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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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dominator's track is complete. I have the pics, will be up later. I will also have a trip report with all the changes coming later too. I am a bit tired and need to rest for a while. I'll have the photo report up about 10pm.




Thanks bpmitchell,I'll definitely be looking forward to reading it.


Man is it just me or does Berserker now look like crap with the new color scheme?From what little I could see in that shot posted on page # 21 it looked as if they had some surplus "Shockwave" paint to go around this year so if the ride's supports look that bad I can barely imagine what the boat itself must look like.

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Just got back from the park myself. To say the least I was in awe when I parked in front of Dominator... Looks WAY bigger at KD then it did at GL. Its a beautiful ride and I;m deffinitely digging its place in the park. Its kind of like Raptor at CP to me where first thing you walk in, its right there looking all bad ars and such...



Any who, does anyone know when or if Drop Zone (edit: *ahem* "Drop Tower") will ever be fully loaded? Today they were once again only loading half of it.


Also, Rebel Yell only operated the old forward side. There goes the whole "hopefully they'll finally race it!" hope I was clinging to. Backwards was closed all day with only one train on the track (still facing backwards), it'll be funny when it reopens because EVERYONE at the park knows Rebel as forwards/backwards... The GP will probably be pissed all season...

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^Why were they only operating half of "Drop Tower"? Are they doing rehab on half of the seats or something?


Normal procedure on light days.





I found it interesting because last season I remember them running half of it all year during all my visits after the incident at SFKK.

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While I think that it's previous location at GL, right by the lake, was far superior to it's current location, Dominator will, once again, receive the ridership it deserves, yet wasn't getting in the last couple years of Geauga Lake. Don't get me wrong, I liked being able to ride it 10 times within an hour last year, especially in the middle of July, when the park should normally be packed, but it was sad seeing no one ride this world-class coaster day after day after day, and seeing numerous empty trains being cycled because no one was in line. Kings Dominion is really getting a quality coaster!

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