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Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 201 - Iron Menace announced for 2024!

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Let's just hope they don't replace it with a 3-point Challenge.


Especially since they already have one there.


I got my last ride back in May. I went to the park a few more times during the year and the ride was closed all of those day, including my Haunt visit, which kind of sucked. However, I'm happy about my last ride. Laser was my visit coaster with inversions, and I rode it in May with my cousin, and that was his ride coaster that went upside down and he loved it. So, even if I wasn't able to ride it again late in the season, at least I have a good memory of my last ride on it.

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They better hurry up and bring that nice Schwarzkopf

coaster back home.

I am sure Laser will do a good job replacing Eurostar.

Yes Laser will be a good replacement from Euro Star.

But there are some greater Schwarzkopf coasters on this planet, that I would like to come back home.

Dreier Looping (Magnum Force) and Thriller (Zonga) don't belong in Mexico, they have to be at German fairs.

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Poor Laser!!! Why couldn't they get rid of Hydra instead??


Oh well, I'm glad I got to attend the event and give Laser a proper goodbye.... even if the stupid seat got my butt wet.


I'm with you on getting rid of Hydra instead of Laser. I tell you, the land that Hydra is on is cursed from having any good coaster on it.


Are you talking about getting a wet butt in the front seat? We made that mistake on the Friday night before. That's why we weren't making any attempt to ride the front on Saturday.

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Why not have a "TPR's Purchase Laser Fund" (original, eh?) drive.


Since there are calenders already made up...we print and sell them in front of supermarkets or sell them at school or in the office.




Since there are about 26K registered TPR users..Laser is up for sale at 1.2 mil...then we would only need to contribute about 50 bucks per member to buy it ourselves!!!



Then I wonder, where would we put it??


This would fit perfectly into Martin's Fantasy Island! They seem to be good at adding something new every year and its 'bout time they added another coaster- plus its short enough (height) not to detract from the look and feel of the park!

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