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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Oh yeah. I have similar experiences with the GP regarding X-Flight/Firehawk, and that was from one Ohio park to another.


In Dayton, I have friends who rode it as Firehawk who I talk to about it being a used and relocated ride. On campus in Columbus, I have friends who rode it as X-Flight, who I tell that the ride is still running, just in a new place (typically to their delight). And in a few cases in both locations, I have friends who have ridden it at GL and at KI who had no idea they rode the exact same ride both times.


So yeah, KD is doing a great job publicizing this thing. For all intents and purposes, it is a brand new ride for 98% of their patrons.

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The reason why the rails are not painted is not because of the trains wheels wearing out faster, but rather the unsightly looks of the paint after it is chipped, dull and worn down. It is a waste of money to paint the rails, the paint is going to be worn down in the high stress spots by the end of the season. Why pay more for it when it doesn't last long?

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I had to drive by the park today for work and they finished painting the loop today. I took a few pics from the road (didn't turn out that great) But the ride looks awesome.

From what I could see from a distance.

The lift track still needs painting as well as the turn above the station.

here are a few crappy pics with my broken camera




almost done with the paint


lift lights are working


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^lol, how would it be "better" ??? It's the same ride


It may very well be smoother and ride better since the trains went through a complete rehab with all new wheels. (we will find out in a week.)


Plus it is only 30 min away as opposed to 8 hours, thats better in my book



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Went out to the park today.

She is looking good but still quite a bit to do


put a train on the tracks about 8pm, 10 min later ran it to the MCBR and left it there for at least 20 min.


saw 1 more test run as we were leaving at about 10:10


here are a few pics




Opens May 24!


under the coaster out in these spots they used the spray on grass seed


joking aside...good job CF!


I can still see the parking spots, cant you?


Entrance area is looking very nice, just look at all that asphalt!!!!!


line jumpers stay home!


Maybe.......we should have painted it on the ground?


fiberglass dressing is on 2 trains


No, No, too sexy

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This actually very impressive. Props to them for not making this look like a relocated coaster just plopped down.


I think having rides so up close and just going all around you even gives people not riding an experience.


Great Colors

Great Plaza

Good Vibe

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This is one of my favorite coasters, maybe the number one floorless, but the color scheme is god awful. it looks unfinished, the duo colors are fine but it looks unintentional. It appears that they bought spare parts of track from different resale shops and put them together without painting.

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Awsome pics, thanks,!

Where do you still see parking spaces?


I was joking (being sarcastic) cause alot of people were trashing the location last year and predicting it would look like this.




Sorry, I could not tell if you were joking or not.

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Media Day was on as planned. It turned out to be a beautiful day for Dominator. the forecast was kind of cloudy this morning, but the sun eventually came out. No rain at all. Seen and meet a lot of faces from different sites (including bpmitchell and Griffon which are both great guys) and also the big heads of KD, including talking one on one with Ed the head marketing manager for KD. Awesome experience. Dominator is amazing, rode it a total of 20 times. I'm glad that Cedar Fair/Kings DOminion choose this addition for the park, it's really going to bring LIGHT to KD. Pictures and video should be up really soon this evening, I'm beat!!

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