercarriage and cars, I don't think KD had the time, the manpower, and the equipment to do that intensive of a makeover of 3 trains. New seats, new OSTR's, 3 color paint scheme on the cars and undercarriage. I could see KD getting the trains back from the factory with a "Some assembly required" sign stuck on them. Like the fiberglass car shells which, according to Clint's info, will not be bolted on until the testing is complete. Please do us a favor and go back to the BGE ladies garden club site and leave the KD smear campain there. The vast majority of people out here in the real world don't care that it is a used coaster from GL that is getting a makeover, nor if the ride site landscape does not match the number of petunia's planted around each coaster footing at BGE. P.S. Congrats on BGE winning the most beautiful theme park designation for the 18th year!!!!!!
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