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Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Discussion Thread

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Possessed sounds like a silly name for a coaster unless there is a significant theming tie in. Did they hire Linda Blair as a ride naming consultant or something?


If this coaster was at Six Flags America it would be called Repossessed.

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Little Laser needs a new dad so why not Laser now it's gone. Or Son of Laser, Laser's Revenge.


With a CF coaster called Prowler coming out I'm waiting for them to degenerate down that path - Stalker, Chickenhawk, Backdoor Stunt Coaster.

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^ Win. And have Brobees walking through the line and "There's A Party In My Tummy" blasting through on-ride audio speakers.



That is the creepiest thing I have ever seen , working in a wal-mart you see the toys that vibrate..and sing that!.



Back on topic...


Lets just get it over with and theme an impulse to this already.


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If they can't think of a better name other than Possessed to fit the dark "theme", then "theme" it differently. I mean, the only themeing the ride has is the sign. I would rather see it called Steel Venom than Possessed. For God sakes, Impulse is even a better name.

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CF is taking an educational approach. They're themimg it to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel, The Possessed, and theming the impulse to illustrate the range of criticisms Fyodor explores in the book regarding both ends of Imperialist Russia's political spectrum, swinging from left-wing to conservative. It really falls into place and is logical enough.


And BTW, "possessed" can indeed be a noun, as evidenced by the title of aforementioned book...

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